So Pure, So Flirtatious Chapter 1326: Chairman Yang


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You treat a woman better than a relative? How can you not take care of him a little? Wang Xiaoran was full of resentment against Yang Ming, but she had no way to express it. After all, she only knew Yu Chi for a few days.

Wang Xiaoran really didn't think too much. She was in danger of whether she could continue to work in the company. She seemed a little full of herself as she was still thinking about a promotion.

"Let us invite Jing Xiaolu, the company's new executive vice president, to say a few words." Hou Zhenhan pushed the microphone to Jing Xiaolu. At this time, Jing Xiaolu had recovered from her previous surprise, but putting her on the spot for giving a speech seemed a little...

She didn't have anything prepared at all. Wasn't this like a duck driven onto a perch [1]? But since Hou Zhenhan had already said it, Jing Xiaolu had no choice. She had to put the microphone in position, think a little, and speak.

"Esteemed Chairman Yang, President Hou, President Bao, and fellow colleagues, I truly appreciate the Ming Yang Entertainment Group's Board Members for their trust placed on me and appointing me as the executive vice president of the Ming Yang Entertainment Group. This is a challenge for me. It is also a responsibility. I am deeply honored to have the opportunity to do my part in contributing to the group. It is thanks to everyone's trust that I am fortunate enough to take this job. I will integrate into this role as soon as possible and devote all my enthusiasm into this job. I would like to have all of your trust. From today onward, I will lead the group members to continue learning, keep making progress, and do their best for the company's glory, and never let down the expectations of the board members and colleagues... Thank you, everyone!"

Jing Xiaolu's inaugural speech was very fluent and natural without the slightest hesitation and pretentiousness. Even Yang Ming was a bit surprised.

Previously, Yang Ming was slightly annoyed with Jing Xiaolu for coming up with Chairman Yang. Wasn't that putting it out there that he was the owner of the company? But this couldn't be said to be a secret, and it didn't need to be concealed anymore. Chen Fei also knew about it roughly. Yang Ming had not personally explained it to Chen Fei, but Chen Mengyan most probably already told him.

On the other side, with the behind-the-scenes boss, he seemed to know this fact already. Otherwise, the thief would not target the Ming Yang Security Company, so there was no need to hide it.

What Jing Xiaolu said later on suddenly attracted Yang Ming's attention, so he didn't pay attention to this Chairman Yang... Yang Ming was sure that Jing Xiaolu didn't know of this job appointment beforehand. After a short ten minutes after her job appointment, Jing Xiaolu was able to organize a script and say something like this. Yang Ming had to admire her. Jing Xiaolu was indeed a talent.

Although most of these words were empty talk, it was also quite worthy. On the one hand, Jing Xiaolu was not prepared at all and did not know what the future direction of the work was. It was always better to speak empty talk than to talk nonsense. This script was flawless. No one could nick pick any problem with it. Even if Yang Ming were asked himself, he would not necessarily be able to speak these words so fluently.

The applause sounded. The employees at the bottom level finally knew Yang Ming's identity. After a long fuss, he was actually the group's chairman. No wonder he could sit on the podium. Although Yang Ming was never exposed in the company's public scenes before, not one of them would doubt the authenticity of Yang Ming's identity. After all, Hou Zhenhan and Bao Sanli were sitting next to him. There was only one person on the stage with the surname Yang. The Chairman Yang mentioned by Jing Xiaolu was obviously referring to him and no one else.

However, everyone was baffled as to how Jing Xiaolu knew Yang Ming. Moreover, the meticulous ones, observing Yang Ming and Jing Xiaolu, whispered among each other. They seemed quite intimate. Do they have an extraordinary relationship?

It was still a guess with no one certain of it, but the only certainty was that Jing Xiaolu's status in the company had soared...

The person who couldn't accept it the most was Wang Xiaoran. She was not only jealous of Jing Xiaolu, but also jealous of Yang Ming. He was so young and actually became the company's chairman. This was inexplicable!

"Your cousin is the chairman?" Wang Xiaoran asked Yu Chi in surprise.

"I didn't know... He didn't mention it before..." Yu Chi was also very surprised. My cousin is actually the board chairman. No wonder no one bothered me for acting idle.

"You! You have such a good connection, and yet you don't know how to utilize it. What a waste." Wang Xiaoran said with some anger, "In this case, you will talk to President Hou in a few days. Let him hear your thoughts. I believe he will give you face."

"..." Yu Chi thought, I really don't want to be a leader. I have earned enough, and I am free. Why do I need to do such a thing? But since Wang Xiaoran asked, Yu Chi couldn't help it. He just nodded. "Alright, I will approach him in a few days."

The meeting was over. Yang Ming asked Jing Xiaolu, "Are you going back to school?"

"I... will go back..." Jing Xiaolu was just promoted to be the executive vice president. She just indulged in it for a while, preparing to make the rounds in the company for a while. However, after hearing Yang Ming said this, Jing Xiaolu decided to follow Yang Ming back to school together. After all, the time spent with Yang Ming was very precious. She could act cool at any time!

Jing Xiaolu and Yang Ming walked side by side in the eyes of many people. It seemed that the relationship between the two people was really not simple. The rumors of Jing Xiaolu's boyfriend, who knew the company's top management, should be true. Or, it was unknown if Yang Ming was Jing Xiaolu's boyfriend.

Therefore, for Jing Xiaolu to have such a rocket promotion, the crowd wasn't baffled and even did not envy much but showed admiration. The boyfriend was the chairman. Who would he raise for promotion other than her? After all, the company belonged to them...

As for whether Wang Xiaoran found Hou Zhenhan or Bao Sanli to take the initiative to admit her mistake, it was not Yang Ming's concern. Now all the negative rumors about Jing Xiaolu had disappeared.

Even most people thought that Jing Xiaolu was not assigned a heavy responsibility before because Yang Ming wanted to train her. Since she was trained substantially, she was directly placed in the company's important position.

Yang Ming certainly did not pay attention to how these people talked about it. He walked downstairs together with Jing Xiaolu, while Hou Zhenhan and Bao Sanli accompanied him on the side. On the way, Bao Sanli took a phone call and said to Yang Ming, "Brother Yang, Xiaolu... Vice President Jing's car has the license plates installed. Those people at the Ming Yang Security Company have already sent the car downstairs."

"Brother Bao, you should call me Xiaolu… Vice President Jing is quite weird." Jing Xiaolu smiled sweetly and spoke to Bao Sanli. She now wanted Bao Sanli to continue to misunderstand, so the more casual she was, the more Bao Sanli would feel that she was on their side.

"Alright, in private, I will call you sister-in-law." Bao Sanli nodded with a smile.

This "sister-in-law" was very effective on Jing Xiaolu. She felt sweet in her heart as soon as she heard it. She just wanted to nod and agreed, but she saw Yang Ming furrow his brow by the side. Jing Xiaolu was shocked and said, "Please call me Xiaolu… It is better off for the company colleagues not to hear it..."

"Yes, let's call you Xiaolu..." Bao Sanli didn't think much of it and thought that Jing Xiaolu wanted to avoid suspicion, so he agreed.

For Jing Xiaolu's little cleverness, Yang Ming was a bit dumbfounded. He lectured her several times, but she still didn't listen. Yang Ming let her have her way.

He glared at Jing Xiaolu, "Your car is here. Drive your car back later."

Jing Xiaolu pursed her lips in a grievance. She thought, If I drive my own car, what am I going back for? I just wanted to stay with you for a while before returning to school.

However, both Bao Sanli and Hou Zhenhan were there. Jing Xiaolu couldn't be too blatant. When she left the company and saw a new blue BMW parked at the company's door, Jing Xiaolu was so excited that her heart almost jumped out. Do I have a car already?

Within a day, she not only became the company's executive vice president but also got to drive her own car. To her former self, it was like a dream. A staff member dressed in the Ming Yang Security Company's uniform stood next to the car. Apparently, he drove the car over.

"Brother Yang!" He was obviously a high-ranking person of Ming Yang Security Company. Yang Ming didn't know him, but he knew Yang Ming. He knew that Yang Ming was a respectable figure of Hou Zhenhan and Bao Sanli. He addressed Brother Yang first before he spoke up, "President Hou, President Bao, I have delivered the car."

Yang Ming didn't know him but just nodded at him. Bao Sanli patted him on the shoulder and said, "Well done. You can go back now."

The security guard who sent the car nodded. He stopped a taxi on the roadside and left. Yang Ming let Bao Sanli and Hou Zhenhan go back. Seeing Jing Xiaolu not getting in the car, he asked, puzzled. "Why don't you try the car?"

"I want to drive your car." Jing Xiaolu said as she pointed at Yang Ming's car.

"I bought you a car. Why do you still want to drive my car?" Yang Ming looked at Jing Xiaolu inexplicably. "Do you like old cars?"

"What!" Jing Xiaolu was so angry that she couldn't help but open the driver's door to Yang Ming's car and get in the car. "I will drive yours anyway!"

Yang Ming was puzzled by Jing Xiaolu's series of strange movements and followed her into the car. "If you drive my car, how will you get back to the company in a while?"

"I will take the subway." Jing Xiaolu said resolutely.

Yang Ming was speechless, but he understood Jing Xiaolu's intention. To stay with me for a while, she would rather drive around and take the subway back. This made Yang Ming... really speechless.

"Then, please drive, Vice President Jing." Yang Ming said helplessly, "You are a girl. What did you mean when you spoke? What did you call me? I haven't settled the score with you yet."

Yang Ming suddenly remembered that Jing Xiaolu called him Chairman Yang, and he was a little annoyed. He reached out and acted as though he was about to beat Jing Xiaolu.

"I was nervous at the time, and I just blurted it out." Jing Xiaolu said as she puffed her chest without fear.

"Nervous?" Yang Ming didn't see how nervous Jing Xiaolu was at the time. "How are you so fluent when you are nervous? Then, who told you that I am the chairman?"

"I just guessed it." Jing Xiaolu did not deny Yang Ming's words. Anyway, she had already said it, and she couldn't take it back. Would Yang Ming really beat her?

"You really don't put your brain in good use at the right place and act clever all the while." Yang Ming was really speechless with Jing Xiaolu. Such a smart girl, Yang Ming did not see very often.

"I will put it in the right place in the future. You still have to give me the platform to perform!" Jing Xiaolu smiled and said, "Yes, why did you let me become the executive vice president?"

Yang Ming just wanted to deny it, but he thought that if he told Jing Xiaolu that it had nothing to do with him, then Jing Xiaolu would definitely think that it was because of her strength. She would be more arrogant, so Yang Ming snorted and agreed, but he replied indirectly.

"But I guess it is not you." Jing Xiaolu said the other way around. "However, President Bao and President Hou definitely promoted me because of you since it is better to utilize someone close. Moreover, there are two vice presidents' vacancies in the company. Am I right?"

Yang Ming rolled his eyes. "Why did you ask me since you already knew? Concentrate on driving the car. I thought that your identity in the company does not match the BMW, so I let you be a vice president in order to drive it. Are you satisfied now?"

"Cut the crap." Jing Xiaolu stuck out her tongue and naturally wouldn't believe Yang Ming's words.


"Uncle Wang, have you found out about it? Who owns the car?" Liu Jifei was sitting in an office of the vehicle management office. Through his father's relationship, he found a section chief in the vehicle management office to help him inquire about Yang Ming's license plate number.

"The owner of the car is Yang Ming, and the registered address of the car is the Song Jiang Ming Yang Security Company." Chief Wang said to Liu Jifei, "Why are you checking this? Are you interested in this license plate and want to buy it?"

"Hehe, no. I have other uses." Liu Jifei smiled and naturally wouldn't tell Chief Wang his thoughts.

"Liu Jifei, if you have any other intention, I'd advise you to dismiss this idea. If you really took a fancy to this license plate, it is nothing to ask people in good faith whether or not they would sell it. However, if you have any other intention..." Chief Wang shook his head. "The Ming Yang Security Company owns this car. You're better off not stirring up trouble."

"What's the matter? Uncle Wang, is this Ming Yang Security Company that amazing?" asked Liu Jifei.

"Liu Jifei, the Ming Yang Security Company is a company affiliated with the Municipal Bureau. It is very popular in Song Jiang." Wang Kechang reminded, "Our Traffic Police Department generally does not stop their cars."

"Isn't it just a security company? What can they do by merely having some connections?" Liu Jifei still had some disdain. "Is this Yang Ming from the security company?"

"That's unknown." Chief Wang shook his head. He didn't know much about it but heard some rumors.

"Who is the Ming Yang Security Company's chairman?" Liu Jifei continued to ask.

"I don't know this very well. I am only a section chief responsible for the archives. How can I know so much? You have to go to the industrial and commercial bureau to check on it..." Chief Wang smiled bitterly.

"Alright, thank you, Uncle Wang. I won't mess around." After Liu Jifei thanked him, he stood up and walked out of Chief Wang's office. He did not take Chief Wang's words seriously.

He went downstairs and came to the parking lot. Then, he opened the door and got in the car. He said to Li Zhan, who was sitting in the driver's seat, "Let's go. We are heading to the industrial and commercial bureau to check on the background of the Ming Yang Security Company's legal person."

"Ming Yang Security Company? What do they do?" Li Zhan asked, baffled.

"The owner of the car is called Yang Ming. The registered address is at theMing Yang Security Company. We must first investigate Ming Yang Security Company's background and Yang Ming's identity," said Liu Jifei.

"Oh, that's the case." Li Zhan nodded and said to himself, "A security company acted bad*ss as such. Don't they need to be taught a lesson?"

Liu Jifei smiled and didn't talk. Although he was dismissive of Chief Wang's words, it also reflected that the social background of this Ming Yang Security Company was unusual, so Liu Jifei must figure out who exactly the Ming Yang Security Company's chairman was. If he were a government official, it would be better off not to muddle in. Of course, it depended on the relationship between Yang Ming and the Ming Yang Security Company's chairman.

Although the Liu Family had a lot of power in the officialdom, when it involved people on the official side, Liu Jifei was not stupid. Such people were better off not to be offended. The Liu Family was not afraid of anything, but it would be very troublesome.

If it were just a commoner, it didn't matter. Liu Jifei could be unscrupulous, trampling on them. When something happens, even if there were a backer behind this Ming Yang Security Company, the person wou ld definitely give him face due to the Liu Family's strength.

The Liu Family also had an office in Song Jiang. Although it was not big, it had contacts with local official figures. He was also looking for a section chief in the industrial and commercial bureau. Although the position was not high, he could still do certain things.

Some things didn't need troubling great leaders. Like Liu Jifei's matter, as long as some small officials could solve it, there was no need to owe unnecessary favors.

It was still the archives department. Liu Jifei met Chief Yan of the industrial and commercial bureau.

"Uncle Yan, I am Liu Jifei. Xu Xiaobin introduced me." Xu Xiaobin, in Liu Jife's mouth, was the head of the Liu Family's office in Song Jiang.

"Oh, I've heard of you. Welcome, Liu Family Young Master." Chief Yan showed his smile. He didn't know that Liu Jifei was not Xu Xiaobin's direct descendant because Xu Xiaobin did not introduce it in detail. He only said that a child of the Liu Family would come to him to check on something.

Chief Yan was quite willing to get connected with the Liu Family without putting much effort.

"Uncle Yan, I am looking for you to inquire about the legal person of a company. I don't know if it is doable?" asked Liu Jifei.

"Of course, there is no problem with that." Chief Yan just heard it was merely an investigation of a legal person. Of course, this was not a big deal, so he promised it. "Which company do you want to investigate? Tell me about it. I will help you to check."

"The Ming Yang Security Company," said Liu Jifei.

"Oh? The Ming Yang Security Company? Is this not affiliated with the police company?" Chief Yan switched on his computer. "The Liu Family is also interested in security companies? Oh... I remember. You seem to have a bank escort business, right? Do you want to enter Song Jiang City's market and find a partner?"[1] like a duck driven onto a perch: Forced to do something beyond one's capability.