Slave to the Darkness Chapter 99: 99 Double Date 3


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"The strawberries! I want to ride that." Yuki looked at the guys smiling.

"I think that we should like Sephira take a break but you can ride that one with Claude. I will watch Sephira and I want to give her an update, that is if you do not mind?" Cedric smiled at the girls then looked at Claude.

"Your wish is my command. Big Brother Claude will spin it so fast that you will feel sick." Claude walked to the strawberries but not before kissing Sephira on the forehead. "Rest a little as the night is still young, Beautiful."

Yuki froze for a moment and her eyes glossed over. A small memory hit her where Luna was smacking Claude. 'What would you have done if she died? How can you be so irresponsible Kratos?' A small Yuki ran out and hugged Luna's legs, "Mommy this is Yuki's fault, not Big Brother Kratos's fault. Yuki is sorry.'

Cedric walked up to Yuki and touched her shoulder. "Yuki, what did you stop walking? Yuki?" He snapped his fingers in front of her face.

Yuki snaps out of it and looks at Cedric, "I met Claude before I met you, Cedric?" She looks a little confused.

Claude came back and heard what she just said. "The memories of me are heavily tied to your time with Cedric. I have been your personal bodyguard since you were born. I know that is a little unreal but it is the truth. I wouldn't lie to the princess." Claude bowed to Yuki.

Cedric looked at Yuki and smiled, "it is true that you knew Claude first but you were not fated to be with him. My only regret was being younger than you. On the plus side, you would not even get dressed if he asked you to get ready for any party or function. I had to be the one. The three of us started hanging out and I asked Claude to give me updates on you."

"Ah, those were the days. You would ask me about her when I had days off and I would tell you to go and see her. Sephira I've been looking after Yuki since the day she was born. I became her metaphorical big brother. I lost track of her when both her and Cedric's memories got wiped. Does that make you Jealous?" Claude watched Sephira's expression.

"I do not see why I need to be upset over this? I have not been alive for a long time. Yuki is like an adorable little sister that needs to be looked after." Sephira hugged Yuki and stuck her tongue at Claude. "In all seriousness, I know that you have had other partners and that didn't bother me. If you are her big brother then I am her little sister."

Yuki giggled, "I would like that very much. I will now have a big brother and a little sister. The memory I saw was very short but I heard your true name, Claude. I do hope that you never piss me off like you did with my dear sweet Mother."

Sephira let Yuki go and smiled, "Go and ride the strawberries and we will watch. The strawberries would not be safe if it is going fast but I think if Cedric does not mind we can sit and enjoy the movements without the fast spinning?"

"That is okay and after this, I am going to steal Yuki and go on rides, alone with her. I do not mind sitting on the ride if you think you can handle it." Cedric led the way and sat down and looked at Sephira, "I am sure that Yuki has told you about the mission I want you to take. It would be easier than having another that is from some unknown origin."

"I thought this is what you would want to mention. I am okay with that, I told Claudia I needed a night as I was not feeling well and I think she heard it in my voice. I also think that you should mark her as yours. A vampire bonding mark is good but you need to place yours on her as well. I am sure that I am overstepping my boundaries by saying that but I worry." Sephira looked over at the strawberry that was spinning like mad.

Cedric saw where her eyes were looking. "I know what you are saying. I will be marking her soon. There are a few things that she needs to remember before I can do that. It is part of the ceremony. I could mark her but she needs to give me hers and not just the bond. I want her mark and I want her wearing mine but it is not something that can not be done out of order." He let out a sigh.

"I understand. I will not press this matter. I will go along with the act and meet Liliana at Claudia's place." Sephira bowed her head to Cedric.

Yuki was screaming and holding on to a bar as Claude spun the wheel around and around. "You are really good at this. Thank you for agreeing to get on with me. It looks like the other two are sitting and chatting does it make you anger Big Brother?"

"Not at all. I know that they are the boss and subordinate. I need to thank you for giving her your blood. I could smell it on the air and I am sure that Cedric noticed but this time you did not slit your wrist. Was it your finger that you cut?" Claude spun the strawberry some more.

"Yes, it was my finger. I thought that she would be okay. I, thank you for allowing her to come. It is more fun with everyone but you must be hungry so when the ride is over you two can leave and get some food. Sephira will not be used to having a bottomless pit. She let her eat what she wants and most of all enjoy your time here." Yuki giggled as the ride slowed down before stopping.

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