Slave to the Darkness Chapter 77: 77 Cedric is Like a Male Model


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"That dress design was for my sister. I have a few that I have made and I would like you to do the honors of trying it on so that I can see my dresses on a living being. I know that you will do them justice." Michelle treated the dress as if it was fragile and packed it up.

"I will wear any design that you bring to me. It would be my honor to honor your sister. She was a good person from what I can tell, Michelle... Yuki popped her head out and she had one silver-red swirled eye and one aquamarine blue.

"Oh, ho.~ I love the new colors. I think that Cedric will go nuts and they match the dress well. I like that Janet suggested it to you, Princess." Michelle zipped up the dress and hung it away. "I am going to help your prince charming get into some date clothes. I know that he bought you a bunch of clothing but I will help him get some different stylish clothes as well."

"Thank you, Michelle!" Yuki smiled and sat down on the chair that was in the room and focused on changing her other eye.

Janet looked at Alyssa, "I will not fire you. I know that you work hard but do not try to cross me. I have a client that I am trying to help out so please excuse me." She walked right by her and went to the back storage room. She started getting bras and underwear sets that would match and in all different styles and colors. She grabbed a few black bags and placed the pairs into the bags.

Cedric heard the last part and chuckled. He went to look at casual male clothes and started to look around.

Alyssa saw the man come down and start looking at the clothing and decided that she would hit on the hottie. "Hey Hunny, is there something that I could help you find?"

"No." Cedric grabbed a top and put it back.

Janet stuck her head out and carried the three bags to the stairs shaking her head. 'That girl will try to latch on anyone. That human is a fool. I should've fired her.' She passed Michelle with the bags.

Michelle looked down and cursed, "I can not believe that I forgot to send this with the clothes. Janet, whatever she doesn't wear, could you please cut the tags off and I will charge it to Cedric's account?"

"Of course I can do that! Also, I think you might need to deal with Alyssa. She is hitting on Cedric hardcore downstairs. I was busy trying to get this so that I can get back up to Yuki so that I could style her beautiful hair."

Michelle leaned over and kissed Janet's cheek and his voice slipped, "thank you. I will take care of it." he realized the slip and rushed down the stairs. "Cedric, my dear sweet customer, come and I will help you choose some outfits. Alyssa, hun I am sorry but Cedric will only take suggestions from me. I need you to go to the storage room and start to bring out the stock I asked you to do when you got here."

Cedric heard Michelle's heart beating faster and smirked. 'Well, well I see that someone let the cat out of the bag. I will be silent and not comment on it until he brings it up with me.' Cedric smirked before replying, "what took you so long? I thought you were just going to put some dresses away. You couldn't have been messing around could you?"

Michelle blushed and glared at Cedric, "only if it applies to clothing. You know that you have my undying love Darling." She pulled out six different styles of sweaters and placed them in the VIP change room. "How many outfits today sweet thing?"

Cedric chuckled at her reaction, "I was thinking of getting quite a few. Twenty to thirty outfits. You should know what I like, hun." He played it up and went into the change room to look at what was being placed on the rack.

Michelle came into the room with slacks, jeans, sweat pants, and shorts. She hung them up and whispered into Cedric's ear. "I am very sorry. I forgot to pick out underwear for Yuki but thankfully Janet did it for me. I will get her to cut the tags off and I will charge them to your account if that is acceptable?"

"Of course that is acceptable. It is for my Little Sexy Slave so there is nothing the matter. I am glad that another female is picking out some undergarments for my sweetheart. It is not exactly what is on your mind when you think clothing besides I like Janet and Yuki seems to like her as well." Cedric saw a few swim shorts in the mix and raised an eyebrow.

"It is finally time to use that pool in your backyard and now that Yuki is awake at noon she might enjoy swimming in it." Michelle left and started to grab tee-shirts. "Oh and make sure she wears the sunglasses in the sunlight. I do not want her to suffer."

Cedric sighed and closed the door and tried on all the sweaters without opening the door and then left the last one before changing into the slacks. He opened the door when Michelle knocked three times.

"Oh, that looks so good on you. I see that you like the sweaters I will take them to the counter but I will suggest that you wear a short-sleeved shirt today as it is going to be a scorcher outside." Michelle hung up thinner longer sleeves and some tee-shirts. She grabbed what was placed on the chair and whistled one last time.

The black slacks didn't show off his muscles but fit him like they were made for him. The sweater was grey in color and had three big black buttons in the front. There was a collar that was neatly placed as it should be and the top two buttons were undone. Cedric touched the collar and looked at Michelle. "I will take your advice. I felt it heating up when I came over here."

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