Slave to the Darkness Chapter 76: 76 A New Colored Dress


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"I am sorry. I was not sure as you walked and worked in the day or night and there are some humans that can do that. It was only this week that I realized that you were also a supernatural. Please forgive me, Michelle." Janet bowed to him and waited for his reply.

"No, it is quite alright. You need to do what you need to do. I know that you are a hard worker and I never doubted that you would be a good asset for my team." Michelle reached over and patted Janet on the head. "Please take good care of her. I will leave so that you can help her change." Michelle walked out of the room. "Cedric, you are one lucky guy."

"I would like to think that I am but you should know that with luck comes problems. Thank you for helping Yuki. I am going to give her her memory back when we get into the car. I called Royce to come and pick us up in an hour." Cedric looked at Michelle and didn't bother asking about the dress. "What do you think of Janet, your worker?"

"Do not try and play matchmaker, Cedric. I am truly fine on my own." Michelle shook her head and smiled at him, "Besides she is so young and I don't think that she would be okay with dating someone that is a hundred years old."

"Age is but a number and Yuki and I have an age difference of fifty years. I am younger than she is but with her memories taken she does not remember how strong and formidable she truly is." Cedric looked at Michelle as if he wanted him to challenge him.

"She was a force to be reckoned with but I will not go for a worker. So please stop trying to hook me up with Janet. I know that you are overly concerned and when I am ready to I will try dating again. I am surprised that you are not asking about the dress that she tried on." Michelle outright tries to change the subject.

"It's a wedding dress. I knew that Luna had something planned out and I never found it with the other items. I thought it was strange that you didn't want me to see it. The best thing about not knowing is that I will eventually get to see and I will be the one to take it off her in the end. I will drop the dating subject for now but remember I will ask you about the progress." Cedric looked at the door and sighed. 'It will eat away at me until I get to see it but with the way, I was with that sexy white dress it is probably a good thing I did not see this dress.'

"It is annoying that you were able to guess it right," Michelle mumbled and saw that there was a hint of frustration in Cedric's eyes that made him feel a bit better about everything.

"Janet, as for my hair I can change it to a black color and I think I might be able to change my eyes to a different color. It will take some time to change my eyes but the hair I can do in a heartbeat." Yuki was handed her hair by Janet.

"Hmmmm, is black the only color? I was thinking maybe a strawberry blond color and blue eyes. I think that would be exciting and new and it will go well with the dress." Janet started to undo the lace on the back of the dress. Once it is done the dress slips on to the ground. "Can you wait here for a moment there is something that I would like to grab from downstairs." She pulls off the housecoat and wraps it around Yuki.

Yuki wraps the housecoat over her shoulders and looks at Janet full of curiosity. "I will wait for you to grab what you need."

Janet took the dress out of the change room and laid it on the empty desk. Before leaving the room she closed the curtain. She stepped out of the room and looked at the two standing in the hallway. "I am going to grab a few things from downstairs and then I will help her get dressed. Michelle the dress is laying out on the table so you can go and wrap it up. I will not be all that long." She hopped down the stairs and immediately started to grab everything that she needed.

"Janet! What on earth are you doing and where have you been?! You can't just go wandering around by yourself." Another shop worker started to scream at her.

Michelle followed Janet down the stairs and looked at the one screaming. "Alyssa, I asked Janet to help with a platinum member and she is still helping me. I didn't tell you as I was in need of help right away and anyways you are not the manager so you have no right to be yelling at anyone. Janet, you are now the manager and if you have any issues I give you permission to fire anyone but please let me know so that we can find a suitable replacement." She turned around and went back upstairs. "Don't even say it."

"I wasn't going to say anything. Did you want me to try on something more casual for my date, maybe something that will match her outfit?" Cedric shrugged and backed off.

"I didn't prepare anything like that but I can after I pack up the dress. Go ahead and look downstairs while you wait." Michelle opened the door and went into the room. "Yuki, it is Michelle. I am going to bag up the dress now and Janet will be back here soon."

"Okay! No worries. I really like the way you styled this dress. Who did you design it for?" Yuki closed her eyes and changed her hair color to a strawberry blonde shade. She looked in the mirror and focused on changing her eyes to the color blue.

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