Slave to the Darkness Chapter 70: 70 Ghosts and Gratitude


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Cecile stepped forward and walked right up to Claude and patted him on the head. "Hey, baby bro! You did well. At first, I was pissed at you because you didn't save Bonny but after death, I came to realize that I was wrong. I am sorry for blaming this all on you. I want you to know that I am pretty proud of you right now." The ghost turned to his beautiful wife. "Hunny you are as sweet as I remember you."

"And you are just as handsome as you were in the past. I really am glad that you came as well." Bonny rested her head on his chest and smiled.

"Before you ask, you can not ask anything about the afterlife and you can not find out about anyone else. I know that those are some questions that people try to ask and that usually try to ask and that closes the connection." Sephira looked at the group smiling.

"You should be more worried about yourself. You need to watch what you do while carrying my baby bro's child around." Cecile looked at the girl and smiled.

"Congratulations to both of you. I did not know that you finally picked a partner." Bonney smiled at the two.

Sephira touched her belly and started crying. "I did not know I was expecting. What a way to find out."

Cedric stepped forward, " I know that you may not want to see me but I wanted to come and inform you that the one that is responsible for the death of Bonney has been taken care of. I am working on tying up loose ends now. It has been a long battle but even with my memories locked I did not forget that I promised I would make them pay for what they did to you guys."

Cecile looked at Cedric, "I know that I blamed you as well but I know that you were just another victim. I am sorry for that and thank you for saving my little brother. I am happy that he had such a great friend. There is nothing wrong with what you did. Am I sad that my dear wife passed on? Of course, I am but I should've never blamed the two of you. I am sorry for that. Please forgive me?"

"I have long since forgiven you. I was never one to hold a grudge against you. I understand why you got mad but it is all in the past. Congratulations, Sephira and Claude. I am truly happy for both of you. Hopefully one day I will be able to have a child but now is definitely not the right time." Cedric smiled and looked at the shocked Sephira.

Sephira was still sitting on the ground touching her belly. "Thank you, everyone. I did not think that it would happen so quickly."

"Sephira," Claude got down and hugged her gently, "Is this what you want? I will not force you to do anything that you want but I will give you the choice."

"Claude… I want to keep our baby. I want to stay with you. You are my master but also my lover so there is no way that I would get rid of our baby." Sephira looked up and smiled with some happy tears rolling down her cheeks.

"Ahem, Since the two of you are already seeing each other I will say my part. I, Cecile of the Midnight Runners Clan hereby allow Sephira and my baby bro Claude to become one. As a ghost from the beyond I will permit the coupling and combining of the two. Claude you must do everything in your power to protect Sephira and Sephira you must do everything in your power to protect the unborn fetus." Cecile looked at the two, "You may begin the transformation process."

Claude looked at Sephira and was afraid that he would hurt her or that she may not survive. He moved closed and hugged her. He whispered in her ear, "I do not want to cause you harm."

Sephira was surprised and touched his head. "It will be alright. I trust that you will not hurt me. Go head I am ready to become yours and only yours."

Hearing those words his lips touched her neck and he opened his mouth. He bit her until the skin broke and let his saliva mingle with her blood. He kissed the wound and looked into her eyes.

Cedric took a step back and watched it all went down but was smiling. 'It really wasn't a bad idea to have the two of them become one. I am happy that they are together now.'

Bonney's ghost floated over to Cedric, "I wanted to thank you for doing what you did for me back when we were captured. I knew that you did not want me to die and you tried to save me. I always wanted to thank you. I am glad that you were able to get back at the one that did this to me. I want you to know that there is something that needs to be dug up. Back at that house in the backyard, I was able to bury something in a black box. It is sealed but the necromancer you have here will be able to open it. I would like for you to dig it up for me. It is beside the cherry tree."

"Okay, I will do that. I do not know that you managed to do that but I will do as you asked." Cedric looked at Bonney, "I am still sad that I was not able to save you. After I lost my memories I somehow wound up back in that house but this time as the owner and not a prisoner. So it will be easy for me to access the house and the cherry tree that you are talking about I know the one. I will dig it up today. I am not tired but I do have to be somewhere around sunset."

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