Slave to the Darkness Chapter 51: 51 First Date 1


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"Ah, that is perfect! Thank you, Master Cedric. I was just looking for something to add to my hair and you brought this exactly when I needed it the most." She looked at it in the mirror and smiled as she stood up. She jumped into Cedric's arms and hugged him. "You make me feel like I am finally where I need to be."

Cedric looked at her surprised and then his expression softened. "It was something that was in the bathroom. I will show you where all the accessories are that way you will not be lost when I am not home and you need to get ready to go. So let's be off to go and see this movie."

Yuki beamed up at him and didn't catch the surprised look that went across his face. "Okay, I hope that I looked not overdressed to go and watch a movie. It has been a really long time since I have seen one. Last time there were people acting on the stage but that was called theater, not a movie."

~She may not have all her memories but it seems that her feelings are returning. That means that I might have to give the vials out of order. There are some memories that she might need more than others.~ Cedric offers her his arm and leads her to the door.

Yuki took his arm and walked to the entrance until Cedric let her go. She sat down even though he did not say anything to her. She waited for him to hand her a pair of shoes.

Cedric opened the closet and pulled a red pair of stilettos that were a blood-red color that had stings that wrapped up the legs. "This is something that matches that dress. If you think you can walk in them, wear these. Then you will be closer to my height. Do you remember how to lace these up?"

Yuki took the stilettos and looked at them she put the first one on. Like with the tie she started to lace these up from memory. "At first I was not sure if I would be able to lace it up but I did it. I am surprised that it was in the back of my mind. Was this something that you taught me as well?"

"I did not teach you but you taught me about it one day. I was kind of meh but since it seemed important to you I decided to learn about it. I enjoyed being able to dress you up. It was funny to see the girls fawn over you and ask who did your hair, makeup, or even where you got your clothes. I loved hearing you say that it was a secret. These are memories that you will gain back as well. So I will not spoil them too much for you." He put on nice dress shoes and then offered her his arm once more.

Yuki took his arm happily. "We have good memories together but since I was still a virgin we never went all the way. Was it because you wanted to keep me pure or was it something that I wanted?"

Cedric led her to the limousine that was waiting for then with Royce standing at the door. "We are going to the theater I pre-booked a room so get us there safely. I trust you to do that, Royce."

"Yes, Sir." Royce waited until the couple was inside and closed the door and as soon as he got inside he put the partition up so that they could have some privacy.

Once the partition was up Cedric looked at Yuki who was waiting to hear the answers to her questions. "You will find out in the morning when you drink the next vial. I want you to discover that answer on your own but remember that there is a lot that you do not know and telling you some things will upset you. Although I was happy to have finally taken you. It was well worth the wait even if I had forgotten you and you had forgotten me." He reached over and touched her cheek.

"If you say that I will get to see it when I drink the next vial I will wait until then. I think that people are very judgmental. I didn't like some of the whispers I heard in the dream. If I heard their voices I would surely kill them for their insolence." Yuki held her hand in a fist and then slowly let it go.

Cedric saw that she had cut her palm with her fingernails. He picked up her hand and licked the marks as they healed. He saw the little bit of green that was mixed in with the blood and licked that up too. So that she would not get the shock of her life before that memory came back to her. "There is a lot that you do not remember but it will come back to you soon enough. I might shuffle the vials around. There are some memories I want you to see first. Luna gave me a list on which vial contains what memories. There is one that you need to remember after the one you started. I thought starting from the beginning would be a good plan but now I think I will give you the more important ones first. Do not worry about those people they will all follow your command as you are now the Queen and with me bearing your mark they can not say I am unworthy of you."

"Yes, you are mine and I think you chose the right memory to start with. I like that I am meeting us and how we came about. I know that these are from your point of view but as I watch them I get both of our points of view. It is like watching a movie." Yuki blushed and smiled at him.

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