Slave to the Darkness Chapter 23: 23 How Yuki Became a Slave


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"Then let us shower quickly then as I do not want to run out of time." Cedric washes her body and lets the water run down his body. 'I did not get all that dirty but it is better to be safe than sorry.'

Yuki takes the soap from Cedric and starts to wash his chest and then walks behind him to wash his back. She hands him back the soap and then grabs some shampoo and starts to wash her hair. She had stepped away to make sure the soap suds would not get in Cedric's eyes.

"Do not worry my sweet. The soap suds would not get in my eyes." Cedric bent over and washed his legs and then rinsed off. "When we get out of the shower I will dry your hair and brush it while you tell me why I found you where I did." He stepped out of the shower and started to dry off.

Yuki moved back under the water and rinsed out her hair. She stepped forward and then put conditioner in her hair she let it sit while she washed her face. She stepped back under the water and rinsed it all off and when she was done she turned the tap off.

As she stepped out of the shower Cedric scooped Yuki up and carried her to the bed where he sat her down and started to dry her hair. He waits for her to start the story.

"I was kept at the slave market for a long time but before I went there I stayed with a lady named Alice in the middle of a forest. One day I was making a pie and Alice suddenly told me to run. I was told not to look back but I did and there was a group of men there. They killed her right away and then they came after me. I did not manage to get away. They captured me but I did not go down without a fight. I killed three of them before they started using magic on me. I was brought to the slave establishment and locked in a dark room away from everyone. Every so often a mouse or rat would get into my cell and I would kill it for its blood. I do not know how long I was locked in my cell but I grew weaker by the day. I tried to eat but sometimes my body would reject the food. When they came to bring me up to you I had to wait for my eyes to adjust. The world was so much brighter than in my cell. Master, you are my savior and I am very lucky that you came for me. Why did you come to the slave market?" Yuki glances at the time and then looks up at Cedric.

Cedric had been drying Yuki's hair so when he finished drying her hair he started to brush it. He listened to the story of her past. "Time moves differently when you do not have access to seeing the moon and sun. In your case, you would still fall asleep when it was time and wake up when it was time as well. The fact that days and night blended together you must have been there a while. As for myself, I went to many slave markets over the last two years. I got a letter from Jake saying that he might have a special slave I would be interested in. He gave me a time to come in and view the goods and I am glad that I was able to go and collect you. I wanted to see if I could find a partner even if it was a temporary thing. It gets a little lonely living without someone else at your side. I never found someone I wanted to keep by my side until I found you. I was instantly drawn to your beauty." He had stopped brushing her hair and started to braid it.

"Thankfully you saved me. I was in dire need of blood although they did feed me human food. It was just not the right food for me. I am glad that you decided to come and get me as well." She lays her head in his lap. "You are right the only thing that kept me in a slightly normally cycle was the fact that I always fall asleep at dawn and awoke at dusk. It was just that everything seemed to blend in after a certain part of time. I spent a lot of time just laying in my bed. No one really came to check on me. There would be food that was slide through a flap on my door and I usually pushed it back when I wasn't hungry or I knew I couldn't stomach it. I do not regret that I spent time there as it brought me and you back together." She yawned, "I was around two hundred years of age I think when I was captured. The only reason I figured out my current age was because of the calendar I saw in the bedroom here." She reaches up and touches his cheek and her eyes slowly close and her hand slides down his cheek.

Cedric grabs her hand before it falls and kisses it silently. "I am glad that you finished your story before you fell asleep my dear. I know that you can hear me even though you are asleep. I am going to go and work on my books so call me when you wake up." He moves her off his lap and tucks her into the bed. He turns to leave the room and Yuki's hand reaches out and grabs the hem of his bathrobe. He chuckles and strips the robe off and then climbs into the bed. "I will stay with you then." He pulls her into his arms and he slowly drifts off to sleep.

Yuki woke up at dawn and looked up into Cedric's eyes. "Master Cedric, good morning. I am sorry I kept you here all night. My body moved on its own in my sleep." She places her head on his chest and she could hear his heart beating.

"Good morning. It is alright I did sleep a little bit so it is not a big deal. I got to hold you in my arms all night and I got to watch you sleep. There is nothing wrong with wanting me by your side. I read while I laid next to you when I woke up." He pats her head on his chest. "Besides we do not know when you will lose control of yourself. So I do not mind putting aside my work for now. If my boss wants the books translated he can send them to someone else for now. I want to take a short break from working all the time. When I went out the other day I told him to give me a break. I will have two weeks off where I don't have to work unless I want to. How do you feel?"

Yuki lifts her head and her eyes are glazed over. "I am very thirsty. I am afraid that I will drink too much and lose my mind like last time...chain me." She grabs her head, her mind goes blank and she collapses like last time. The difference is that Cedric was right in front of her.

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