Slave to the Darkness Chapter 18: 18 Their First Meeting


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Cedric could hear her voice in his mind. He stops struggling and lets her finish. His head was pounding from a headache but the memories started flowing back to him. He sits still on the ground looking at Yuki. The memories of this room made him grab his head and blackout. While he lost consciousness he started to relive his memories. He met Ryan and Luna when he was twenty-five years old at a banquet for the unity of old clans. This happened every fifty years since the clans were all immortal. He was the rightful heir of the Okami clan and his father the clan leader had told him that he may meet his life partner if he attended the meeting. He was intrigued at what other immortals that were out there in the world. So he had quickly agreed to go. He was leaning up against the wall next to the balcony watching all the people at the party. Most of the patrons didn't look over thirty years of age. There was a couple that was chatting closely together and the female was frowning slightly. Cedric had wondered what could be the problem but since he didn't know who they were he couldn't intervene.

The couple walked over to Cedric. Luna looked up at the young man. "You must be Cedric, am I correct?" She looked into his eyes hopefully.

Cedric looked down at the woman who was slightly frowning still. "I am Cedric from the Okami clan. What do I owe the pleasure of you two coming over to talk to me for?" He was rather blunt and a bit cold.

"Oh great, I'm glad we got the right person. I'm Luna and this is my husband Ryan." She stopped, waved her hand to Ryan and smiled. "We are vampire royals and the hosts of tonight's party. Could I trouble you with a small task? Our daughter is refusing to leave her room and she is required to attend the party this year. I figured since my daughter and yourself are close in age you might be able to get her to come out of her room." She whispered her request.

Cedric sighed and looked down at Luna. 'I can't exactly deny a request from the hosts of this party.' He looked over at Ryan and he was just smiling at him. "Okay, I'll help but there are no guarantees that she will listen to me an outsider." A servant appeared beside him and bowed to him and started to lead the way silently. He started following the servant without asking any questions. They had stopped at a big door and the servant knocked then opened the door and let Cedric pass through.

Yuki was hiding in the shadows and she was going to try and get away but saw that it wasn't a familiar face. She giggled and appeared behind him in his ear he heard "You look rather tasty."

Cedric acted fast and pinned her to the wall. "I am a guest from the party not a meal for the hosts' daughter. I was asked to get you to appear. So I'll make you a deal. I will let you drink my blood but only if you come to the party." He knew that would attract the girl's attention.

"Fine." She walked away from his hold and got dressed in from of him. Her eyes were silver and red swirled and her hair was silver. She grabbed a blood-red strapless dress and slipped into it. "Can you help do up the back for me?" She held her hair and waited for help from Cedric.

He walked over to her and did up the dress. He grabbed a necklace off the dresser and put it on her before she could ask. He purposely let his breath out in her ear before moving back to the door. He watches the girl blush so deep it almost matched the dress. He watched as she quickly put up her hair and then she sat on the bed. He grabbed the red heels and brought them over to her. He slowly put them on her and then helped her up from the bed. He held out his arm for her to grab on to. "Let's go your parents are waiting." He escorted her out of the room. They reached the party room and Luna and Ryan were pleasantly surprised. He took her to her parents. "Here you are. My duty is done." He lowered his head to her ear and whispered, "when the party's over I'll give you your reward." Then he walked out to the terrace. He didn't notice that there were a lot of eyes on him nor would he care as the hosts had asked him this favor. His debut party went off with a hitch after all the other guests left Cedric stuck around and walked over to the girl. He bowed and held out his hand. "May I have the last dance while the guests leave?"

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