Slave to the Darkness Chapter 128: 128 Baking in the Kitchen 1


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Todd picked up the phone and saw that there was a number programmed into the phone. "I take it that is I get into trouble I can call this number and you will help me?"

"Yes, you are now my responsibility. It has been a rather long day. I will retire to my room and Royce will show you to yours." Cedric got up and the door opened.

"I will take good care of our new worker. I am Royce, the head butler here. I have been working here my whole life and I will show you the ropes. I am human like you." Royce walked away.

Todd scrambled and followed Royce around the house for the tour.

Cedric got up, went back to the bedroom, and quietly closed the door. He crept into the room as to not disturb Yuki's sleep. He changed out of the clothes and tossed them to the side and climbed into bed.

Yuki turned and snuggled up to Cedric. "Everything all settled now?"

"Sorry, did I wake you?" Cedric pulled her in so that she would be comfortable. "It is all settled. I am keeping one and the other is being tortured."

"That's.." Yuki yawned, "good. I like that idea of keeping the one. The other one deserves death but not a quick death. I am sure that we will be on the same page so I didn't say anything. I hope that you will punish the one behind this." She snuggles in closer and kisses over his heart.

"We do not need to worry about that. Come and sleep. I will deal with everything like I said that I would." He kisses the top of her head and his eyes droop close.

Yuki looks up at Cedric and smiles. She closes her eyes once again to nap. She wakes up three hours later and looks at Cedric as he is sleeping soundly. She escapes from the bed and goes to the closet. She puts on a shirt of Cedric's and a pair of pants. She leaves the room and bumps into Abigail.

"Good morning to you dear. I was told that you are not awake during the daylight hours." Abigail looks at Yuki smiling.

"Ah, good morning. I have shifted so I can sleep less and be awake more. Do you mind if I chat with you while you work?" Yuki blushed and saw that Abigail was carrying around a basket.

"Not at all. I just finished the laundry so I was heading to the kitchen to make some biscuits. Would you like to try and make some?" Abigail smiles at the girl and waits to see what she would say.

"Can I? I do not eat a lot of human food but I always wanted to try making it!" Yuki looked at Abigail and her eyes were sparkling.

"Of course you can. I offered it to you. So if you want it you can most certainly come and join me. If you get flour on your clothes it will not be an issue but we do need to tie up your hair. Come and I will do your hair for you." Abigail walked to the kitchen and placed the basket on a chair.

Yuki sat down on the chair next to it and happily sat there. "Thank you, I did not want to disturb Cedric's sleep and I am not completely used to the layout of the house yet. I am glad that I will no longer attack you or Royce as you both have been such sweet people."

"Oh, I may be human but I am hardy! You could kill me in a heartbeat but I know that you are not like that and it would eat away at your soul. I tend to trust and forgive my dear. I am glad that you are as sweet as Royce has said." Abigail starts braiding Yuki's hair. She ties and elastic at the end and then twists the braid up into a bun. She pins it in place. "Okay, we are ready to start!"

"Thank you! I bet this looks amazing. I will look at it when we are done!" Yuki hops up and smiles.

"If I had a daughter I wish that she would be like you. I can not have children anymore but will you let me treat you like my daughter?" Abigail covers her mouth, "I am sorry for the rude question."

"That is not rude, it is a compliment. I do not have parents anymore but I am also a lot older than you. So I do not mind if we play daughter and mother. I am only regaining my memories back." Yuki smiled and went to the counter. She looked down at the ingredients on the counter.

Abigail walked up behind Yuki and placed an apron over Yuki to protect the clothes that she was wearing. "I do not have a written recipe. I make these a lot so it is in my mind. So you will need to follow my lead and with Claude here we can make as many batches as we want. That boy is a bottomless pit!" Abigail looks at Yuki and the two burst into laughter.

"Big Brother, will eat Cedric out of the house and home." Yuki continues to giggle with Abigail and smiles at her. "Thank you for the Apron."

"Yes, he will and it is no problem an apron is the first step to baking. Alright first, we will mix the dry ingredients. Three cups of all-purpose flour, three tablespoons of sugar, half a teaspoon of salt, four teaspoons of baking powder, and half a teaspoon of cream of tartar. Then we will take this here and cut in three quarters cup of butter into the mixture." Abigail adds the powders to the bowl one at a time.

Yuki follows the instructions and adds the ingredients one after another. She picks up the pastry cutter and watches what Abigail is doing and follows her example. "This is an interesting device. Do you use it often?"

"The pastry cutter." Abigail sees Yuki nod her head. "There are times when it is needed like with the biscuits. I use it when I make pie crust. It is mostly used for baking. As this is your first time you are doing really well." Abigail stops for a moment and wipes some flour that had gotten on Yuki's cheek.

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