Slave to the Darkness Chapter 127: 127 My Ex-wife Might Show up


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Cedric smiled and turned back to Josh. "Now what are we to do with you? You are the one that tried to attack my fiance."

Claude glared at the guy, "Can I rip off his finger and toenails? Then slowly tear out his teeth?" He picked up a pair of pliers.

"You can as long as you get the rest of the information out of him. I read the contract over but it does not state who it was that issued it. I will call the hunter's center and get this pulled. I do not think that they will want to face my wrath." Cedric stood up and sighed.

"Master, I do not feel any different." Todd looked at Cedric in confusion.

"Oh, that was a test to see if you would do it and trust me. It was only sugar water." Cedric patted Todd. "You collapsing was a reaction for your mind. I didn't actually do anything to you. Thank you for your trust. I will have you to come with me while we let these two spend some quality time together." Cedric leads the way out of the room.

"I know that earlier you said that you would compensate my family but there is no one. My wife left me after she spent all my money and put us in debt. I finally just finished clearing the debt. I was hoping for an easy job so that I could buy myself a house again. My ex-wife is not a good person and will leech onto anyone with a big pocket of cash. You need to be careful of such people, Master." Todd followed Cedric and took him to the study.

"You had a hard time. It is unfortunate that you got dragged into this world. You know that it is dangerous to get involved with the night world creatures and that is why that mission was so high on the scale." Cedric picked up the phone and dialled the number.

"This is the office of Huntington Estates, how can I direct your call?" A chirper lady asked on the phone.

"Patch me through to Matt. Before you ask who it is, just tell him that if he rejects my call I will come in person." Cedric glared at the wall.

"I'm sorry? I will pass the message along right away." She places Cedric on hold and looks confused. She calls her boss, "Sir there's a gentleman on line one that says if you reject his call he will come in person. I was unable to get…" She hears a click and the line one call is picked up. She hung up her phone and shrugged.

"Cedric, to what do I owe the pleasure?" Matt picked up the call and gulped.

"Oh, I don't know. It might have to do with the fucking hit on my fiance?!" Cedric hit the desk for dramatic effects and he was smiling the whole time.

"Hit on your fiance?" Matt started to pull up cases. "Oh my god, Cedric, I am so sorry. I did not sign off on that hunt and it never came to my office. I will fire the one responsible. Ummm, the hunters are okay?"

"For now, I am keeping one as collateral but the other will never see that light of day again. Since the other is left in the care of my interrogator. I can not say what torture he will go through." Cedric sat there waiting to see how Matt would respond.

Matt had gotten the file open and got the name of who ordered the hit. "I just sent you the information that you want. Is it okay to ask who showed up at your place?"

Cedric passed the phone to Todd. Todd took the phone. "Hello sir, I didn't know this case was like this. I just started to get my life back on track. I didn't know that this mission was so highly ranked. I was lied to by Josh."

A loud sigh was heard through the phone. "Listen, you are now stuck with Cedric. It will be a better job for you than being a hunter and since it was Josh that was with you then there is no real loss. It is unfortunate that we will be losing you though. You actually know what you are doing. You can pass the phone back now."

"Okay, thank you for the compliment, Sir." Todd handed the phone back to Cedric.

"Since you heard all that I am deeply sorry about this and I will make sure that it does not happen again. The one that posted this, I will send your way. That is if you would like them?" Matt sat there pulling up that person's information.

"Yes, I will accept that generous peace offering. I will treat Todd well. He is going to be a good guard. I will not force him to become one of us."Cedric smiled and opened the laptop quickly checking his email.

"I just can not believe that this happened. I really am terribly sorry about all this." Matt bowed his head to the door.

"I like that you are still honouring our contract. It makes it easier for both of us. I expect to hear good news about this individual by the end of the week." Cedric hung up the phone and looked at the screen.

"Master, what exactly am I to do and what are you?" Todd looked at Cedric who looked like a demon from the legends.

"As you can see I am not human like you are. I am a demon warlock. I can not do anything to extend your life. My partner, the one that you guys tried to kill is a vampire of the purest degree. That is how she dodged all your bullets. I am not going to lie to you since you will be stuck working here. I will get Royce to walk you through everything. Oh, I would advise trying to run away. That potion I said was sugar water is the truth but it is also a tracking potion. So if you wander away and go somewhere else then I will hunt you down and kill you without remorse. If your ex-wife tries anything I will help you." Cedric opened the drawer and placed a phone down.

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