Slave to the Darkness Chapter 126: 126 Choose to Serve or Die


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"I will not disappear on you. You are my partner. You would be able to feel if I passed from this world." Cedric laid her down in the bed. "Seep for now. I will be in the house today and once we are done in the room I will come and lay down with you. I won't kill both of them yet. The sun is rising and I can tell that you are trying to fight it but you do not have to fight it just sleep and then when you wake up, I will be here." Cedric leaned over and kissed her on the lips.

"Okay." Yuki closed her eyes and fell asleep.

Cedric got up and left the room. "It is nice that she can choose when to sleep. Let's go and have some fun."

In the room, the guy that was put to sleep started to come to. He groaned and asked, "Todd are you there?"

"You are alive. I thought they killed you, Josh." Todd looked towards the voice and smiled.

"Where are we, man? I remember a monster using my gun to tie me up and then being thrown in a trunk but before I could take that pill I passed out." Josh being blindfolded couldn't see.

"Josh, I am glad that you woke up. They took all our stuff. I fucking told you that this job was too good to be true. I do not even know why you insisted on doing it. I wanted to stick to the usual types we do but killing a girl for one hundred million dollars was too good to be true. I will never fucking forgive you for this." Todd was cursing at Josh when the two quietly entered the room.

"Todd, who the fuck cares. I just wanted an easy way to make money. My debt will not clear itself off and with that much money, I would be set for life. Besides you need that dough as much as I do." Josh started to jab at Todd.

"I am not greedy. I wanted to do easier contracts. I do not need a lot. One million is enough for even half of that. I would be able to buy a house with that money and relax for a little while." Todd looked away from Josh and was disgusted.

Cedric took off Todd's blindfold and looked at the guy. He covered his mouth and indicted Todd for being quiet.

Claude picked up the first needle and injected it into the one called Josh. "Tell us more about the contract."

Josh was about to keep his lips shut but then he started blabbing right away. "The target was a girl that was beside Cedric. The only thing was in the file. I never showed the whole file to Todd because I knew that he would not want to do this. I told him I chose a normal hit. That guy is a coward."

"I see. When that is unfortunate. You are a prick and I will enjoy killing you slowly." Cedric let go of Todd's mouth and walked to the bags and reviewed the papers that were there. He pulled out the kill contract and showed it to Todd.

"Josh, you fucking imbecile. You picked up the biggest contract from the board but that does not match what you showed me at all. If we make it through this I will never ever partner with you again. I do not appreciate being used like this." Todd was now looking over at Cedric and bowed his head. "You may not believe me but I didn't know that this was a contract that was nearly impossible. If you look in my bag you will see the contract that I was told this was." Todd let down his head and closed his eyes.

"What the fuck man?! You can't seriously see what is going on can you besides you are a wimp and I have planned on killing you after the target was down. I was going to use all that money for myself. Shit, what the fuck did you push into my skin."

Claude looked at the one called Josh and his eyes flashed yellow. He lifted up his hand and smacked the one called Josh. "You dared to attack my sister. If I didn't need you alive I would kill you right now. Tell me about the one that ordered the kill."

Josh coughed up and bit off blood from the hit. "The man that ordered the hit sounded like he had pre-recorded the message. It said that if you want some money you need to team up as this is not going to be easy and that there was a high chance of death. The one you are trying to kill may look sweet and innocent but she is a cold-blooded killer. All you need to do is get her separated from the group. She is stronger than she looks, so good luck hunter's seeking wealth."

Todd looked more disgusted than before and tried to move his chair away and almost tipped it backwards.

Cedric moved his chair away from Todd and showed him the file. "It is no wonder you had no clue on what was going on." Cedric untied Todd and showed him a note.

~If you want to live. I can offer you a job. If you decide to take the job any and all debt you have will be cleared. If you have family they will be compensated but you will not be allowed to leave this property without permission and if you choose this, I will give you tasks to do.~

Todd looked from the note to Cedric then over at Josh. "Josh you lied to me and I hope that your soul rots in the pits of hell. I accept the offer, Master." He bows to Cedric.

Cedric smiles and hands him a yellow potion. "Then drink this and you will be freed from your worldly duties."

Todd grabbed the potion and gulps it down fast. The vail drops from his hand and he collapses.

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