Slave to the Darkness Chapter 125: 125 Claude Clearing His Thoughts


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"I did not want Luna and Ryan to worry about what was happening but know I understood what was going on. I understand why you were angry and upset that day but you never told me why. It was because you were not there to save them." Cedric patted Claude on the back.

"That was the day that I was removed from the castle. I woke up in a hotel room and I rushed to the castle but I didn't find anyone. I left and went straight to your place and found you half-dead on the ground and all our loved ones were dead. I carried you to a room and worked on cleaning your wounds. Once you regained consciousness, you were cold and different but I asked you do you know who I am?"

"I remembering answering back you are Claude my best friend from school and someone that also went through the same torture that I went through." Cedric looked in the corner of the room.

Yuki walked up and hugged Cedric's waist. "The blood here will not affect me the same way as before. I am sad to hear how I lost my parents but they would've done it all over again if they could save even just one supernatural."

"Yes, that is just like our parents. The second question I asked Cedric was where Yuki was." Claude looked in pain.

"Sorry to say this love but I asked Claude who Yuki was? At the time I did not know and I feel bad now because our past is all about us. Also, Asmoday who is trapped inside my body has been helping keep my demon self from losing control. Now that I can transform again I know that Asmoday is saying that I will be okay now." Cedric wrapped his arms around Yuki and held her in close.

"Cedric, did you know that Asmoday was your father this whole time? I knew that Max had placed a demon inside of you but I did not know what the significance was. Also, I forgave you when I saw how injured you were in the past. I was worried about Yuki but you had no recollection of her. I now understand that Luna and Ryan wanted me to look after you. They must have chosen someone to look after Yuki." Claude smiled as the two cuddled in front of him.

"Ganny, or at least that is what I called her. We stayed in the woods on another land. I was transported during the day. I had no recollection of who I was. I forgot all about Cedric, but also about being a princess. I knew I was a vampire and I knew about some of my abilities. Over the years, I began to figure out more of my powers. As I told Cedric, I was living in the woods with Granny up until I was captured by slave drivers. Granny did tell some lies though. She said that I did not have a place to go back to." Yuki looked a little puzzled.

"At that time you would not be able to go back. You are back now because of the slave driver. I am curious just how much did you pay for Yuki, who did you buy her from, and where did you get her?" Claude was looking at Cedric.

"You know how I go to the slave market to buy goods to satisfy my needs? I had a slave market owner call me. His words were, Are you interested in getting a rare beauty?" Cedric smiled, "I of course said depends on the quality. He replied back to me saying, This one is top of the line. Untrained, unsoiled, and starved. It was the last line that caught me off guard. So I told him that I would meet up with him right now. John told me not to come until midnight or just before sunrise. The transaction had to be done at night time. That is what piqued my interest the most. A nighttime transaction meant a supernatural. I told him that if she was as beautiful as he said then I would take her." Cedric shook his head.

"You said John right? I did not know that he was on our side of the world. It is rare for him to make a trip here as there is already a big slave market here." Claude thought about it. "Maybe because he knew that you would buy her."

"Once I saw Yuki in the dress that they dressed her up in, I just had to have her. I paid a measly twenty million for her. I usually do not pay a lot for my toys but I was not about to let this tasty looking morsel fall into anyone else's hands. I was glad that I did not let this moment pass me by as now I have a beautiful fiance that can control my inner demon and she will live as long as me." Cedric picked Yuki up and carried her from the room.

"It is good that you are safe Yuki. I was worried about you myself. I tried hunting you down but it was not an easy thing to do. I worked as hard as I could but now I know where you are. I will once again swear to protect you, My Princess." Claude had followed the two out and was smiling.

"Is twenty million a lot of money? I am not used to knowing what the currency is like." Yuki had her arms wrapped around Cedric's neck. She let out a yawn. "Will you be killing the prisoners?"

"Yes, they saw you and I can not risk you getting attacked. You are sleepy. Why did you get up?" Cedric carried her up the stairs and to the bedroom.

"I was worried that this was all just a dream again. I didn't want to lose you. I was worried that I would not be able to see you anymore. I got frightened." Yuki clung to his neck.

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