Slave to the Darkness Chapter 122: 122 The Blood is Swee


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Yuki looked at Sephira and sighed, "I am upset that you did not take better care of your girl. She rushed to follow you here and you are more concerned about me than her."

Sephira sat on the other couch and looked at Yuki, "you should know that you are more important for the night world. I am a necromancer werewolf hybrid. Yuki, you are about to become the queen of the night world. Compared to you my life is not as worthy. Not that Claude would agree to that." She had one hand on her belly and she yawned a little bit.

"I'm sorry, Sephira. I didn't mean to leave you behind. Yuki is right I should be paying more attention to you. Cedric, I want you to be more careful as you don't know what could happen. I will take Sephira to settle in for the evening and then we can deal with the live ones." Claude got up and picked Sephira and he walked to a different wing of the house.

"Sir, I have returned with the goodies that you asked me to pick up. I must say that you got a wonderful variety. I also gave the girl Becca the note and she wrote a reply to you, Miss Yuki. I hope that you did not mind that I gave her a ride home. The amusement park opened for the night world creatures and I did not want her to get caught up on that world." Royce pulled out the reply note and handed it to Yuki.

"Thank you for your hard word Royce. Move everything into the Sakura room and don't mind the mess that is in there. I made a slight error but that is alright. It will be fixed soon enough. Oh, and the live one are they still in Claude's vehicle?" Cedric took the note and handed it to Yuki.

Yuki took the note but did not open it yet. "Thank you for giving her a ride home. I appreciate that you took the time to do that."

"The live ones are still in Claude's vehicle as he took off on me before I could ask for them. Miss Yuki, it is not a problem taking a young lady home. She was very polite and helped me load all the cotton candy into the limousine. I must have startled her as when I offered her a ride she looked freaked out and shocked. I mentioned that the two of you would not want her walking home alone." Royce stood up from his bow and pulled his gloves up. "I will finish the tasks you have given me." With that, he left the room.

Cedric bit her neck where the mark was and tasted her blood. "I can not get over how sweet your blood is. I thought about it every time I drank your blood. Why is it so sweet?"

Yuki felt her blood being drawn out and she shivered, "I do not know. Cedric, I want your blood. You gave me the vail and blood earlier but I feel like that I need more."

Cedric stopped nipping at her neck. "Okay, take what you need from me." He exposed his neck to her and waited for her to bite him.

Yuki opened her mouth and placed her lips on his neck. She felt her fangs come out and they slowly pieced his skin. As her fangs when into the demon skin she could feel the difference. When she started drinking the blood she let out a sigh and a then a slight moan. She drank his blood lightly as the flavour was rich and more potent than before. Yuki, ran her hand down his chest as she drank. Before she stopped drinking his blood she backed away and looked Cedric in the eyes. She was in a daze but not from their past memories.

Cedric touched her cheek. "Is it that much better? Being able to drink the demon's blood that is taking over my body right now."

"It is incredible. I was not expecting it to taste this amazing but here we are. I knew that your blood was good because of the demon's blood but I was not expecting the flavour to have changed." She finally came out of the daze and looked into his eyes smiling.

Cedric watched as her nails grew longer and her fangs became elongated. "How do you feel?"

"I feel energized. It is strange as I do not know what it's going on with my body right now." Yuki looked down at her hands and saw that her nails had grown out a lot. She holds her hand up and admires the nails as they grow out a little longer.

"This is just a guess but I think that my demon blood has activated your transformation further. I was not expecting this to happen but here we are. I am glad that we now have a way to get you to transform at least a little further." Cedric touched her cheek.

"So this is getting closer to what I look like for real. Although my half transformed state it is rather beautiful." Yuki stopped looking at his hands and touched Cedric's cheek. "What is it like to see me slowly come into my natural state?"

Cedric flipped her on the couch. "There is nothing to describe how I feel right now. I know for a fact that you are suffering from all sorts of odd things. Memory loss, loss of loved ones, not knowing who you really are... it would not be easy to be told that you are going to be the queen of an entire race." Cedric looked around but did not see any green runes show up on her skin. 'I think it should hold at least until she gets the memory for it.'

"What are you thinking about? I can see that you are focussing on something but I can not tell what it is." Yuki reached her hand up and touched his cheek.

"Sorry, I can't tell you yet. It is something to do with your memories. If I was to tell you, I know that it would cause some issues. I want you to know that I would not keep something from you if it was not in your best interest." Cedric leaned over top of her and kissed her lips. He laid down behind her and pulled her in close. He used his magic and movie set up. "I will just rest my eyes." He closed his eyes as the movie began to play.

Yuki laid there on the couch and smiled as she rested in his arms. She saw the movie on the scene but after the first ten minutes of the movie, she fell asleep in Cedric's arms.

Cedric opened her eyes and looked down at her resting. "It seems like my blood made you drowsy. HE stopped the movie and got up. He bent down and picked Yuki up and carried her back to their bedroom. He laid her upon the bed and walked to the table and wrote her a note before leaving the room.

Claude came down and looked at Cedric finally. "I have always loved your demon form but at the same time, I hated it. Your demon blood is now running through her veins. Do you think that it will take over?"

"It shouldn't but I can not say. I am a freak in the cases of supernaturals. A demon's heart, a warlock, and a demon that resides in my body. You can freak out at me more outside. I didn't mean to mark her but she kept tempting me." Cedric pulled out a cigar and lit it up.

Claude sighs, "whatever. What is done is done and in your case, it can not be undone or more like you will refuse to do it. My baby sister is safe and you will do everything in your power to keep her safe." He walked to the car and opened the trunk. "You still alive in there?"

The cough opened his eyes, "look I am sorry and I will still tell you everything that you want to know. Just remember that I am a lowly grunt." The guy sat up and looked at his partner.

"Good you will come with us and I will bring this one." Cedric picked up the second guy like he was a sack of potatoes. "Royce, please grab the items from the back seat and bring them down to the room."

"Very well, Sir." Royce opened the back seat and picked up the two bags and the gun.

Claude lifted the awake one out and blindfolded him. He then added a collar around his neck. "You will follow my lead." He gave the human a sinister look that he would not be able to see.

The collared one shivered from the words that the man had said but he did not protest. "I will follow." He hung his head and waited to see what would happen.

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