Slave to the Darkness Chapter 105: 105 In the Ferris Wheel


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"We are here. I want you to enjoy the evening as much as you can." Cedric held out his hand and waited until she climbed into the ferris wheel encased seated room. "I hope that you will enjoy this as much as I will."

Yuki blushed and took his hand, got into the ride, and sat down. "I am sure that I will enjoy this a lot. Especially since I am here with you and you mean the world to me." She smiled and watched as Cedric climbed inside.

Cedric climbed in and saw her blushing face. "I haven't done anything to you yet. Welcome to or private getaway." He got in and sat next to her. "Look out the window and see the nightlife from a different point of view."

Yuki turns and looks out the window as they slowly climb their way up. She gasps in surprise. "Wow, it is like a different world as we climb higher." She touched the glass and was still looking outside. She was able to see the city's lights and it looked stunning.

Cedric smiled and moved her hair off the back of her neck. He placed a kiss on the back and grabbed the zipped in his mouth and started to unzip the dress but only partway. He saw her bra and undid it with his hands. "What do you think of the nightlife?" He reached under the dress and massaged her breasts and pinched her nipples.

"Ah, Cedric no, it's dangerous to do anything on a ferris wheel. I do not want to cause any issues and what if someone sees." Yuki says this but doesn't try and struggle out of his grasp.

"No one will be able to see us all the way up here and there is no one else is on the ride. Besides if you didn't really want this you would resist more but here you are tame in my hands." Cedric stops massaging her breasts, unzips the dress the rest of the way down, and slowly slides the sleeves down her arms. "Besides you have been waiting for me to give it to you ever since I teased you earlier. The operator already knows that once we reach the top he is not to bring it back down until Claude says to do it."

"But, how will Claude know?" Yuki feels her skin be exposed to the cool night air and she shivers. "I have been waiting ever since the change room. My panties got soaked in the elevator because you are so insistent on teasing me. I have wanted you to thrust into me this whole time." She turned around and the dress was being held up by her hands.

"Because I know so." Cedric moved her hands away and watched the dress slide down her body. "You are voluptuous, it makes me want to devour you even more. Look your skin is beautiful in compared to the darkness of the night." He slides the bra straps down her arms leaving her upper body exposed. "How bad do you want it?"

"You are cruel for asking me that. I want you so bad that I was concerned that you would not do anything to me this whole time." Yuki blushed and turned her head to the right.

Cedric chuckled and took off his sweater that he was wearing and tossed it to the other side of the ferris wheel cart they were in. "Prove it and show me how bad you wanted it. I will not move unless you need me to. I will start by standing up for you." Cedric stood up and looked at Yuki who was sitting there watching him.

Yuki was watching his every move and gulped when he exposed his muscles to her. She stood up when she did, she touched his chest and felt her dress slide off the rest of her body onto the floor of the ride. She touched his chest and was pouting slightly. "I thought that we weren't going to do anything but here you had everything planned out." She got down on her knees and undid his pants and slid them down to the ground. She slides his boxers down as well and then looks at his penis fully erect. She runs a finger up the shaft to the tip and then encases it in her soft gentle touch before licking the head.

"I can feel how bad that you wanted this by how you started playing with me. Keep going and I will sit down in a moment and you can climb on top of me." Cedric was holding the box that he had brought with him and a second vial that he hid so that no one else would know that he was carrying it. He enjoyed her gentle treatment.

Yuki licked around and slowly sucked him off and got a taste of some cum and stopped. She looks up at Cedric and gives him the most heated gaze. "I-I.."

Cedric placed a finger over her lips, "Shhhhh, I know what you want, Sweetheart." He sat down, "come and sit down and satisfy your needs."

Yuki followed him in a bit of a trance and sat on his lap and slid his penis inside of her vagina. "Mmmmmm, this is the feeling that I have wanted all this time. Cedric, I thought that I was only allowed one vial a day? I can see it on the bench."

Cedric held up the vial so that she could see. "I want you to drink this tonight after we have had our fun. There's something that I need you to remember. So I will up the vails to two a day but first, move and climax for me. I want to feel your cum drip down. I know that you have been waiting all day for this moment so no more words only moans." Cedric covers her lips in a kiss and he bites her bottom lip. As he bites her lip he could feel her tightening up.

Yuki accepted the kiss and enjoyed the bit and started to move up and down until the tension built up inside got too much. Her body tightened inside until she felt her release happen and she finally cummed. She leaned on his chest. "I know that I was satisfied but what about you?"

"I will take what I want in a moment but first look outside the window with me." Cedric turned his head.

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