Slave to the Darkness Chapter 103: 103 Tricking Claude


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Emma looked at Cedric and she felt a shiver go up her spine. "I understand fully. I will give you my number Cedric so that you can review my full name. I can also understand why you are protective of her. She is a beauty beyond all compare. Liliana, you still have six more ducks to get. You can do it!"

Cedric smiled as he saw genuine fear in the girl's eyes. 'It is nice to know that she knows her place in all of this.' he looked back at Yuki as she started to concentrate on the ducks. "I am glad that you understand where I am coming from."

Yuki picked up a duck and this one said extra-large prize. She turned and looked at Cedric and could see that his eyes flashed ebony. She got up and looked into his eyes. "Are you okay, Darling?" She reached up and touched his cheek.

"I will be fine. I am thinking about something that will come later. I am excited about it." He reached down and allowed her to snuggle her head on her hand. "Do not worry your little head. I will be fine."

Yuki rested her cheek on the palm of his head and felt reassured that he was okay. "If you say so. I will believe it. I will finish this game and then we can place our winnings in the room before we continue." She broke free and picked out five ducks and each one said a small prize. "Let's see, I still need to pick an extra-large prize and three more small prizes."

"Whenever you are ready I will add them to the bags." Emma smiled at the adorable moment that the two had.

"For the extra-large prize can I have the white tiger? As for the last three little prizes, help me choose some." Yuki smiled and giggled at Emma.

"Let's see." Emma dug into the dragon bin and pulled out a kitty and lion. "These are part of the collection and this one will go well with the rest that you picked on the side". The last one was a yellow bunny wrapped up in a blanket.

"Oh, they are adorable. Thank you for helping me choose. We will be going to do something different but if we have time we will come back." Yuki took the white tiger as it would not fit in the bag.

"I added my information in the bag. Do feel free to contact me when you have time." Emma handed the bags to Cedric and watched as they walked away. When they had their back turned she started to smirk.

"You introduced yourself as Liliana… is there a reason why?" Cedric was carrying the bags.

"I did not like that she was pretending to be caught off guard. I wonder if she is a spy for your Aunt? We really can't trust a lot of people. She is hiding something and I am curious to find out what it is. Although I do like the plushies that I won." Yuki turned her head and looked up at Cedric smiling. They went to the room and knocked on the door before entering. They went in and placed the bags and plushie down.

Sephira looked at the two that came into the room and smiled. "You guys have won a lot of prizes. Where are you guys going next?"

"I was thinking that we all would go and pan gold before I took Yuki on the ferris wheel. Do you feel well enough to go?" Cedric looked at Sephira a little worried.

"Oh, I am just peachy but Claude is being a killjoy," she pouts, "then again when we went into the funhouse and went through the mirror part, I went through them fast and he lost track of me." Sephira started giggling.

Claude came into the room from the other side. "Hey, guys. Sephira, it was not funny. I was seriously worried about you."

"Hey, Claude. Come gold panning with us!" Yuki walked up to Sephira and pulled her off the bed. "You must come or else I will be sad." Yuki started to tear up and eventually started to cry.

"Whoa, do not cry, we will go with you. I can not ignore a request from my little sister. Come let's all head there now." Claude rushed to Yuki and Sephira's side.

"Then it is settled," Yuki let go of Sephira and skipped back to Cedric. "Let's go. I think that this will be fun."

Cedric started laughing at the dumbfounded look on Claude's face and snapped a picture. "You know that if she was serious both of us would be fucked. She is just as bad as some real actresses out there and by bad I mean absolutely perfect."

Yuki giggles, "I am sorry but you seemed like you would deny letting Sephira out of the room if I did not do that. I want time with my little sister as well."

"Sorry, Sephira. I guess I took things too far. Will you forgive me?" Claude lowered his head and was sulking.

"Yes, I took my prank too far. Come let us continue to have fun." Sephira grabbed onto Claude's arm and dragged him to the exit in the room. "Besides gold panning does not seem all that hard."

Cedric wrapped his arm around Yuki's waits and took her outside. "Follow me as I know where we are heading this time." He walked and led Yuki to the giant chibi like figure that was wearing gold panning clothes. They entered the area and it was lit up nicely. Cedric stopped and waited.

Yuki looked up at Cedric and smiled, "I am looking forward to this. This will not be my first time doing this though. I did this with the Granny from the woods." She rested her head on Cedric's chest.

Sephora and Claude showed up and Claude snapped a picture of the couple in front of him. "I am glad that we were able to come here. It is not easy to book."

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