Siren Song Chapter 145: Amira II


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"Abi why have you brought this foreigner into our home and sit him at our table to eat with our family?" With her face pressed against the crack of the door, Amira al-Hassan heard her brother Mamud complain to her father as the entered.

She was unable to hear the words of her father's soft response, only the sound of it, but heard her brother Fahir answer in a louder tone.

"We have no need of help from outsiders! We can make it on our own without their machinations and empty promises! What would keep this foreigner to his word?"

Amira al-Hassan pressed her ear flat against the door trying to hear better what they were talking about.

"Honor and integrity. I trust this man to do as he has said he would."

"Then you are a fool Abi and you will sell us to dogs." She heard Mamud Ilyas al-Hassan's cold sneer before a crisp striking sound and her father's voice.

"Watch your tongue. Lahat has need of the services this man can provide, sickness and disease are still rampant as well as the injured from war are numerous. This is for the good of many."

"Ya Ab." Jari Maan al-Hassan spoke for the first time clear and calm. "What is to stop this man from taking the money you have given and leaving with his promise unfulfilled, besides his word?"

Amira al-Hassan listened but did not hear a response from her father but heard her two eldest brothers begin to yell. Amira al-Hassan hurt hearing that and busted into the salon from where she hid in his bed chambers.

"I will do it! I will make sure this man fulfills his promise to walduna1!" Her brothers turned shocked at her sudden entrance.

"You should not be here Amira, leave!" Her eldest brother pointed to the door but she ignored him and kneeled by her father's knees.

"Baba, I will do this for you."

"You do not know what you are saying my daughter. Though your heart is in a good place as always my loyal sweet girl." Hakim al-Hassan stroked her cheek.

"I would do whatever is necessary, to make this a reality for you, I've heard enough to know that this man can help make lives better for the people here, is that true?"

"It is my daughter."

"Then I will do whatever is necessary, not only for you but for them as well." Amira al-Hassan looked up at her father with a resolved look in her eyes.

"Then so be it, I will respect your resolve. We will bind our agreement with the foreigner with blood."

"Ya Abi don't tell me you would consider marrying Amira to this man." Mamud Ilyas al-Hassan was the first to speak out before the other two joined in as well.

"There still would be no guarantee! We cannot send Amira away with this man."

Amira al-Hassan was surprised hearing the term marriage, but tried to keep her shock down, she said she would do whatever was necessary and she would see it through for her Baba. She stood and faced her brothers.

"I will do whatever is necessary. I would have to marry someday, why not today and for something for the good of many." Her nails cut into her palm as she spoke trying to hide her nerves and reservations.

The room was filled with the sounds of argumenting voices, but after speaking with Liang Ju-Long the following day it was finalized. Because it had been unplanned Hakim al-Hassan prepared the rings as well as all the accommodations for their wedding much to her brother's disapproval.


Even though it was a wedding the wedding was a rather somber affair, even when she sat with Dinah Petrov and Fajr Mahli for her gmorah, the event wasn't a joyous occasion as it should have been. While painting her hands with the intricate henna designs she felt Dinah Petrov let fall a few tears that hit the back of her hand. Her fair head bowed as she tried to hide them.

"Hey don't cry please, send me off with a smile like you would for your daughter, Dinara. This should be a joyous occasion. " Amira al-Hassan attempted to hold a strong smile and convince them as well as herself.

'I can finally help and I will.'

The ceremony had a little more liveliness due to the food and drink, and to Amira's delight she saw her friend Fajr Mahli catch the bouquet of flowers.

'Hopefully I will be there to see her and my brother's blessed union.' She thought as she sat by her silent husband on the raised dias.

After the ceremony and the celebrations the newly wedded couple spent the night in her home. The last one she knew she would have in it.

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