Silent Crown Chapter 656: I Do It Often


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"It is... Vacuum?"


"What a surprise..."

Plenty of outstanding musicians of the school of abstinence were present among the masters at the scene. One could even say that for musicians of their level, the Vacuum that symbolized semi-aetherization was not unachievable.

Each school had different techniques that could allow one to enter the same state. But Ye Qingxuan had clearly fallen to the Level of Distortion!

However, without relying on any control or even consuming any energy, Ye Qingxuan's body actually replaced its blood circulation with an aether circulation automatically, entering the domain of semi-aetherization.

And the semi-aetherization displayed by Ye Qingxuan at the moment was of a degree of completion that had already surpassed that of everyone else present, even reaching the level of that of oddities.

One must keep in mind that what the Vacuum of the school of abstinence imitated was the Cereus, one of the four living creatures. It was purely achieved via nature interference of oneself to blend in with all things on earth, and the level of difficulty and harshness of the conditions required far surpassed that of other schools.

At the moment, based on the state that Ye Qingxuan had exhibited, the aether circulation had undoubtedly become a part of him already.

In other words, as long as Ye Qingxuan became a master, after removing the last of his shackles, he could even cross the sea of aether and enter the depths of the realm of aether to explore on his own.

Meanwhile, just as everyone stood stunned, Ye Qingxuan's eyes suddenly lit up. "Gotcha!"

At that moment, he finally found a blurry speck of light amid the elements of the scepter and countless strands of music theory.

Right at the center of the core of Schubert's scepter, in its very hinterland, a dim speck of fire burned difficultly, like a flickering candle in the middle of a storm.

It was a spark of consciousness, the last bit of consciousness left of the owner of the body.

Using the Proverbs in the Holy Bible as a bridge, the two sides were connected as one, but a distinction was present after all. The consciousness was the firewood, which made the scepter burn vigorously.

Despite being weak and small, it was of utmost importance!

And Ye Qingxuan finally found a way to solve the problem of Schubert intending to commit suicide.

In the silence, his expression changed, and eventually, it turned decisive.

Then, he took out a branch of pitch black.

Everyone drew a deep, cold breath upon seeing it.

— Poisonous Black Branch!

Who would have thought that the Grand Inquisitor was actually carrying such a lethal item on him!

In the musicians' sensing, how was that even a branch? It was a crack leading to the abyss! Even though the abyss no longer existed, the vicious music theory preserved within the branch had never weakened in the slightest bit.

If the abyss was like a quagmire for the ordinary musician, then the plant nurtured by the Abyss Black Branches, which were rooted in the abyss and absorbed the darkest power, was the most poisonous of poisons.

In the span of a millennium, the tree of the Abyss was divided into three plants in total. One was offered to Hyakume as tribute, then bestowed upon Gaius, and was once used to kill the Pope. The other one was thrown at Ye Qingxuan when Menti was flustered and exasperated, but it ended up being sealed by the young man and was preserved till the present.

And at the moment, in Ye Qingxuan's hand, a white flower quietly bloomed on one of the forks of the Poisonous Black Branch.

It was full of life and vitality.

But it gave everyone goosebumps.

Auden's face was ghastly pale. "Your Honor, surely you are not thinking of..."

"That's right." Ye Qingxuan grinned and stabbed downward with the branch in his hand.

Silently, the Poisonous Black Branch plunged into the old nun's heart.


A loud noise abruptly burst forth.

The saint's music theory which represented the Holy Cauldron clashed with the Poisonous Black Branch representing the very nature of the abyss.

At the moment, it was silent and devoid of all noise except for the sound of everyone drawing a deep breath.

Having witnessed firsthand the scene that would qualify Ye Qingxuan as the best seeker of self-destruction in history with their own eyes, the masters almost turned green with shock, and their eyes almost popped out of their sockets. If it hadn't been for their lives and valued possessions all being in Ye Qingxuan's hands at the moment, thus putting them in the same boat with him, almost all of them would have cut their stick and run away.

"Worry not." Ye Qingxuan turned back with ease and smiled at them. "I do it often."

Before he finished his words, a loud bang burst forth.


A terrifying light flowed from her seven orifices, as if an infinite amount of light was brewing up in her aged body, shining through all darkness and purifying all evil and filth.

Everyone's eyelids twitched wildly, and they subconsciously lay down on the ground, waiting for the sweeping impact of the music theory that would follow.

Undesignedly, in their hearts, they all felt unparalleled despondence and regret.


It is really an act of self-destruction!

If they had known that Ye Qingxuan was so prone to self destruction, they would have cut their own throats in the Ultimate as early as possible, saving themselves from the trouble of withstanding the torture that would follow.

When the gift of the Holy Cauldron and the plant of the abyss were put together in one place, and the duo that were as incompatible as water and fire clashed with each other, the positive and negative aspects definitely wouldn't cancel each other out, but would only bring destruction and disasters instead.

Then, the turbulent music theory would directly tear the entire hall into pieces. The Symphonies of Predestination of all the musicians within three blocks from it would fall apart, blood would flow out of their seven orifices, and they would fall dead on the streets.

As for what would happen next, it wouldn't be a matter of their concern.

They would have already died by that time anyway.

But after lying on the ground and staring at the saint for a long time, the expected destruction did not come. They looked up and only saw Ye Qingxuan's pleasant smile, his face faintly illuminated by the cold moonlight.

Moonlight burst forth from his fingertips.

At the moment, in the masters' sensing, Schubert's scepter had collapsed and condensed into a point, opposing the Poisonous Black Branch. Upon sensing the other party, the two sides immediately erupted in a series of chain reactions at the very first instant. Without even requiring any operation, each side gathered all its power on its own and rushed towards each other.

It was the conflict engraved in the very core of the music theories of the Holy Cauldron and the abyss. One could expect that in the next moment, all the power of Schubert and the Poisonous Black Branch would erupt and stir up a tragic and fierce fight, sparing no effort.

Then, bearing the brunt of it, the old nun would evaporate in an instant. Ye Qingxuan would be in a slightly better position, and he would be turned into ashes after one-hundredth of the blink of an eye had elapsed. Next, the masters would turn into ground meat in the brutal ravage of the aftermath. A horrifying column of light would rise into the sky, tearing the ceiling of the ruined hall apart. Finally, the torrential rain of destruction would fall from the sky...

But time seemed to have stopped here.

It stopped in Ye Qingxuan's hands.

For others, the situation was like a dead knot that had no solutions, but for a bold creature like Ye Qingxuan... He had plenty of experience! With the experience of using the music theory of the Holy Cauldron and that of Hyakume to control the quiet moon, it was simply a breeze for him to regulate such opposing forces.

The eruption and impact from both sides provided Ye Qingxuan with the best way to intervene instead.

And at the very moment, a slender stream of moonlight emerged from his fingertips.

The moonlight of pure light was like condensed frost. It was so dim and thin that it seemed negligibly small, just like a speck of dust, as compared to the terrifying magnitude of both sides. But it was precisely the speck of dust that had fallen into the space between the two that brought an incredible miracle.

In an instant, the conflict was smoothed over.

The great disturbance that had almost arrived was eliminated prior to it being born, before the ray of moonlight.
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