Silent Crown Chapter 643: Provisions


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"It's too bad. I did give you a chance."

Ye Qingxuan sighed and pressed his hand against Larbin's veiny forehead, "Don't worry, I will pass on the core theories of the Steel Heart School for you."

After he finished speaking, Larbin gave a wretched cry.

In less than half a minute he had already lost. The musicians who had rushed here did not even have time to intervene. They could only watch helplessly as Ye Qingxuan cruelly kept him alive, draining every bit of music out of him piece by piece before he expired.

It was like his tendons were being peeled off his bones. He screamed as the pain dug deeper in, inch by inch. His blood became hotter and hotter, and his forehead swelled.

Finally, Ye Qingxuan leisurely pulled the last little bit of music out of him, trapping it within the Staff of Fate. He let go of Larbin, who fell limply to the floor.

Although some breath still passed through his lips, the spark was gone from his eyes.

The Symphony of Predestination was the condensation of all of a musician's lifeforce. Stripping the core music from their body was like taking away their soul. Hot blood had thoroughly destroyed his brain.

Larbin was already dead, those faint breaths of his would not last long.

Ye Qingxuan waved his hand and a wisp of moonlight transformed into a flame. It descended upon Larbin's body, burning him to ashes.

There was a trace of regret in everyone's eyes, and a trace of relief.

Ye Qingxuan had not left the dead man's Symphony of Predestination in the Ultimate. Thus, he had not received the Ultimate's blessing. Otherwise, he would have regained the level of Master, and would be difficult to deal with.

Even so, of the few Masters who began to cautiously edge forward, there was not one who was willing to take the lead.

After all, this was the Hand of God...

Ye Qingxuan, the savior of the nation, the deputy ruler of the Anglo Kingdom, the Prince of Avalon, Captain of the Inquisition...even though he had fallen so far, there was no telling what tricks someone like him might still have up his sleeve.

If they rushed in hastily they might end up like Larbin there.

Far away, Raymond's silhouette appeared at the end of the road, still bringing the old nun behind him. Upon seeing Ye Qingxuan's condition, there was a flash of intention in his eyes, and he opened his mouth to speak.

But he quickly closed it, not issuing any orders.

He looked at Ye Qingxuan unwillingly, then turned around and carried the old nun away.

There was no point in getting involved.

There were already enough people who wanted Ye Qingxuan's life.



Merely twenty minutes later a beam of light screamed down from the sky.

Flames rose amid the roar, and they transformed into a sinister old man. He stopped in front of Yuan Jing.

"White hair, young..."

He looked coldly at his stunned opponent and laughed strangely. "It looks like you are indeed Ye Qingxuan. There's no excuse for the strong preying on the week, but there are those who want you dead, demon. This is your unlucky day!"

The young man raised his eyebrows, seeming confused.


A frightful wave swept out from his body, as the elements of a Scepter began to rise slowly.

"I know you won't believe this, but buddy, you've got the wrong guy."

The white-haired young man sighed and gripped the longsword at his waist. "But since you've challenged me, if I refuse to fight you and turn away my grandfather will surely throw me into a molten lake as punishment."

Upon hearing the sonorous echo of the sword being pulled from its scabbard, the Scepter was shocked. "Even though it feels a bit strange to cross swords with you for no reason, I'd still like to know your name before we fight."

"Yuan Jing," said the young man with the sword, "'Jing' like in 'Jing Ji'."

In that instant, the sword cried out "Jing Ji".

There was a ghostly ringing in the distant darkness, like footsteps echoing out in all directions. It was difficult to tell whether or not the sound was real, but it was clear and frightening all the same.

The Sword of Jing Ji was unsheathed.

Eldest Brother Yuan He's sword "Wen Lin" had been drawn by Yuan Jing. It was no longer the sword of an upright and just man, but carried with it a bitter cold, majestic killing power, and a sound like a ringing bell.

In Yuan Jing's hands the sword emitted a faint light, stinging the old man's eyes.

"They Symphony of the Jing Ji Sword" began to change, with intermittent flashes of music spreading out from the sword, each one peerless in its majesty. They resonated with the old man's Scepter, which began to disturb the elements.

In front of that blade, the Scepter seemed like the moon reflected in a mirror, or a flower reflected in water, ethereal and illusory.

The old man's expression changed.


"Too late."

Yuan Jing raised his sword without expression, and cocked an eyebrow, "I can't control my brother's sword. You shoddy imitation of a Scepter, how dare you act so brazen before it. This is your unlucky day demon!"

As he repeated the old man's words back to him, the careless and lazy young man stopped smiling, and became as cold as iron.

The sword's light reflected off the black abysses of his eyes.

In the next instant, the Symphony of the Jing Ji Sword gave off a clear, piercing sound.

The light from the sword seemed to cut through the dark sky, revealing the light behind it. The pure killing power of the sword was on full display.

In a flash the light turned, piercing through layer after layer of defenses, skipping over the violent wind and blazing flames, and struck with deceptive weakness towards the Scepter's elements.

Music clashing together made a shrill noise, like a million birds taking off into the sky.


Ye Qingxuan heard yelling in the distance.

He turned his head and a wave of aether burning as brightly as a meteor appeared, only to disappear in a flash.

The Scepter was defeated. In an instant his elements were shattered and returned to their original forms. He was cast back to the level of a Master.

Even Ye Qingxuan was shocked.

It couldn't be...

"How could there be such a weak Scepter?" he whispered instinctively.

"The accomplishments of man are insignificant, for they will seep away. They are like shadows, there but unreal."

The light, soft voice came from behind Ye Qingxuan. It had a woman's softness. Shocked, Ye Qingxuan turned around and saw an indistinct figure standing in the shadows.

She was carrying a pipa of white jade.


The frail old woman seemed to be swallowed up by dark mud before Ye Qingxuan's eyes. A black bestial form began to seep out of the pipa in her arms, enveloping her and becoming a part of her.

Amid the curling black mist, two horns seemed to sprout from her head. Her face grew ugly, like that of a ferocious ghost. But in a flash the ghost was gone, and a slender and beautiful young woman walked out of the mist.

"The eldest daughter of the Liu family, Liu Ran, greets you, Master Ye."

She faced him gently and gracefully, like soft music in the middle of the night. Ye Qingxuan's scalp began to tingle. He was frightened of this woman who carried so much yin energy.

But even so, as a fellow member of the Nine Families of the Dragon Bloodline, and due to the fact that she had not yet threatened him, Ye Qingxuan was still properly courteous. After all, when old friends meet they should help each other, even at the Ultimate.

"What does that mean?" Ye Qingxuan asked.

Although Liu Ran was speaking in the Eastern language, and he could understand her and make out the metaphor in her words, he still did not know what she was referring to.

The accomplishments of man are insignificant, for they will seep away. They are like shadows, there but unreal.

This was how the Eastern Masters had criticized music theory: striving to shape music to one's will could not allow them to attain perfection. One would always fail, and even if they did succeed, their success would be nothing more than a shadow. Although it was there, it could not withstand any tests.

Did she mean that the Scepter was just such a worthless thing?

Upon hearing his question, Liu Ran could not help but grin. "It looks like Master Ye does not know about the Ultimate yet."

"I'd appreciate it if you would enlighten me."

After hearing about Liu Ran's findings he was silent for a time.

Complete victory for the winners, utter defeat for the losers...

The kings would bear witness...

Ye Qingxuan rubbed his forehead. "Was it the kings' last wish that their descendants would slaughter each other? Something's wrong..."

"It's not just that."

Liu Ran's smile held profound implications. "I have a guess about this."

She did not go on, however. She had the manner of someone waiting to sell to the highest bidder as she waited for Ye Qingxuan to interrogate her. But he didn't. Instead, he fell into silent reflection.

After a brief period of silence, Ye Qingxuan returned from his reverie. "Provisions?"

Liu Ran was dumbfounded. She could not help but sigh. Sometimes when talking to intelligent people they would guess your point as soon as you brought up a topic. It looked like she had underestimated the Master of the Ye family.

He was worthy of being called the Master and founder of a new school of magic.

"That is correct." She nodded slightly.

As soon as he had heard Liu Ran's words, Ye Qingxuan knew that the trials in the ruins had a deeper meaning.

If after possessing the Jiu Xiao Huan Pei, an instrument that was good at both observing wide areas and meticulous operation, using the analytical method, and receiving Liu Ran's hint he still could not guess, then he would be truly foolish indeed.

He could sense fierce struggles all around the huge, complex city. But after each battle a wave of aether would come out from the depths of the Ultimate.

It was slowly transforming...

The dead musicians melted into the city. The Symphony of Predestination itself was immersed in the Ultimate, acting as provisions for a nascent catastrophe.

This was the final link.

This true natural disaster was drawing in the accumulated music from the countless battles as it emerged. Thus, whoever proved the victor would receive its blessing and become stronger.

And in this process, the Ultimate would be gradually influenced by humans.

After fusing with the music of countless musicians and the Masters' Symphonies of Predestination, the Ultimate would truly enter the real world, having already been branded by humanity's stamp.