Sibling's Romance Chapter 2: Chapter 2


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I won't hold back anymore....

Aishteru ( i love you ) kaori chan

I can see the shockness on her face, tears start falling from her eyes

W-what did you say again???
I didn't hear it clearly, Can you say it again Eichi san

I said I love you too.....

I Love you kaori chan.... you are the most precious girl to me

She hugged me tightly


You don't know how happy i am Eichi,
I thought you will never love me more than a sister

I dry her tears using my lips, i didn't intend to make her cry..
but this tears, are tears of joy

I can feel the happiness she felt right now, i also feel the same... knowing the person you love,
Love you back

I want to feel her
I want to make love with her....

Eichi slowly grabs her waist and put his lips on her... He start kissing her passionately
she respond on his kiss ....

Kaori thoughts,

I never felt like im in fire before, i can feel eichi's hot
I want more.... i start kissing him wildly, putting my tounge inside his mouth

Eichi thoughts,
I feel so hot and getting hotter by her kiss..
this turn me on, I'm so hard now.. My d*ck is erected, i hope she woudn't notice it

They undress each other...

Eichi slowly runs his hand on her body

kiss her neck and start removing her bra

kaori breath heavily.... ughhhhhhh eichi
she moaned
Eichi kiss me, from head to neck , slowly going down to my breast... he suck my left boobs,
playing my nipple on his mouth

Ahhhhhh, Eichi san
I bite my lower lips to avoid moaning
this makes me crazy, i can't explain the sensation i felt

He continue sucking both of my boobs, playing my nipple on his mouth and hand on the other...

His on my top now, i cross my legs on his body

Shit !!! he cussed
what's wrong?

he removed my legs and look on my panty
( i looked away while blushing) i still felt embarass

You're damn wet kaori...

Huh? what wet?

Ah, Nevermind..
he continue sucking my boobs and put his hands inside my underwear
I can feel his warm hands rubbing my p*ssy

Ahhhhhhh, i moan again

He get my hand and put it on his d*ck
Its so hot and hard

Just hold it, play it if you want

Ouchhhh !!! are you planning to break it??

I-im sorry, i don't know how to hold it properly

Okay, i'll teach you how
just hold it gently while pushing up and down

Like this???

Yeah, like that... Ahhhhhhhhh
It feel better ( Eichi said )
Ahhhh, please do it faster

I continue rubbing his d*ck
it makes me happy seeing him enjoying it


He put his d*ck inside my p*ssy
ouchhh , wait !!!!
I can't bear the pain

shhhhhhh... It's alrght, Ill do it slowly
I'll be gentle.... Ahhhhhhhhh

Ahhhhhhhhhh ....Eichi moan

i scream in pain

I feel a hot liquid going down trough my legs

It's done now, shhhhhhhh
I'm sorry kaori.... we shouldn't do this

Are you regreting it?

Nooo.. I do it because i want to.. that's how i feel
I just don't want you to get hurt and seeing you cry

I'm fine, Stop worrying Eichi
this pain is only temporary
I love you and i want to give my self to you

I love you too kaori,.....
He kissed my forehead and dressed me again
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