Shut up: You, Nymphomaniac Evil Sword Chapter 61: The other version


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Sam had always thought that this was the truth and concluded that it was the shame and fear that kept the people from answering his questions, when he asked them. But he always had a weird feeling that this was only the partial truth and the presence of no other version to the story through out the sky network further intensified his doubt.

But after searching the dark network he found a node which explained the events of Ayangdad clearly and the other version of the story. According to the node writer,  Ayangdad was a well prosperous planet and ruled by a magnanimous king.

All the troubles started when 7 powerful families came together to start a rebellion, by framing the crowned prince on the matter of sexually assaulting and killing one of the daughters of the powerful family. After starting the rebellion they didn't stop at anything, the king came forward to talk peace many times but they refused him each time citing different reasons.

It was clear from how they won almost all the battles that, there was some powerhouse who was  pulling the strings from behind and providing all the support for the 7 families.

The king died in pain seeing, almost all of his family and loyal subordinate dying one by one. The suffering that the common people were going through were also not few. The war didn't last long as the 7 families emerged victorious swiftly.

Later they formed the so called  Alliance government which was just an alliance of the 7 families deciding on everything  as the ruler. The talk of democracy and people's will were all just shows, which were put forward by the seven families.

After their victory the seven families captured the people who stood against them in the war and their families to be sent to the villages in the outskirts of The great forest. In truth, most of the people who had stood and fought for the King had died in the battle, but the seven families accused the common people who had no part in the war as the kings supporters and branded them criminals.

All the so called Criminals were branded with a special mark which would be passed down throughout the future generations and they could only spend the rest of their life in these villages.

According to the node writer, this was all just a ploy  created by the schemer behind the seen. The common people were made into slaves to be used as harvester of a certain flower called Maveth. This particular flower has many medicinal properties, but the problem was that the flowers grew in a dangerous environment and attracted certain vicious beasts, more dangerous than the beasts were the trees on which the flower grew.

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No modern equipment worked near these trees and  It had a vicious nature of absorbing life force and vitality from anyone that approached it, the tree also had an adverse effect on the cultivation of the warrior's.

The only way  to collect the flower was through manual labour and with the addition of the wild beasts it became a hell.

The writer further mentioned that the so called Alliance government made sure that, almost all of the villagers and their future generation would remain slave and would do, labour for them eternally.

They planted many spies in each of the village to monitor the situation and took out any opposition by crushing them at the bud.

The alliance government required that each village should send a specific amount of the Maveth flower each month as tax. All the young men and warrior's of the village took on this responsibility and many died in the process, which resulted in a shortage of young men in the villages.

The problems didn't just end there they allowed organization such as Blood god's church and hunters association to run amok on the planet .

The alliance government also completely controlled the sky network on the planet, making it difficult for the news from the planet from leaking out. They also dealt with anyone that tried to  speak out the truth and after years of this dictatorship the planet had almost completely come under their control.

But as in every place, rebellion would bud in such dictatorship and the same happened on Ayangdad. It was the last surviving prince of the previous monarchy, who led the rebel's.

It was like a joke of the time, that the once rulers became the rebels now.


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