Shut up: You, Nymphomaniac Evil Sword Chapter 34: The sticky situation


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Sam didn't wait to see the reaction of others, he appeared before the next guy with more force, holding an earth spear piercing directly the energy shield formed around Tammy.

Tammy was also a spear user but he could not keep up with Sam's speed. Tammy was pierced on his left shoulder breaking the shoulder bone completely. Tammy was also thrown back spraying blood.

The next target was the pig head, he was the strongest among attackers, Sam did not waste even a second and formed another spear and attacked in full force with the next earth skip.

Bang... a powerful shield had formed around the pig head and many symbols were glowing on his armor, The power of this shield was many times more than what the other attackers used. Sam attacked three times in a row, the power of attack increasing with each new attack, cracks started appearing on the energy shield, but still the energy shield did not break.

The pig head was in a panic, he pulled out something like a grenade and threw it to the ground, there was an explosion and a blue smoke covered the entire area, At the same time a mask had already appeared covering the pig heads mouth and nose.

This was some kind of poisonous gas grenade which could be used against powerful wild beasts. Sam was going for the fourth attack when the grenade exploded and he was already in its range, Even though Sam was fast and used another earth skip to get away from the area he was a little late and as he moved away he started feeling like he was becoming weaker and he could not control the energy in his body.

As he was moving away he unknowingly ended up near the dog head, The dog head has gained his conscience and threw another similar grenade, the dog head also had a similar mask like the pig head.

Now Sam was really angry at himself for pitying this guy and holding back on his attack. He did not linger any longer and used the next earth skip and passed by the dog head.

A dog's head was sent flying up as Sam passed by the dog headed shaje. Sam didn't slow down after decapitating shaje he was going to escape, the blue smoke has already entered his body and Sam knew he could not fight with his full strength any longer.

Suddenly he felt his instincts giving out the alarm for a big threat, But he was late a blue spear already pierced through his left chest before he could react.

Sam suppressed the pain and tried to pull away with another earth skip, but before that symbols started appearing on the spear that was struck in his left chest, a blue flame started appearing on the spear and it burned through the wound in his chest and started to spread inside.


An earth shattering scream was heard.

Sam yelled " Maya.."

The Shackles of Maya that was staying in the shape of a jewelry on Sam's right hand, grew long instantly and disappeared, Another scream was heard as a silhouette appeared from thin air, bound in chains. It was the old butler, he had used some kind of stealth technique.

Shackles of Maya was an extraordinary weapon, it could locate and identify the enemy inside any stealth or illusion. Sam had also found that this weapon of his can take any form, even though it's real form was a chain.

The pain was unbearable but Sam used the next earth skip with full force. At the same time he used the sand storm technique and one with the earth technique, The Sand storm covered a 200 meter radius and everything in it became vague and undetectable.

The young master Mike Lomba was angered and yelled towards the space ship.

" Scan the whole area I want to find that pest now.. send the live feed to me.."

Mike looked at his watch, which started projecting a 3d image of the area.

A reply came from the space ship, " sir the technique used by the enemy is really powerful. we are unable to determine the situation inside the sand storm.... "

Mike " Useless bunch ..... focus on butler Serome's , Sky watch. "

Soon a dot appeared on the 3d image projected by mike's watch. The dot was moving slowly towards the direction of the spaceship.

Mike " It seems Serome is hurt and he is moving towards the ship... send the androids to aid him.."

two flying robots came out of the ship and descended to the earth to move towards the sand storm. But before they entered the sand storm the dot was already out of the sand storm.

Mike's pupils constricted after seeing what came out of the sand storm. He saw the barbarian was dragging butler Serome with one hand, through the earth like a dead dog. The butler was half dead, blood was leaking out from the area below his navel showing his dantian was probably shattered.

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The whole area was silent other than the sound created by the sand storm. The barbarian stood before the spaceship and Mike like, they were some puny rats that woke the dragon from its slumber.

Sam' s cold stare brought an unnoticeable shiver to Mike and all the crew who was watching the scene through the 3d image in the space ship. The captain of the spaceship swiped the sweat on his forehead and said, " We might have angered a ferocious beast..."

Sam just stood there and looked at the young master who was behaving all haughty and mighty a few minutes ago. Sam was holding the butler by his head, he applied a little pressure and the butlers head exploded like a watermelon.

Sam didn't speak anything nor did he make any other actions, but the message was clear as day. This was literally Killing the Chicken to Scare the Monkeys.

Mike felt like someone had slapped him heavily on his face at the same time he was also feeling many other emotions, this butler had been with him ever since he was a child and always helped him cover for his notorious activities. But before he could yell for the attack, the sand storm expanded and the enemy vanished into it.

Mike was filled with hatred and yelled " kill that bastard... fire, fire everything...."

All the weapons on the spaceship pointed at the sand storm and started firing, The energy weapons installed on the space ship were very destructive an entire 1 km area was covered in fire and explosion. Deep craters and holes were formed on the ground, but certain places were more heavily bombarded as these places had more chances for the enemy to be present, according to the calculation of the supercomputer inside the spaceship.

Sand storm disappeared and when the smoke cleared, nothing could be detected properly. But all of a sudden a spearheaded chain blasted through the disc on which mike was levitating.

Even though this young master was haughty and arrogant, he was not a complete idiot, he jumped up and a special shield blocked the explosion of the disc and further attacks from the chains. Certain symbols started appearing on Mikes boot and he started flying towards the space ship.

Mike took a heavy breath and relaxed a little when something penetrated through the shield and stabbed into his chest. It was an ancient looking black sword that appeared out of nowhere, the sword gave out a black and red baleful aura. Different kinds of images depicting monsters appeared and disappeared on the flat sides of the sword roaring angrily, as if the souls of the monsters were imprisoned inside the sword.

The sword had stabbed at the exact location of the heart but it couldn't completely penetrate the heart due to the interference of the shield. Mike took out a crystal with many symbols embedded in it and crushed it, Yellow light was emitted out from the crushed crystal and it enveloped Mike completely, he started disappearing. The Evil sword was pushed out screaming as if it was hurt.

Mike had disappeared as if being teleported, The captain who was watching the whole scene through a 3d projection gave the order to retreat. The captain knew their young master has used some life saving treasure to escape and the enemy was hidden in the dark and very powerful.

Sam appeared from the ground, the spear was still stabbed through his left chest, even his heart was pierced a little, After seeing the enemy fleeing he couldn't keep up the the mighty pretense, he started losing his strength, the shackles of Maya transformed into a support and stopped him from falling down and helped him walk away further.

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