Shift! The Side-Character Heroine Chapter 634: This Is A Matter Of Life and Death


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Perhaps this was also a beauty's intrinsic privilege. Too many men "truly loved" them. Each man would believe that his rendition of "true love" was unique and powerful. Sadly, these beauties were not cold-hearted for rejecting them - they had simply seen too much of it.

Some "beauties" might be adamant about not having used such trickery. If anything, they were not beautiful enough to experience it. The world had not yet gone head over heels for them.

After all, very few girls could achieve the "chaotic beauty" level. Olivia happened to be such an existence in this world. There were so many kingdoms in the Northern realm, yet she was the only one called "The Northland Pearl."

However, she could care less about her beauty. She wanted to count on her own abilities. This was how Lady Olivia Zhao acted. As a girl who relied on her capabilities, among that, her charm.

At that moment, Olivia and Cirilla sat on the bed in the room of the royal ship.

Ever since Cirilla had received the news from Queen Calathe, she had been lost in a daze. She did not know what to do. She had failed as the big sister.

Compared to the relatively cold, alienated relationship between this grandparent - grandchild pair, Cirila was far more intimate with her maternal grandmother. Queen Calathe considered Cirilla to be more like her - unyielding and decisive.

Therefore, even if the Kingdom of Cintra had to meet the Nilfgaardian Empire in combat, Queen Calathe would remain as stubborn as ever. No other seignior could afford to be so adamant.

Either way, Queen Calathe felt that she could leave the Kingdom of Cintra in the hands of Cirilla. In contrast, the "weak" Olivia would most probably damn the kingdom.

Sometimes, Queen Calathe was thankful that Cirilla had a sister, Olivia. If not, under such circumstances, she might have been forced to send Cirilla as a bargaining chip in marriage.

Queen Calathe was very fond of Cirilla. Cirilla reciprocated the treatment and seldom rebelled against her maternal grandmother.

This time however, her grandmother had crossed the line. She had decided to marry her sister off in the name of some blasted alliance - the very sister who she had sworn to protect forever. This was unacceptable!

She had certainly noticed her sister's unwillingness. Her dear sister could not be blamed for this. If their positions had been swapped, she certainly would not marry someone she did not know at all, even if he was a prince.

She truly wanted to help her sister. But she did not want to rebel against her maternal grandmother. She was caught in a great dilemma…

At the same time, she had been greeted by another wave of shock. Hjalmar had actually confessed to her precious sister, and Olivia did not even seem to have given him a firm rejection. She was afraid that her sister would actually agree to it. Therefore, she had rushed into the room to interrupt the two of them, back then.

As her sister took great care of Hjalmar, Cirilla had been beside herself with nervousness. Despite her sister's excuses, she still could not help but overthink the situation. Had her sister truly fallen in love with Hjalmar?

Cirilla feared the possibility of it. After all, Hjalmar and her sister grew up playing together…

Cirilla believed that she had prevented disaster from striking. Suddenly, she stopped and thought it over. A sense of guilt replaced her relief. Did she just deny her sister's lifelong happiness?

Cirilla suddenly thought that she had turned into one of those evil stepmothers in those fairy tales. Those old hags were professional cockblockers. How evil she was!

Even so, her body had moved before she knew what was happening. Sometimes, she even abhorred the fact that she was also a girl. If she had been a man, she might have been able to protect her sister.

Besides, there were limits. A girl falling in love with another girl was a little too strange.

However, some people were born with homosexual souls. Cirilla might just be such a rare existence. Perhaps it was also due to her parents' early death, that made her repose her wonderful expectations towards life onto her sister.

In this world, homosexuality was taboo. The secular, moral pressure had left Cirilla frequently denying her own sexual orientation.

Cirilla also put her sister's feelings before her own. Therefore, she had tried to restrain herself at all costs. She should not turn her sister into an anomaly like herself.

Cirilla sat on the bed, not knowing what her sister was thinking. On the other hand, that sister was still reading a book under the oil lamp. Cirilla walked towards her sister and stood in silence. She gazed at her sister's perfect visage. She did not want to leave her, nor did she dare approach her any further.

Olivia finally noticed Cirilla's unease. She placed her book down and smiled at her elder sister.

Cirilla felt as if her sister's clear eyes saw through everything. She felt vulnerable and embarrassed. She was the strong big sister, but she could only slink back to her bed in shame. She picked a storybook up at random, trying to quench her internal panic.

Even so, the "delicate" Olivia pursued her and got into the same bed. The bed was flooded with the bodily scent of the two sisters. She first observed Cirilla who was pretending to be reading a storybook. Then, she slowly placed her head on her sister's shoulder…

Cirilla felt her sister's fragrant breath creeping down her neck. An adorable blush rose up in her cheeks. She started sweating nervously. Even her sweat was fragrant.

Cirilla pretended to close the book helplessly and placed it on the bedside. She turned and looked at her sister. She saw her sister's extreme beauty presented in front of her, and her beautiful, emerald eyes gazing tenderly into hers.

At that moment, Cirilla suddenly felt an extreme remorse for not having been born with more beauty. Unfortunately, her time as a white swan may never come.

The next scene sent Cirilla into ruination. Her sister closed her eyes shut, ever so slowly. She could see every single beautiful, long and dense eyelash of her sister. Well, that's not the issue. Her sister had slightly raised her chin, exposing her tempting pink lips in front of her…

Was she asking for a kiss?!

Cirilla's eyes widened. Her face turned absolutely red. She quickly turned to the other side, wondering if she was seeing things. She took a second look at the face on her shoulder. As expected, her sister was truly offering a kiss!

To kiss or not to kiss, that was the question…

(Author's note: Be it the original novel of "The Witcher" series or the game, Cirilla has always been heavily hinted to be a lady-lover, even if never explicitly shown. I did not come up with this Lily-line for my self-gratification. I respect the original work. And don't get salty about Cirilla not being beautiful here. Cirilla had been plain-looking as a child. Her foster mother Yennefer often called her "ugly duckling." It was when puberty struck her, tsk tsk… such a great beauty… She is a true white swan. Those who are interested can go search on Baidu yourself. Or, just go play "The Witcher 3." I strongly recommend this triple-A masterpiece. You could also base Olivia off Cirilla. She is like the long-haired version Cirilla, with slightly gentler facial features, minus the scar. Cirilla basically a heroic spirit. I think she's more of a handsome girl than a beauty. She kicks ass too.)