Shaker of the Land- Fairy tail Chapter 2: chapter 2


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With a forlorn expression the youngster raised his head and using those eyes, he turned his attention towards his surrounding.

This is a forest unknown and foreign to him.

He can see that in this place there are only trees of various sizes and scattered leaves everywhere.

Redolent of his dream world, the leaves of green and yellow intertwined to fall from the trees, some landed on the ground, some were carried towards him who was sitting on the ground with a vacant expression covered by nothing but a piece of cloth. This made him almost fell back into a stupor from recalling the white dreamland.

Compared with dreamworld, however, the reality is cruel.

the forest lacked its beauty and its surreal nature. It, however, gave him a jump and made his mind go blank in a different sense when he looked towards a bush near him.


Low growls resounded one after another in this space.

"rustle.. rustle…"

Steps lightened on purpose came to his ear after rubbing with something.

In moments, big figures started appearing from the bushes surrounding him and slowly they became clearer in his eyes.

It was a bunch of quadrupedal organisms with over 2 meters height and feral faces.

If he had the common sense of humans then he would no doubt know that these creatures are overgrown wolves.


The growls continued as the black wolves appeared from inside the forest locked onto the youth and slowly encircling from all directions.


Sitting on the ground the youth covered by only a cloth felt his mind crying out in alarm, his heart throbbed hard and his muscles tensed up, and his throat had a searing sensation.

Though he didn't know what these creatures are, from their vicious looks he could feel his predicament.

His alarmed brain is telling him — run!

His throbbing heart is telling him — escape!

His dry throat told him —-withdraw!

It even sounds like there're voices coming from all directions shouting at him—- run!

Run! Run! Run!

He understands his most logical move, but his limbs simply won't listen and the thing known as 'strength' sap away as the scary things drew closer.

Called —- terror!


The encroaching lifeforms faintly felt like the youth has lost all hopes of survival and gave in to the desire in them called 'hunger', they didn't hold back their roars anymore, they shot out like a bullet out of barrels or arrow from bows, each of them charged at him looking like black shadows.


At that moment, the fear inside him exploded.

His burning throat can't utter a sound.

His weak limbs won't support his body.

He can only stare with his pupils dilating, mind ringing in alarm stopped at this moment as well, he felt cold inside as he watched the beasts getting closer and bigger inside his horizon and he let the thing called 'terror' bring forth a weird warmness.


'my grandchild magic is power, the power to protect, not kill, and what you have is the greatest power grandma ever saw', suddenly a gentle soothing and kind voice came in his head

STAY AWAY FROM ME, 'Shinra Tensei' (Almighty Push), said the young boy while stretching his hands



Dull thuds and collision sounded and what seemed to be the creatures' last roar reverberated in that area. The wolves who were about to pounce on him were sent flying away faster than they came and scattered about. Some kissed the ground, some personally redecorated the trees with their bodies, they yelped, they were laid down never to rise, dead or alive unknown.

The youth who had a timid personality, to begin with, the boy who before this didn't hurt a single fly even in his dreams, had a face full of panic.

Only until then did he recover his cognitive processes. Looking at the fainted wolves littered around him he was alarmed and stupefied.

He didn't understand just how powerful his magic was, but that didn't mean bystanders couldn't.

"What a powerful magic…"

This is the first line he has heard since coming to this forest.

Except that this complete sentence didn't sound that much different to the youth than did the growls of the black wolves, it only brought him to panic and dread.

"There's no need to be afraid… child…"

Perceiving his terror and dismay the owner of the voice lowered his tone and spoke with much affection and softness. And just as he voiced this out he appeared in front of the youth.

The youth felt his gaze went out of focus for a bit before seeing a figure appear in his sights.

It is a very old man who looks like he's 80+, but he only has the height of a little kid, he's wearing a white windbreaker.

The midget old man focused his eye on the youth who's still flipping out in panic, he sized him up before showing a genial grin.

"Kid, what's your name?"


"Haru", said the boy before fainting
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