Shaker of the Land- Fairy tail Chapter 1: prologue


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On the woods of a forest, very far away, it was peaceful and quiet, the wind flow, the bird sings, the water flow, it was really a great area…..until-

*Gasp* Gasp*

A woman came out from the bushes, she was breathing hard as blood drips down her body, she was hurt, badly hurt. Her vision was getting dark, her footsteps were becoming sloppy, but she can't fall, not yet. Holding on to a ball of fabric, she continues to run.

She kept running, and running, after running through the woods, she got her destination; a river.

She fell to her knee, holding one hand on her wound on her stomach, she started to breathe heavily, her time is almost up. She stands up again, moving to a rock, as she moves it away, revealing that it was just a cover to hide things. Inside was a small basket, in the form of a floating boat.

She takes it out and walks next to the river, placing inside the fabric she has been protecting, placing it inside, tears began to fall down on her eyes.

On the fabric, was a small child, sleeping peacefully. It was obvious that this was the woman's child. She caresses the cheek of the child.

"My love….You're my most beloved treasure…. I will always love you, and I will be watching you from above…." she begins to whisper as she kisses his forehead and places a small book next to him. "Remember that mommy will always love you…. Take care…"

She pushes the basket away, the river took the rest as she slowly washes her baby being pulled away by the current. Disappearing through the waters.

She cleans her eyes before feeling a dark intent behind her, she slowly looks back to see the shadow of a human body. She gazed at it with fury.

"Oh, don't give me that look, is your fault that I have to do this." the shadow says with a deep rough voice.

"..." she stood silent.

"Enough of it, where is the child", said the shadow

"You brain truly have become messed up after becoming dragon didn't it Acnologia"


"I mean why the hell would I tell you the location of my kid when I have gone through so much for the sake of hiding him from you"

"If i become a dragon, i can fly and search for him easily"

"Hahaha, then why didn't you do it, till now"


"where is he, or i will kill you right on spot"

The woman suddenly was covered in a white aura and putting herself in a battle pose. "Don't expect me to go down easy."

"Heh…. You always were like that….. just try to stay alive for a while!" the shadow lunges at her.

The white aura increase more before the woman throws her arms forward, shouting, "Blinding Blast!"

A white beam blasts out from her palms and goes at Acnologia, who raised his hand and made contact with the attack, they struggle for a bit before a blinding light cover everything.



Feathers descending from the sky…

"My child, mother will always love you!!"

The child of 9 or 10 years old heard this voice as he got startled

*Huff*Huff*!! "The same dream, again and again, just who the hell are you", as the child woke inside the forest

It was back in the days of dark guild war!! one tiny unknown village was standing between the two guilds as natural protector, one guild tried to summon the monsters to finish the village, many people died, luckily the council managed to come on time and finish off the monsters, and capture dark magic users

As it turns out, from dark magic guild there was a child, a kid nearly 1-year-old, barely old enough to walk on his two feet, the soldiers were not proficient mages that's why they don't sense the peculiarity that the magic of the boy is giving, they can't capture innocent kid either, the army can not punish a child who did nothing wrong

The child was an orphan, a kind old lady adopted him and he remained in the village

The village continued to bear grudges, a lot of people died family, friends, the villagers needed a source of hatred, but the source of this mess was not there, so they turned towards the only person they could hate, the child, and that's how the child becomes the source of hatred for the people

And the Kind old lady who took care of the child becomes the public enemy as well

People asked why would she harbor a monster, but the kind old lady didn't budge, she taught the little boy how to read, how to write and how to talk, it turned out the old lady was wizard as well as she taught the little boy about magic, and how to use it, she told him that magic is power, the power to protect and not kill

Because the boy was bullied and beaten everywhere, he becomes a timid guy

In the end, the Inevitable happened, a drunkard villager came with the weapon to kill the kid, but the old lady protected him,.....she died taking the villager life with herself

Hic*Hic grandma

"Shh, don't cry child, i don't have enough time, so listen to grandma alright"

*Hic* yes

"You know that grandma when young used to be an evil dark wizard, right?"

*Hic yes

"What you don't know that, someone helped me, he gave me a new life, turned me into a new leaf, that man protected me from council, at the cost of losing my magic, I was able to live freely, that person was Makarov dryer, current master of fairy tail!!"

"Haru, my good grandson, leave the village, go to Magnolia and join fairy tail, he told me it's a special place where anyone can join as long as they have magic and reason to join, you will need to go from the east forest, don't take anything from here, don't move grandma's body as well, run from the back door, and burn the house, I will use my last remaining magic inside of me, to change his form and make him look like you, they will think that you are dead and won't come after you"

"Go and become a mighty wizard, and remember magic is power, the power not to kill but to protect"

[With that he starts the journey towards magnolia, fairy tail!!] [Yes, one more thing acnologia couldn't sniff him either, the mother protected him from all that with her magic] [He will only have attraction and repulsion magic- Almighty push, and Universal pull with no time limit, swift release and that's all]
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