Santa System Chapter 3: System


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"A system? I gotta be honest, I've never heard of that. Like a gaming one? NES or something?" Nick tilted his head in confusion, momentarily forgetting his confusion. Then he understood. 'Wait. That kind of system?!'

"Took you long enough. Can't believe my host has an IQ of a bird. Now open up your stats. We have no time to waste." Nick sighed, how could he know he would get a sassy system?

'System open!'
[System Menu] - 5:26 hours left until clock out
[Stats]< [Domain]
[Inventory] 5/30

'This is... This is the best day of my life!' Nick pretty much ignored the menu and everything it meant. He had something no one else had. A super powerful system that could do anything.

Who needed a job if they had a system?! He would still have to get a job because his mom wanted him to get one, but still. He was set for life. Hopefully. Probally. Maybe.

"Thank you for the compliments, but you have me for a reason. This is your job, and if you want perks from it you will have to work. Now open you stats and skills. Hurry, I'm not spending all day explaining this to you.." This system just would not stop messing with him! 'This is my job? Doesn't seem like one...'
Name- Nick Hearth
Level- 0 0/10 XP
Title(s)- Santa, LazyButt, Mama's boy, Non-believer
Leadership- 10 0/2 subordinates [Those employed under you or working with you will be more likely to listen to you. Also you will be calmer in some situations. The more leadership you have the more beings you can lead.]
Magic- 10 10/10 Mana [This is your magic power stat. The higher it is, the more powerful you are and the faster your mana regenerates. Since you are Santa your magic is unique.]

Speed- 10 10/10 Stamina [Speed involve# anything that uses your stamina. Toymaking, walking, fighting, whatever. It not only measures how fast you are, but how fast your stamina regenerates. ]
Health- 10 1 is regenerated per hour [A Santa's general health is determined by Christmas Spirit and the amount of people who believe in him. ]
Knowledge- 10 [Everyone needs knowledge, for it can be used as power. This raises your smarts, IQ, EQ and affinity with magic. Do not worry about forgetting anything. Your bookshelf will hold and organize all info you learn.
[Toy Making]-Engineering, Mechanics, Chemistry, ect Level 0 [This skill can help you make anything, as long as you have blueprints and the right tools.]
[Santa's Stomach] Level 0 [This skill gives regenerates stamina and health put of what you eat. You even have a chance to gain a skill!]
[Blueprint Reading] Level 0 [This helps you read, decipher, and understand blueprints.]

Nick didnt know how to feel. This is not what he was expecting, leadership? Knowledge? What kind of stats are those? Plus only three skills?! He expected to have many more from his fifteen years of life.

"That is only showing you what you need to see, not skills that have nothing to do with being Santa. Same thing with titles. Here, I'll tell you a few of your skills. Surprisingly you have a few maxed out" His system is the being nice, too nice.

"Like Procrastination, Laziness, or.... Cooking. You are a strange one. For titles, oooh this is gonna be good, Virgi-" He needed to stop this!

"Hey! That's enough, thanks." Nick's face turned beet red. 'Stupid system. Exposing me. Why did I have to get a rude one?' Then his face went white, as he has just realized his system reads his mind.

"Rude? Stupid? Oh I am gonna a- you know what? We have no time for this. I'll get you back when you least expect it. Now onto today's work newbie. You're gonna be making toys little kids all day long." The female systems voice had a chill to it, and Nick shivered. This would be fun. For her.

The system guided Nick to the big desk and instructed him to take a blueprint out of his inventory.

[Inventory] 5/30

Simple Wooden Horse Blueprint- Mastery 0%

Doll Blueprint- Mastery 0%

Spare Snack Cookies- 19

Lottery Ticket (Skill)- 1/2

Sleigh- Go to sleigh tab for more info

Nick selected the wooden horse blueprint and it materialized in front of him. 'Whoa. That's crazy.' This is when Nick knew this was real, it had to be. Well, that or he was locked up a mental hospital but who would want to believe they were in that situation.

The blueprint had a outline of a small wooden horse. Nick saw its measurements and what was needed to build it. 'Where is the wood?'
"Open the drawer." Short but effective, the sentence started what he would be doing the rest of the day.
Nick pulled open the drawer and a long piece of wood popped out. How it fit in there, probably magic, but Nick disregarded it as another wonder of this place. Next the tools, a simple wooden hammer would do. He grabbed his wood and began to work.

Five minutes later, he had two new notifications.

Simple Wooden Horse- 21% Done
Stamina- 9/10 Regeneration- 1 for ten minutes

This was gonna take a bit.
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