Saitama reborn in a cultivation world! Chapter 11: Cheng


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Saitama sitting on the bed after changing the clothes, eating the soup made by Emma and trying not to look at them.

Emma and Haziel also sitting on the table eating their food trying not to blush and suddenly..

"Knock!" "Knock"

Someone knocked the door of their room.

This time saitama quickly stood up and reached towards the door before these girls get in an another awkward situation.

And just when he opened the door a hand grabbed him and quickly pulled him out of his room.

Although saitama applied a little force to resist the action done by the hand but after realizing that the one that pulling him, is no one but his body's previous owner's best friend Cheng, who is a monk.

Seeing him saitama was shocked because the always bald Cheng now had big, jet black hairs on his head which are almost reaching his shoulders and the other thing that shocked saitama, is that how easily Cheng pulled him outside, although the force which saitama applied was little but still for Cheng, who can't even beat a ant, to pull him this easily was shocking for him.

Just when saitama got out of his room Cheng quickly held his waist and picked him up and started running towards the jungle with quiet unimaginable speed.

At this moment saitama was confused because according to his memories, Cheng was even weaker than the previous owner of his body but now he is running at this amazing speed, it shook saitama.

And next time saitama woke up from his pondering they were already in a forest and Cheng was jumping high on a tree.

Saitama applying a little force pushed Cheng's chest a little which cause both of them to fall on the ground but both of them landed swiftly.

"Who are you?" Cheng asked reaching the ground.

"If you don't even know who I am than why did you grabbed me and took me here in the forest?" saitama asked with an expressionless face.

"I mean, you can't be the real saitama, because he didn't have power to get himself free from my grasp" Cheng said.

"I am the real saitama and by the way how did you got this much power?" Saitama replied.

"Its none of you business, so just tell me where is real saitama?" Cheng said while grabbing his collar.

But just when he was about to grab his collar, saitama held his hand in mid air and stopped him.

Seeing saitama stopping him, Cheng applied a little force to free himself from his grasp but it didn't work.

"Let's see if you can free yourself from my grab" saitama said

Listening to him Cheng applied more force but still nothing happened.

Cheng was completely shocked seeing his power and on the other hand saitama was also shocked because Cheng, in front of him is applying almost half of the power of Boros, which is saitama's most powerful opponent till now.

"Is that all you have got" saitama said.

Listening to him Cheng chuckled a little and started applying more force and suddenly his hairs started to turn yellow from black and a thin yellow colored aura also covered him and now his power level is almost equal to Boros.

Soon his power level even surpassed Boros but saitama didn't let his hand go and seeing his continuous increasing power, saitama kicked him in his belly and then reasted his leg on his head, pressing it against the ground.

"Who are you and what have you done to my friend?" saitama said.

Seeing immerse power against his head which can crush him any time Cheng decided to tell the truth and said "y...your friend is dead and my name is Goku".

Seeing him speaking saitama let go of him and as soon as his leg left his head Goku stood up from the ground and said "my power is bit low now or I would have defeated you", with a smile on his face.

"My soul transmigrated to your friends body and that's why I am this powerful" Goku added.

"But according to my memories you are not supposed to be this powerful" Goku said again.
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