Saga of the Overgod Chapter 25: Regret


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The eyes of these two extraordinary beings in the Mortal World has just met but between the two of them Galvan has a slightly different expression, why? because it is the first time he saw a cultivator in this world of mortals! All he knew was that this world is a huge source of power from believers because all of the people here are mere mortals. His face was full of disbelief as he frowned upon stumbling upon this guy, he saw a few auras of spiritual energy emitted by him. Thinking about it, that level of spiritual energy is close to second level of Spiritual Realm in which although is not that powerful enough he is still shocked as to how come he became a cultivator and even reach the second level of the first realm.

On the other side, Tromer didn't even trembled, and why would he do so? Galvan is not even powerful, he is just a speck of dust in his view. His plain straight face was a little bit disturbing for Galvan, of all people here Tromer is the only one who didn't even displayed even the tiniest bit of fear or shock. "Maybe he's too full of himself because of his cultivation." Galvan thought. Even his magnificent arrival here did not moved this guy.

All people on the scene are flabbergasted including the people of the church. The Grand Priest although he has a hard time standing up and composing himself because of whatever technique Galvan used to know the situation still, he stood up with the help of other priest. When he finally stood straight, he called out the name of his god, "Almighty Galvan!" hearing a call, Galvan looked the other way around towards the Grand Priest. "These people are subject to blasphemy, they are accusing you of being a demon! They even forge a fake book that list out the names of demons and they put your name on it! Almighty Galvan please do your judgement and punish these guys accordingly." Galvan looked at Julius and then he saw a book, it is the Book of Demons. As soon as his eyes saw the book, it reminded him of cultivators. The Book of Demons are from the world where cultivation exist. "Where did you found that?!" Galvan asked with a bit of panic and shock but still his voice is calm. Suddenly, he heard a manly voice from behind saying "I gave that to him, is there a problem?" he looked from the source of the voice only to see Tromer a few meters away from him. Tromer's lackeys are dumbfounded, their master is just with them a little while ago but right now he was in front of that panther faced being that the church is worshipping.

Galvan got shocked, that instant travel from the high platform going behind him is not a feat that a second level of Spiritual Realm can do. It takes training and higher cultivation to do that. Doubtful frowning eyes started to be focused on Tromer coming from the demon.

"Who are you?" Galvan immediately asked with a bit of panicked voice. Tromer looked at him with a grin, a smile that looks like a simple smile but the truth is that it hides a dragon smiling over an ant. "Calm down brother." Tromer said. Galvan's eyes has frowned even more to the point that his eyes are only about 5 millimeter opened. "Brother? what's with this guy? he act rudely and even called me brother, I didn't even know him!" Galvan thought to himself but then he simply said, "Answer my question." in the manner of an order.

Tromer just laugh "Very truly I tell you, you wouldn't want to know me, but since you persist..." He closed his eyes for a few moments. Galvan never expected this man to say those things, it was rude but he has a bad feeling now. Looking at Tromer after he closed his eyes, Galvan's uneasy feeling become even more intense until he saw Tromer's eyes open and with that his jaw followed as it also opened widely enough. His eyes cannot believe what he was seeing. "Wait, What!?" He asked with a very panicked voice "That guy..."

Going back to Tromer right now, nothing's really change from the eyes of the mortals but not for this demon, what he saw is that, Tromer is standing normally but with a towering aura of powerful colorful energies lingering on him as if he was a god descended from heaven above.

Galvan only thought of one thing...

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