Saga of the Overgod Chapter 24: Demon and Cultivator


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The ground trembled and the sky began to swirl and darken. In front of the Grand Priest, a dark-red swirl of energies are starting to gather as it forms a vortex. Everyone's eyes are widened even the people of the church are trembling as they start to bow down with their heads touching the ground. The Dowter clan also felt the same as any other people from the surrounding. Up above a higher platform not too far away from the scene, Tromer's little fellas, stepped back a few paces, their mouths are wide open and a variety of emotions are displayed on their faces. On the other hand, Tromer's face displayed a frowning gaze upon the dark-red vortex, "hmmm" he was thinking. A few moment later, the frown was gone and his lips curled up on the right part of his face.

Julius has done the same thing as others, he stepped-back a few pace while his wide eyes are gazing on the scene playing in front of him, he never knew that something like this would happen, he just wanted to tease and provoke the church so that the people will be doubtful of them, and also he didn't knew that there is an extraordinary thing like this. When Tromer said that Galvan is a demon, at first he never believe that something like that really exist, he just tried this out for his purpose of making people be doubtful to the church.

As the vortex is expanding and expanding, so was the eyes of the people around. Several moments later, a shadow of a figure can be seen through the vortex. It is a human figure about 6 feet tall and even though it was just a shadow, you can tell that it's body is made-up of very bulky muscles, walking few paces out of the vortex, it's eyes flashed with bright red light, this striked fear to the normal humans around. Not too long, a foot emerged, it was of a human, but it's skin was a bit tanned and as soon as it stepped the ground, it made a small crater below it's feet as though a heavy object suddenly dropped on it, but not. It also made slight trembles to the ground.

Looking at the humans, you can clearly see signs of panic as their feets are trembling uncontrollably, and their bodies are weaking and some even peed their pants and others are now unconscious. This magnifying scene is new for them, they didn't even believe that something like this may happen in reality and be played out in front of them.

Now, the body of this monster is slowly emerging out of the dark red vortex. It's body was large and it's build are like stones that was put out together. Next, the other foot also stepped out and it also made same things as what the other foot have done. Clearly, this being has the power and strength that must be praised and looked up by the lowly humans here.

After a few moments, this being was completely visible to the naked eye. Aside from it's bulky build the most notable feature of him was his panther face. A sinister dark aura is looming around him, and it gives off the vibes of something vile and death.

After they saw this being, the church immediately called out, "Almighty Galvan!" The demon Galvan, their so called 'god' is now here. Then, Galvan looked unto them, his eyes sharpened as he looked at the Grand Priests, the grand priests looked unto him and then their eyes met, instantly, the grand priests stood up, Galvan looked at his eyes and with a deep voice he said "so that's the case," he then turned his gaze at Julius and after he took of his look at the grand priest, the old man nearly collapsed but still a little bit conscious, a clear sign of weaking was seen from the old grand priest.

Julius at the same time was struggling to himself, when the gaze was targeted at him, he felt a cold chill has run down his spine, his whole body is now trembling uncontrollably out of fear.

Then, after a few seconds Galvan's gaze was thrown to a person on top of a higher platform few meters away from the scene. Tromer and Galvan's gaze met, but Tromer didn't even make signs of fear or whatnot, just a straight stoic face.

"A cultivator." Galvan said not too loud but it can be heard clearly even with his deep voice

"A petty demon." Tromer said with an unworried face.

A demon and a cultivator has just met in a world of mortals.
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