RPG System in a Modern World Chapter 5: Necessities


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Milo walked out of the hall and proceeded back to the entrance, it was dark but the lights were illuminated brightly making it seem like it wasn't even dusk. Milo didn't really want to return to his apartment yet, however, he was starting to feel hungry after that exam.
The first thing he should do is look for a supermarket, but realistically, should he? 'System, place a waypoint to the nearest supermarket by my apartment.'
[Waypoint set, estimated time to reach it is 25 minutes.]
It had taken him around half an hour to walk down the whole place, this would seem like the supermarket is near his apartment, he had been notified again by the system.
[Since the host has not yet discovered the supermarket, he can't fast travel to that location]
He had flipped out for a moment. Fast travel??? This would mean that he didn't have to travel to most placed, this would help him out so much. But if he could fast travel to places he had already been in, then... 'System, can I fast travel to my apartment?'
[The host can fast travel to any place he has been to.]
Milo looked around and saw a little alley, he had walked into it and saw that nobody was there. 'System, fast travel to my apartment.'
[Fast travel commencing.]
His vision suddenly turned blurry, to a point where he couldn't recognise anything. After a few seconds, it started to turn sharper and noticed he was standing in his apartment. He turned around and walked out of his apartment, this time turning left and going to the exit.
On his map he saw the location of the supermarket, he turned the other way to where he had gone before. He walked a few hundred meters and finally made it to the supermarket.
Right outside the door was a person who seemed to be homeless. No matter how cheap the rent could be, for some, it was still impossible to reach that amount. Instead of walking past and ignoring the person Milo had given the man five credits. He didn't do this because he was trying to change himself, but because he was trying to stimulate the system to activities which could represent actions taken in an RPG.
[The host has gained the achievement: Charity (Donate to a homeless man). The host has gained two attribute points. Would host like to use them now?]
'Not right now.', sure enough, he was right. This had just opened his eyes about the system, he could become the peak of human evolution if he could gather enough points. This would be a target anyone would like to achieve in their life.
He walked into the store and walked around taking items he would use up throughout the week, he started off with the necessary items: Toothbrush & toothpaste, toilet paper, water, meat, pasta, sauces etc. He had gathered everything and paid a total of 60 credits, this was fairly high but he got a lot of starting items he wouldn't have to get for a long time.
He had packed up everything and had around four bags which would hurt to carry the whole way. He walked outside and to the side of the supermarket where nobody was looking. 'System, take me home!' Once again his vision turned blurry and he appeared in his apartment with all the shopping he just did.
It was another successful event for him, he knew that his life had turned about 70% easier with all these functions by the system. He quickly put everything where it should be and quickly cooked up basically the only thing he knew: Chicken & Rice.
It didn't take him long, he added some spices to the chicken and put it in a frying pan. He got a saucepan and poured in water along with rice. After a few minutes, everything was ready and he served himself the food.
[Host has learnt a new skill: Cooking. The host has gained an attribute point.]
Even more good news for Milo, he was smiling as he learnt that with different skills he can gain attribute points which he knew he had to collect. He went and sat down on the table he had in the living room, he turned on the TV and started to eat while watching some random shows he had found.
A few hours had passed since he had sat down. It was around midnight when he finally put the dishes in the dishwasher and walked into the bathroom. He turned on the shower and quickly showered. From there he had gone into bed and was about to go to sleep.
[When would the host like to wake up?]
Another function of the system? Milo was starting to get overflown with all of these functions, then again, in an RPG you can normally go to sleep and pick when you wake up. 'Wake me up at 7:30 am.' Suddenly Milo went to sleep as he had never before, it was instant and he already felt relieved when he fell asleep.
At 7:30 am on the dot he woke up, he never felt so relieved in his life. He quickly got up and started to walk to the kitchen. He saw a small letter right inside the door. He went to inspect it and saw the letter had a symbol of two swords crossing. This is the symbol of the Silverblade Academy. He quickly opened the letter and read what it had said.
"To Milo Dawnblade,
We would like to inform you that you have been accepted into The Silverblade Academy, you will be attending class 2-A, however, you need to pick up your uniform from the academy before 8 am or you will not be allowed in the school.
-Joeseph Silverblade"
He looked at the time and remembered that it's 7:30 am, and he had until 8 am to collect the uniform. He quickly ran back to the bedroom to put on some clothes, he got the first thing there was which were blue jeans and a white sweatshirt. He was just about to exit his apartment when he remembered what he did yesterday.
He turned around and walked to the kitchen, he quickly got a bowl out and poured in some cereal with milk. He slowly ate it while walking around and inspecting the room. After he had finally eaten the cereal he put it in the dishwasher and thought to himself, 'System, fast travel to the academy.'
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