Rise Of The Strongest Mage Chapter 8: Completing First Quest


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Xiao Wei without waiting for anything turned her character - Wei Xiao towards the direction of the . She knew where they grew because of the minimap. On the minimap itself, there was a highlighted area and this highlighted area was the area where the grew.
Wei Xiao only had to walk a very short distance to reach this area. The area she reached was a small garden. In the garden, there was only a single herb growing – the . Xiao Wei looked into the garden and saw many growing out from the cracked purple ground. The herb itself was a small flower with three pink petals.
Xiao Wei was not the only person doing this quest. There were other people that picked the herb. Since there were other people picking the herb it was a sign that even now new Cambion characters were created. But it was a given considering the game had come out a few short days ago.
Wei Xiao walked up to one of the herbs that didn't have players nearby.
Xiao Wei right clicked on it and a loot window appeared. In this loot window, a could be seen. The girl moved her mouse over to the herb and left clicked it. With the click, a few lines of text appeared in the chat box. The chat box which was located to the lower left side of the screen.
<+1 Dark Herb>
<1/10 Dark Herbs Collected>
After looting one of the herbs, Xiao Wei raised the corner of her lips and a smile appeared on her face. She could feel the excitement rise in her heart. The girl was really excited to play this game once more. The game which she had played for ten years already. But even after those ten years she was really excited even doing a simple quest like this one.
"9 more to go." Xiao Wei mumbled.
She looked around for the second herb.
Xiao Wei didn't even have to look for ten seconds as she had already locked her eyes onto the second herb that she wanted to pick. Wei Xiao walked up to the herb but before she could loot another player squatted down and the herb that was in front of her disappeared.
Xiao Wei frowned but she controlled herself and didn't type in anything. She just looked at the player that stole the item from under the nose.

The priest Richie was a Cambion with blonde hair and a slim build.
"Don't know him." She mumbled.
The girl right-clicked on the player Richie and when the contextual menu was summoned she clicked the button, . Xiao Wei thought, "Steal items from me and I won't do dungeons or do PvP with you. You sealed your own destiny, Richie."
Xiao Wei turned her camera and walked up to the next, that she spotted. Unlike the last time, she managed to take the herb without anyone stealing it from her. On this quest, only one player had managed to get inside the ignore list of Wei Xiao.
Xiao Wei proceeded to loot the flowers and in a few short moments, Xiao Wei had managed to collect them all. It only took no more than five minutes of time. Xiao Wei directed her character and walked back to the quest giver. Wei Xiao walked up to the quest giver and Xiao Wei right clicked on the quest giver succubus.
"You have returned? Have you gathered the that I have asked you to?" Asked the demon Succubus Ivori.
Xiao Wei clicked on the button,
With the button pressed a message flashed on the screen,

<+100 XP>
After the quest was completed a new yellow exclamation mark appeared above the head of the NPC – Ivori. Xiao Wei clicked on the quest giver and a voice of succubus entered the ears of Xiao Wei.
"Thank you for gathering these darling. now I need you to go and gather me five horns of the lesser imps. These imps are at the gates of our territory. These imps are not that strong. I am sure you can handle it. Will you do it?"

<+200 XP>

Xiao Wei without hesitation clicked on the button,

After accepting the quest Xiao Wei looked at the minimap. But on the minimap, Xiao Wei couldn't see any highlighted area. She only saw an arrow pointing to the east. Xiao Wei even when she saw no highlighted area didn't panic. She simply pressed the shortcut for the map and the map appeared. On the map, she saw where exactly where the imps located. Like the arrow pointed the lesser imps were to the east.
Wei Xiao as per map walked towards the location of the lesser imps. After walking a short distance the minimap started to highlight the area where the lesser impacts were located.
Like in the garden there were multiple players doing the quest. Xiao Wei ignored the player as she looked for the monster that was not in the combat with the players. Just as she searched a monster spawned just in front of Wei Xiao.

<50/50 HP>
Xiao Wei smirked and she clicked on her ability with her finger. Wei Xiao cast the ability for 1.5s and the spell flew from Wei Xiao's fingertips.

<14/50 HP>
The imp issued a strange sound and it skipped its way towards Wei Xiao. Xiao Wei didn't stay idle. She after finishing one cast, immediately cast one more time.
Just when the made its way towards Wei Xiao the spell flew from her fingertips,

<+10 XP>
In the game world of WoAL monsters that were on the same level as the player game the normal experience (XP). Those that were four and five levels below gave only half the experience and those that were six or more levels bellow gave no experience at all. There were no benefits to killing the monsters that were of a higher level than the player. Originally developers of the game wanted to make that killing higher level monsters would get players more experience but they ultimately decided against it. They realised that it may bring more troubles than do good.
The biggest problem the developers saw with this was that they feared that a group of people would isolate the high levelled monsters spawning grounds and just farm monsters for the easy experience. This was the main reason why in the released game there is no increased experience for killing monsters above the player's level.
Wei Xiao walked up to the corpse of the lesser Imp and looted. A loot window appeared and in this loot window, two items laid. One of them was the quest item and the other was 1 copper coin.
In WoAL like in many other games of the same genre, the money used was of the same system which used copper coins, silver coins and gold coins. One silver coin was a hundred copper coins and one gold coin was a hundred silver coins.
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