Rise Of The Strongest Mage Chapter 7: Accepting The First Quest


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The game loaded up and the login screen appeared before Xiao Wei. The girl put her fingers on the keyboard and typed in her account details. She typed in so fast that the details appeared on the screen only after a few seconds of typing. Her CPM (Characters per minute) was very fast and it was at least over 350. The speed which was considered to be fast.
Xiao Wei dragged her mouse over and clicked the red button, .
Few seconds passed and the character selection window opened. Xiao Wei looked at her character. She saw her character standing firm with her Common items. Her common linen shirt, linen pants and Novice Staff.
In the game world of WoAL, there were 6 item grades. From worst to best they were: Common, Uncommon, Rare, Epic, Legendary and Ancient. Out of all these item grades, uncommon items were the only items that didn't have any stat increases on them. They only had some armour. Items from uncommon and beyond had stats on them. The better the grade of the item the bigger was the stat increase. So even if the player had two items of the same level but different grade. The item with the higher grade would be superior to the one of the lower grade.
After looking at her character for a minute Xiao Wei dragged her mouse over to the big red button and clicked it. With the click, a loading screen appeared and in a few moments, it was replaced with the actual game. Xiao Wei smiled and mumbled. "Let's begin."
Xiao Wei placed her left hand on the keyboard and her right hand on the mouse. She held down the right mouse button and moved the mouse along the mouse pad, this, in turn, moved her camera. She used this method to look around the area.
The first thing she saw where the players running around the area. They were all of the same race. Which was as only could be in this starter location. Even though they were all of the same race, each one was of a different class.
After looking at the players for a good ten seconds, Xiao Wei moved her eyes away from them and looked at the actual world.
The starter zone of half-demons half-humans, was a huge floating island. This island's ground was purple with cracks. Nothing grew out of the purple ground, it resembled barren land. The sky was grey and in this grey sky, three moons hang above the barren purple ground. These three moons were red in colour.
These three moons were not unique to this levelling zone rather they were visible at all times to all of the Demon world.
In front of Xiao Wei stood a woman and behind this woman stood a huge building. The building resembled Sout Korean architecture. To be exact it looked exactly like Throne Hall of Gyeongbokgung Palace in Seoul, South Korea. The demon woman had a yellow exclamation mark above her head and her name was .
The exclamation mark meant that the NPC has a quest for the player to take. In the game world of WoAL, there were a few quest types. There were four in total.
story progression quests which were marked with a yellow marker. These quests progressed the zone further and were one of the main sources for a player to receive experience points.
Repeatable quests which could be repeated daily or weekly. These quests were marked with a green quest marker These quests could be repeated multiple times, but it gave no experience as a reward. Players instead would be rewarded with the reputation points, items or gold.
Dungeon or Raid quests that were marked with a red quest marker. The Quests that only appeared after the player had cleared out all the story progression quests in the zone. These quests were one of the hardest quests in the games as it required players to form groups and conquer the hardest content in the game. The rewards of these quests were also very good.
Dungeon and Raid were the bread and butter of the massive multiplayer online role-playing games (MMORPG) games.
The last quest type the Grand quests which were marked with a Purple quest marker. These Quests were the hardest to complete and they also gave the best rewards. One Grand Quest would last through the entire expansion and they were really long. This quest would only become available when a player would reach the highest level.
Xiao Wei looked at the NPC with a yellow quest marker. She moved her character towards this NPC. She moved her character using the movement buttons on her keyboard. To be specific she used the movement keys 'W', 'A', 'S', 'D'. She pressed the 'W' and the character moved forward.
She with her character Wei Xiao approached the quest giver which was a succubus who had a long tail and who wore skimpy clothing. Xiao Wei clicked on this NPC and the NPC began talking. The voice of the NPC through her headphones entered the ears of Xiao Wei. She could hear the NPC talk as the game had a full voice acting. Every part of the game was voice acted.
"You have really grown my daughter. It was as if it was only yesterday that you were just born. But enough about that. You are already grown up and you are ready to start your own journey. But before you do, why don't you do one task for your mother? I need you to go east and gather ten dark herbs. Will you do this task for me, my dear daughter? "

<+100 XP>

Xiao Wei dragged her mouse over and clicked on with the button press the voice once again entered Xiao Wei's ears, "Why are you standing around for? Go go."

Xiao Wei smirked and mumbled, "Let's begin my first quest."
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