Rise Of The Strongest Mage Chapter 5: Creating A Character


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Xiao Wei on her computer screen saw the customization window. On the left side, there were options . While on the right side there were no visible elements or options but when players chose one of the options on the left side, the right side would have selections for the selected option.
"My first step to becoming the best player in WoAL starts now. And it starts with the character customization. I should make the best possible character I can." Xiao Wei thought and her expression turned serious. She made a decision to take every element seriously, even something as trivial as character customization and creation.
Xiao Wei dragged her mouse to the left side and clicked on the topmost option .
After the button was clicked, on the right side of the screen, selection appeared. Xiao Wei without hesitation clicked Xiao Wei didn't have the intention of playing a male character.
After selecting her gender, Xiao Wei dragged her mouse to the left side and clicked on the option below , .
After the button was clicked, on the right side of the screen, selection appeared. Xiao Wei looked through all the skin colours and clicked on each one. She inspected each skin colour and spent a few minutes looking at each one. After more than twenty minutes, she finally selected the skin colour that was to the paler side.
Xiao Wei nodded her head and clicked on the third option on the left side which was . On this option, Xiao Wei spent very little time. She immediately selected the normal human pupil. After that, she clicked on the option . For this option, she wanted to choose the colour green as this was the colour of her own eyes. But after she selected the green eye colour she just frowned and thought, "This doesn't seem right." Xiao Wei shook her head and thought, "I should choose another eye colour." She didn't take the green eye colour as the eye colour didn't match well with the selected skin colour. Like with the skin colour she spent a few minutes on each colour available. Twenty more minutes passed and Xiao Wei finally chose the eye colour that matched well with the selected skin colour. She chose the eye colour white.
She clicked on the next option and a selection appeared on the right side. Xiao Wei spent very little time on this selection, she picked the hairstyle that she had in reality. She picked long straight hair. Then she clicked and she immediately selected the colour black as this was the hair colour she had in reality.
The next option was horns. Xiao Wei had this selection as she played the race Cambion who was half- demon half-human. Xiao Wei selected option as she didn't wish to have the horns on top of her head. After this option, she clicked on the last customization option .
The girl modelled her body to her perfect body type that she envisioned. She chose a slim body and although she chose it thin, she didn't make it too thin. For the breast size, she stopped it a D-cup. Xiao Wei spent more than half an hour until she made the body exactly how she wanted.
She turned her character around and looked at it from all angles one more time. Afte rotating the character a few times Xiao Wei nodded her head and said, "This is perfect!"
Xiao Wei smiled and clicked the button, .
The screen changed and now class selection window appeared on the screen. Xiao Wei's eyes fixated on one class and she didn't even bother looking at the classes. She knew exactly what she wanted to play. She wanted to play the class that she played before she died. Without waiting for anything and without looking at the other classes she clicked on the class and pressed .
After clicked the button, the screen flashed and in the middle of the screen a message appeared, below this message, an input field glowed. Xiao Wei put her hands on the keyboard and typed down her characters name that she used in her life before, .
She clicked the button and the screen changed once more. She once again saw the character selection window and in the middle of her screen, she saw her character standing firmly.
Xiao Wei smiled and she moved her mouse to the button . But before she could click the button she heard a knocking sound on the door. Xiao Wei turned around and saw her mother looking at her. Xiao Wei's mother looked at her daughter and asked, "Do you know what time it is?"
Xiao Wei shook her head and replied, "No."
Xiao Wei's mother sighed and said, "It's late. Go to sleep and before you try to say that you want just five minutes or whatever remember this I have bought you the game."
Xiao Wei frowned and said, "I will only take a minute then."
Xiao Wei's mother shook her head, "We both know that that's a lie. Just go to sleep for today. You will have an entire day tomorrow."
Xiao Wei stated, "I am an adult, mom."
Xiao Wei's mother raised an eyebrow, "Go get a job then."
Xiao Wei complained, "But you said I can have some time before deciding."
Xiao Wei's mother said, "Just go to bed for today. The game won't run away anywhere."
Xiao Wei sighed and said, "Alright."
Xiao Wei's mother said with a smile, "Goodnight."
Xiao Wei said, "Goodnight, mom." Xiao Wei's mother left the room and Xiao Wei turned her head to the computer screen she sighed, "Tomorrow then."
The girl turned off the game and then the computer. She changed into her pyjamas and went to sleep. The girl wanted to wake up as soon as she could. She couldn't wait to begin playing WoAL.
The next morning Xiao Wei's eyes opened. The girl first this she did was not going to get a shower or breakfast. She immediately jumped out of her bed, turned on her computer, turned on the game, logged in and pressed the big button, .
The screen flashed and after a loading screen passed the race's into cinematic began playing. Xiao Wei still in her pyjamas watched the cinematic in an excited manner. She couldn't wait to begin playing the game.
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