Rise Of The Strongest Mage Chapter 4: Choosing A Race


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After Xiao Wei clicked the button, the screen's contents changed. She now saw the race selection on her screen. There were five races on the left and five races on the right. The races on the left belonged to a faction and those to the right belonged to the faction .
The game World Of Ancient Legends had two factions. And these two factions were aggressive towards one another. Players could only show aggression to the opposite faction. This meant that players couldn't kill players or PK the players of their own faction only those of opposing one.
Out of the ten available races four were the usual races that you would see in any Role Playing Game or RPG for short. The usual races that she could play were: Human, Dwarf, Orc and Elf. Apart from these four usual races, the other six races were unique to World Of Ancient Legends or WoAL.
The six unique races were: Gnome, Human-Elf, Human-Orc, Draconian, Fox People and Cambion. Each playable race was unique, this meant that players of each race had their own starting zone and their own racial abilities.
Those that played Humans could remove one crowd control ability from themselves. Dwarves could increase their armour for a small period of time. Elves could increase their damage for a short period of time. Orcs could increase their critical strike chance for a small period of time. Gnomes could remove any movement impairing effects that were applied to them. Human-elves could drain mana from their enemies. Human-orcs had increased critical strike damage. Draconians as well didn't have any racial abilities they could use, instead, they had extra stat point per levelling up. Fox people could reduce opponents stats for a short period of time. Cambions could teleport a short distance away.
In addition to all of the abilities and passive effects that the races received. They also received extra passive abilities. The races received from 1-2 extra passive abilities. These extra passive abilities were not that strong and most of them were not even useful in combat. Gnomes two passive abilities were: increased skill in engineering and summoning of the portable mailbox.
All of the available races were not gender locked and any player could choose to play either male or female of any available race. Most of the races resembled humans with a few differences.
The players could freely customize their created characters.
Both male and female humans had an extensive selection of hairstyles, skin colour, eye colour. They could customize the character however they wanted. As long as the human appearance was possible in reality. Players couldn't make the human character skin blue or green. In addition to the choices that were shared between male and female characters. Male human characters could have beards and moustaches and players could also choose the colour of the facial hair at their choice. Female characters couldn't have a beard or a moustache buy they could choose the size of the character's breasts.
Dwarf characters were the half size of the human characters but their customization was the same as the human ones. They could freely choose a hairstyle, skin colour, hair colour, facial hair colour and breast size. The only difference between the customization of the two races was that the dwarves had a wider selection of beards and moustaches.
Gnomes characters were the half size of the dwarf characters and their customization was no different except for one detail. The created gnome characters couldn't have a beard. They could only have a moustache. And female characters didn't have a breast slider. It was locked on one size.
Human-Elf customization was exactly the same as the human one but with one difference. The human-elves had a selection of ear choices. For both male and female characters.
Human-Orc customization was as well the same one as the human but unlike the human one the players of this race had a selection of small tusks for both male and female characters.
Orcs were different in appearance than humans. They were slightly taller and wider than them. Orc players could choose only green skin and shades of green. They couldn't choose a skin colour that was red, blue or even brown. Both male and female orcs had a wide tusk selection and unlike the Human-orcs, the tusks of the real orcs were much wider and bigger. Like humans, Orc males could have beards and moustaches while females had a breast slider.
Elf characters were even slimmer than human characters and creating a fat elf was not possible. Players could only create slim elves as the elves were supposed to be the most beautiful race in the game. The male elves could not have beards and moustaches while the female elves had a limited breast slider. The elves had a large selection of ears. In addition to the ear selection, they had few unique options for the eyes and hairstyles.
Draconian characters were slim as Elf characters and like the Elf characters, they could not be created fat. The hair selection was very limited but male characters could have both beards and moustaches. While female ones had a very limited breast slider. This race had a tail selection and players could choose what kind of tail they wanted their character to have. The tails varied in sizes and lengths. Players could also choose how much scales they wanted to be on the character they created. At maximum, the scales could cover 50% of the body.
Fox people characters like Draconian and Elf characters could not be created fat. Male characters could not have beards and moustaches but female characters had the same breast slider as the human characters. They also had a selection of fox tails and fox ears.
Cambion characters had the same customization options as the human characters. The only difference was that a Cambion race character could choose to have horns. They had this option as Cambion was a half demon half human.
Players that choose to play faction could choose between: Humans, Dwarves, Gnomes, Human-elves, Human-Orcs and those players that chose to play faction could choose: Orcs, Elves, Draconians, Fox People, Cambions.
Xiao Wei looked over the races. She laid back on her chair and without hesitation dragged her mouse to the right side of her screen. She clicked on and thought, "The racial ability of Cambion will be really useful to me. Not to mention they have decent extra passive abilities. With the class that I want to play, It will be really beneficial for me to play this race."
Xiao Wei dragged her mouse and pressed,
With a click, a new window opened up to Xiao Wei. The window that opened up to Xiao Wei was the character customization window.
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