Rise Of The Strongest Mage Chapter 2: Pre Order


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The middle-aged man said, "Alright. You will have to pay up front."
Xiao Wei retrieved her wallet that she had held in her jeans pocket and asked, "How much?"
The middle-aged man said, "It's 350 Yuan."
The girl opened her wallet and took out exactly 350 Yuan. The man accepted the money from the girl. He pressed a few buttons on the cash register and the receipt had started to print. After a breath of time, the printing had stopped. He took the receipt and gave it to Xiao Wei. He said, "Two days from now, you can come and redeem the game. Just show the receipt to the clerk working and you will receive your copy of your game."
Xiao Wei put the receipt in her wallet. She nodded her head and said, "Have a good day." She turned around and left the store.
When the girl left the store, the man harrumphed and he mumbled, "What good day. You have ruined it by coming into the store and showing your ugly figure and face to me. Really there shouldn't be any fat girls in this world."
Xiao Wei was oblivious to the middle-aged man's thoughts as she had already left the store. She walked back home. To reach her home she took the same amount of time as making the trip to the store took. She spent half an hour walking back. After half an hour she reached her house.
She walked inside, closed the door behind her and took off her shoes. The girl walked back to her room and looked around. She saw that she had yet to make her bed. The girl sighed and thought, "I can't be a slob in this lifetime. I should work on being neat and clean." Through the girl's eyes flashed resoluteness. She made her bed and breathed a sigh of relief. She felt that by making her bed, she was already out of breath.
She sat down on her computer chair and she closed her eyes. The girl tried to catch back her breath. As she caught back her breath she thought, "I am already exhausted just by making my bed. I should really drop my weight or I will really die of a heart attack."
Her eyes opened as her breathing was already relaxed. She turned around as she was in her chair and turned on her computer. The computer booted up. Xiao Wei opened her web browser and into her search engine she typed in .
Xiao Wei one by one looked at the articles that appeared on her search engine. After going through multiple sites, she laid back in her seat and she thought, "In summary, I should eat healthily and exercise. For beginners, they suggest starting with walking and with time to shift to running."
She thought, "Mother is already making healthy food. So in this compartment, I am alright. The problem is exercising. I really don't want to exercise. But considering that I have died in my previous life of a heart attack, I don't really have a choice." Xiao Wei sighed and thought, "For starters, I should go and make a few laps around the neighbourhood."
Xiao Wei nodded her head as she had agreed with her own idea. She changed from her jeans into the tracksuit. The girl walked outside of her house and she lapped the neighbourhood a few times. When she returned, Xiao Wei noticed a pair of shoes at the entrance. She blinked her eyes and thought, "It seems mother is back."
The girl took off her shoes and walked into her house. Walking inside she saw her mother in the kitchen. Xiao Wei called out to her, "Mother?"
The middle-aged woman turned around and blinked her eyes in surprise, "Were you out exercising?"
Xiao Wei nodded her head, "Yes. I was?"
The middle-aged woman just nodded her head, "Why the sudden change?" She shook her head, "More importantly. Why are you still acting so distant? Call me like you usually do call me mom not mother. Mother seems a little distant."
Xiao Wei smiled and said, "I am sorry mot…" She shook her head, "I am sorry, mom."
The woman shook her head, "Alright. So you were really exercising?"
Xiao Wei nodded in approval, "Yes, mother. I have decided that I want to drop some weight."
The woman nodded, "That's good."
She continued, "Dinner will be ready soon. Go take a shower and come to the kitchen."
Xiao Wei smiled, "Alright, mom." Xiao Wei went towards her own room. She first grabbed fresh clothes and then she walked to the bathroom. She stripped off her tracksuit and washed her body. The girl took a quick shower and dressed herself up in fresh clothes.
She walked out of the bathroom and immediately smelled the aroma of the food. Xiao Wei reached the kitchen and sat down. She saw the plate in front of her and without waiting for anything she started to eat. The woman sat down in front of her daughter and she started to eat as well.
As they ate the woman asked, "So how was your day? What did you do?"
Xiao Wei looked up at her mother and said, "I have gone out and bought a game after that I walked around the neighbourhood a few times and then you came back."
The woman nodded her head, "So have you decided what your next step in life will be?"
Xiao Wei said, "Mom, for now, I want to have more time. Is that okay?"
The woman nodded, "That's fine. Just don't take too long to decide and before you make any rash decisions, I want you to consult with me. Can you do that?"
Xiao Wei smiled, "Alright mom."
The woman smiled and nodded her head, "Now finish your meal."
After finishing her meal Xiao Wei returned back to her room. She turned on her computer and played one of the games that she had on her computer. At nighttime, she went to bed. The following day. She did some exercises she found on the internet and then she walked a few laps around the neighbourhood. She did this for a few days. Then after these few days had passed. The time had finally come for her to go and redeem the game.
When her mother went out to work in the morning, Xiao Wei dressed up and walked to the store that she pre-ordered the game in. She reached the store in thirty minutes. When Xiao Wei entered the store, she saw that the same clerk was working at the counter. She walked up to the counter and said, "I would like to redeem my copy of the game."
The middle-aged man looked at the girl and he inwardly frowned. He looked at this girl that he saw not for the first time and said, "Your receipt please."
Xiao Wei nodded her head. She took out her wallet and from wallet took out the receipt. When she took out the receipt the doors to the stop opened and a person walked through the door. Xiao Wei was turned her back to this person, so she didn't know who came in. When the middle-aged man saw this person that arrived his jaw dropped down. The person that came to the store was a slim beauty. She walked to the counter and said, "I would like to buy World Of Ancient Legends."
The middle-aged man gulped down his saliva and said in an excited voice, "Certainly."
Xiao Wei turned her head and saw the person that spoke. She looked at this woman for a moment before turning her eyes away as she was simply not interested.
The middle-aged man took out the game and said, "You are in luck, young lady. This is the last copy of the game. It's 350 Yuan." The woman smiled and passed the money. The man passed her the game and she accepted the game with a smile and said, "Thank you." After paying and taking the game the woman walked out of the store with a satisfied smile.
Xiao Wei didn't think much about their exchange. She just felt dissatisfied that even though she came first. She was not the first one to be served.
The middle-aged man led her out with his eyes. He then turned his eyes towards Xiao Wei and said with a visible frown on his face, "Why are you still here?"
Xiao Wei spotted the frown but she didn't say anything about that. She said, "I am waiting for my game. Here is the receipt." The man took the receipt and in front of Xiao Wei tore it in many small pieces." He looked at Xiao Wei and said, "I don't see a receipt."
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