Rise Of The Strongest Mage Chapter 11: Satyr


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After taking one step into the new zone, Xiao Wei heard a knocking on the door. She took down her headphones, turned around and saw her mother standing in the crack of between the door. The woman looked at Xiao Wei and said, "Dinner is ready."
"Alright. I am coming." Xiao Wei nodded her head.
Xiao Wei moved her eyes back to the monitor and thought, "I will play some more after eating my dinner." Xiao Wei stood up from her computer table and walked to the dining room.
Upon reaching the dining room, Xiao Wei saw her mother sitting at the table and on the table there were two plates of Loaded Veggie Chow Mein.
"Sit" Xiao Wei's mother said with a smile.
Xiao Wei nodded, she sat down at the table, grabbed her chopsticks and started eating. As she ate she talked with her mother. After dinner, Xiao Wei returned back to her room. She sat down at her computer table and she was greeted with a message,

Xiao Wei frowned and she clicked the button, . She inputted her login details The screen flashed and Xiao Wei a character selection screen. She clicked the button . The screen flashed again and Xiao Wei was back in the game. Xiao Wei stretched her hands and mumbled, "I will do a few more quests before going to bed."
Wei Xiao ran on the purple cracked ground until the NPC appeared on the way. This NPC had hooves, a tail and a set of horns. This NPC was a satyr. This Satyr had a yellow quest marker and his name was mark. Wei Xiao approached him and Xiao Wei right clicked him.
"Hello, friend. Could you please go offroad and kill lesser demon hounds and get me 10 of their teeth?

<+350 XP>

Xiao Wei clicked the button and the quest appeared in the quest tracker. The quest was not shown on the minimap and so Xiao clicked the shortcut. The map opened, Xiao Wei checked the quest, turned off the map and walked off the road. She didn't have to go far to find the demon hounds.

<200/200 HP>
The demon hound was completely red. It had strange red fur and two fangs were sticking out of its mouth.
Xiao Wei smirked and pressed the key bind.
1.5 Seconds later

The hound rushed at Xiao Wei but right before it could approach, 1.5 seconds passed- Xiao Wei's spell fired.

<+60 XP>
Wei Xiao approached the monster and looted.
<+3 Copper>
<+1 Demon Hound Tooth>
<1/10 Lesser Demon Hound Teeth>
Xiao Wei moved her eyes to the second and cast once more.
1.5 Seconds passed.

The Demon Hound rushed and once again before it could reach the girl – the spell fired.

<+60 XP>
Wei Xiao approached the monster and looted.
<+2 Copper>
<+1 Lesser Demon Hound Tooth>
<2/10 Demon Hound Teeth>
The girl repeated this process for eight more hounds after they were slain. Xiao Wei's character received 480 experience, 8 demon hound tooth and 23 copper coins. From these eight Xiao Wei's character Wei Xiao also reached . The five attribute points were attributed like always – 3 points into the intellect, 1 point in the spirit and vitality.
Wei Xiao returned to the NPC and Xiao Wei right clicked it. She clicked the button.

<+350 XP>

Once again Xiao Wei had attributed – 3 points into the intellect, 1 point into the vitality and 1 point into the spirit.
Xiao Wei rubbed her eyes and yawned. She mumbled, "That's enough for today." She logged out turned off the game and turned off her computer. The girl changed into her pyjamas and fell asleep. On this night she had dreams of the game. She dreamt that she stood on the pro stage and that she was deemed as the strongest player.
Xiao Wei's snapped open, she looked at the ceiling and she thought, "This dream, I will make the reality." The girl jumped out of her bed. She didn't turn on her computer first thing in the morning. This morning, she had a normal routine. She took a shower, got dressed, ate breakfast, said goodbye to her computer, had a walk around the neighbourhood and only she turned on her computer, turned on the game, logged into her account and clicked the button,
The satyr that she had completed a quest with had another quest marker above his head. Like before it was a yellow quest marker. Xiao Wei clicked him and the satyr began speaking.
"Thank you for collecting these teeth. Bring these teeth to my friend in the village down this path."

<+150 XP>

Xiao Wei clicked the accept button and moved her character away from the satyr and to the town. In this town, she had two quests and both quests required her to bring items to a specific place. Wei Xiao walked some more until she finally reached the town. The town like all areas before had multiple players in them.
When she entered the city there were no yellow quests markers in the town. Wei Xiao first walked into the tavern and in this tavern stood an incubus named Geronimo. Xiao Wei moved her character to this incubus and clicked on him. The quest window appeared and she clicked,

<+200 XP>
After the quest was turned in the incubus opened the letter and he started to read it. Above the quest giver a yellow marker appeared and Xiao Wei clicked on it.
"So my sister's daughter had come to me at last? Why didn't you go to the human side like your mother wanted?" The incubus laughed and shook his head, "No matter. Since you are here, then make yourself useful. Go do tasks around town, do their work and I might give you something more interesting."

<+0 XP>
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