Rise Of The Strongest Mage Chapter 10: Explosion


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Xiao Wei directed her character out of the mansion and right clicked on the NPC Succubus Ivori. A quest window appeared and Xiao Wei clicked the button, .

<+300 XP>
Another quest marker appeared above the NPC's head and once again Xiao Wei clicked on it.
"Now that I have made the charm, I can finally send you to the human world. Where you can start your life among them. Are you ready for such a life?"

<+100 XP>

Xiao Wei clicked the button.

After the explosion, a sudden rift appeared and out of this rift a human with armour passed through. The human that passed proclaimed loudly, "This land now belongs to the . The human, directed his eyes towards Ivori and Wei Xiao and said, "You two look like humans but you are not humans are you?"
Ivori was surprised by the sudden development but she still took a step forward and said, "My daughter is half human."
The man nodded and looked towards Wei Xiao and said, "If you want to enter and serve the you will have to kill your vile demon mother!"
Ivori didn't show much reaction, she just closed her eyes. Accepting her face. She was happy to die if her daughter would be given a chance to live among the humans.

<+100 XP>

<+500 XP>

The quest, unlike the other quests, was forcefully accepted.

<150/150 HP>

<78/150 HP>
After the knight was hit with the attack he bellowed, "You dare attack the royal knight of the empire?! Prepare to die!" The knight drew his sword and approached Wei Xiao.
The sudden shout of the knight made Ivori open her eyes.
"What are you doing?!" Ivori called out in surprise. She didn't expect her daughter to attack the guard. She had already expected to die.

<3/150 HP>
The knight approached Ivori and he slashed at Wei Xiao. Xiao Wei smirked and mumbled, "Time to use the racial ability of the Cambion race"

The attack of the knight hit nothing as Wei Xiao was teleport to a location of her choosing. She chose to teleport to three of clock of her current location. Xiao Wei after warping immediately clicked the key bind for
The knight once again walked towards Wei Xiao but he was too late as another spell was launched at him.

"You will pay for rising against the empire," The knight said as he died.

<+50 XP>
Ivori looked at the corpse of the human and sighed.
Xiao Wei moved her character to Ivori as she had a yellow question mark above her head. She clicked on the NPC and in the window clicked, button.

<+500 XP>

Succubus Ivori once again had a yellow exclamation marker above her head. Xiao Wei didn't click on the NPC immediately she first accessed her character window and attributed the stat points she had received. Levelling up two times she now had 10 attribute points she could spend. She spent them like usual 6 points into the intellect and 2 points each to the vitality and the spirit.
Xiao Wei stretched in her chair and thought, "I wonder how much time it is?" She minimized the game and looked at the clock on the computer. She smirked and mumbled, "So much time has already passed?" Just as she had this thought she heard the door opening.
"Mom is back?" Thought Xiao Wei.
She stood up from her chair and walked in the lobby. She saw her mother and said with a smile, "Welcome back, mom."
The woman smiled, "I am back."
The woman took off her shoes and said, "How as your day, dear?"
"It was fine."
The woman walked passed her daughter and said, "I will prepare dinner soon. It will be a while. You can go and play games while you wait."
Xiao Wei nodded and said, "Alright."
She returned back to her room and raised the game that she had minimised. Xiao Wei clicked on Ivori.
Ivori sighed and said, "Why did you kill that knight of that empire? Now you can no longer be part of those humans and this talisman I made is useless."
Ivori took out the charm that she had made and crushed it in her own hand. She shook her head and said, "This charm is no longer necessary."
The NPC walked towards the mansion and said, "Follow me."
They navigated to the mansion and they stopped in a study of sorts. Ivori walked out to the table- grabbed a piece of paper and a pen. She wrote on it for few breaths of time before sealing it with wax. She extended the letter to Wei Xiao and said, "Go outside of our estate and reach the city further down. In this city, you will find my little brother. He is an incubus named Geronimo. Since you can't live among humans, you will have to work among demons."

<+200 XP>

This was another quest that was forcefully accepted.
Wei Xiao walked out of the building, she walked towards the exit of the estate grounds and as she walked out she saw multiple players running around. Some of these players were below while others were exactly the same level as Xiao Wei's character.
Few moments passed and Xiao Wei had reached the exit. She with her character walked out of the estate grounds a new message flashed,
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