Rise Of The Strongest Mage Chapter 1: Returned Back To The Past?


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Xiao Wei's eyelids wavered and her eyes slowly opened. The first thing she saw was the ceiling. She frowned and thought,"What's going on? Didn't I have a heart attack and die?" The girl raised her hand and moved it to her face to rub her eyes. When her fingers came in contact with her eyes, the girl frowned. She moved her hand away and stared blankly at her own hand and fingers.
Xiao Wei blinked a few times and thought, "My hand is so thin." She inspected her hand and fingers closer. After a moment of inspection, the girl looked away from her hand and moved her eyes to her body. When she saw that her body was indeed skinnier than the one she had in her late twenties made her jump out of her bed in shock. She with her fastest speed and still in pyjamas rushed to the bathroom. The girl stopped in front of the mirror and stared at it in shock with her eyes opened.
Xiao Wei couldn't believe what she saw. She saw her long black hair, green eyes. She saw that she looked younger by ten years. She saw that her body was the one that she had when she was eighteen years old. She saw that she was fat but she was not that obese like how when she was when she died of a heart attack. She looked at her body and she muttered, "What is going on here?" The eighteen-year-old girl stared blankly at the mirror still not believing what she was seeing.
"Xiao Wei breakfast is ready!" Xiao Wei heard a sudden voice come out of the dining room. The girl moved her eyes away from the mirror and absentmindedly walked to the dining room. When she arrived in the room she saw a middle-aged lady. Xiao Wei blinked her eyes and asked in disbelief, "Mother?"
The woman smiled, "What's wrong my angel?"
Xiao Wei stared blankly at the woman that called her by a nickname. She didn't recall when was the last time she heard her mother call her by this nickname with such love the last time. The woman lovingly looked at her daughter and said, "Sit."
Xiao Wei absent-mindedly walked up to the table and sat down. She saw the rice porridge that was placed in front of her. The girl took her spoon and she absentmindedly ate the food that was placed in front of her. The middle-aged woman smiled and sat in front of her daughter. She smiled happily and asked, "What are you planning to do now my dear daughter? Will you go to a university or will you find a job and start working or do you want some more time to think?"
Xiao Wei raised her eyes from the porridge and asked, "Mother, what year is it?"
The woman smiled, "Did you forget after graduating high school? It's year 20XX."
Xiao Wei swallowed her saliva and thought, "It really is the year ten years ago. If that's true then I travelled back in time." The girl upon realising this jumped out of her seat.
The middle-aged woman looked surprised at her daughter. She tilted her head in confusion and asked, "What's wrong, daughter of mine?"
Xiao Wei looked at her mother and shook her head, "it's nothing, mother." She sat back to her seat and finished eating the meal that was placed in front of her. After eating she closed her eyes and said, "Thank you for the food."
The woman blinked her eyes and said in disbelief, "Did you actually thank for your food. Why are you acting so formal? Do you have a fever?"
Xiao Wei shook her head, "Sorry."
The woman shook her head, "It's alright. Well, its time for me to go to a job. Take care of the house for me. See you later my angel." The woman smiled and she walked out of the dining room. After a few moments, Xiao Wei heard the sound of the door closing.
"I really am back to my eighteen-year-old body. It means that I came 10 years back in time." Xiao Wei thought before she closed her eyes and recalled the next ten years that followed her graduation. Her eyes opened and resolution flashed inside of them. She thought, "I won't let the events that happened in the ten years to come to repeat themselves."
She thought, "I can't let myself go. I won't die of a heart attack and I won't disappoint my mother. I will accomplish something in my life." Xiao Wei frowned and thought, "But what? I don't really have any skills other than playing World Of Ancient Legends that will come out in a few days. Going to the university and studying sounds too much of a pain. I know, I should just become a pro gamer. If I remember correctly in a few years time World Of Ancient Legends will have a pro scene form and the pro scene that forms will be my window to become a pro gamer." Xiao Wei smirked and nodded her head a few times. She liked the plan that formed in her head.
Xiao Wei looked down on her body and thought, "But I can't spend all my time on this game. I should also work on dropping my weight. I can't let myself go and become so obese that would make me have a heart attack. That being said I first have to get a copy of the World Of Ancient Legends or WoAL for short. I need to pre-order it."
The girl with her plan in hand walked away from the table. She walked to her room but right before she entered her room, she stopped and thought, "I have to change my lifestyle. I can't be a slob." She walked back to the dining room and picked up the dish that she ate from. She took the dish and Xiao Wei for the first time washed her own dish. Xiao Wei smiled and thought, "This wasn't that hard."
Xiao Wei returned to her room and still in pyjamas turned on her computer. She navigated to the website of the WoAL and created herself a new account. She then navigated the page and pressed the
 button. Xiao Wei was prompted to put in her information.
When she put in her information and clicked the button to buy the game a sudden message flashed on the computer screen.

Xiao Wei blinked her eyes and she laughed into the air. The girl had put in her credit card information from the future. She laughed as she sat in her chair. She then laid back in her computer chair and thought, "I will need to wait for mother to buy the game. Or I could go out and order the quick-game-buy."
Xiao Wei smirked and thought, "I was planning to drop weight. Walking will be a good start." The girl stood up from her chair. She changed herself grabbed her wallet and took some money from her piggy bank. She then walked out of her house and walked to the quick-game-buy store.
She managed to reach the store in half an hour. She walked through the door and walked to the clerk. She looked at the middle-aged man and said, "I would like to pre-order a game."
The man looked at the woman in front of him and he thought, "Of course when girls come and buy games they are always fat and ugly like this girl." The man smiled, "What would you like to order?"
Xiao Wei stated, "I want to order World Of Ancient Legends."
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