Retribution Incoming Chapter 4: Chapter 1 remastered


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"Oh, shit!When he saw his nephew, Fang Yuan Gui began to kill the members of the clan Yui. At the beginning of the clan war (Gu Yu), and so decided to join their forces (Fang Yuan) trying to attack you, but why all in vain (Fang Yuan) for rapidly killing all of its visual contact with the next (Bai Ning ping). Who would think that his nephew (the foot), that he would have to take care of him, decided to kill the members of the clan because his family is dead?! - Is it acceptable, No. The anger in your heart soon began to grow as a fire that would have engulfed the whole village.

- Why? After all, what I've done for him must be to destroy my life, my family, my dreams. And now he has killed our entire clan! I would have had to kill him when I was little, when I had the opportunity.. don't be grumpy.the grip is so tight that the nails have punctured the skin and began to drip blood.

Fang Yuan) has taken all of his hopes and did not deserve it (Fang Yuan), my father (Fang Yuan), a couple of statutory legacy of its properties (Fang Yuan). Fang Yuan was only a lucky man), we can say that alcohol is a wonderful example to confirm that this child is blessed from the sky! If it had not been here, you would be lucky to be the head of the clan in a snap!

Not only in the knee, I am shocked. It reminded him of himself when he was severely injured. they are only three! Had the chance to move. he was desperate! But he was able to take advantage of the clan, so he took the name "the secret in the old"."But does it make a difference? I've lost everything, what can I do, only for mercy, but I prayed for him not to save, but has not lost its will to live. Even if you strip like a snail in front of a woman, it will not lose the life, will do so! Born yesterday (Fang Yuan) is a lonely child, perhaps a genius, but still, (here) not without the experience of someone!

In feet, and this time he saw Fang Yuan so the texts: he stopped and this time he saw Fang Yuan walk towards him Fang Yuan) to run out so he decided that if he couldn't win the war (Fang Yuan), can always start to beg for mercy. Even if luck is very much less than 1%, it still works.

Not only is it fall back to his knees and cry with all your strength, " Fang Yuan, let them go, we are uncle and aunt!!!Fang Yuan did not stop and the knife in the bear's blood flew from her left hand to open arms, and flew directly to Dong-Tu and the neck of his wife. When I started to go out with her to swim, and when you 'cut off the head, and I' came to mind. The last thing he saw before be a to see was the smile black (Fang Yuan), which also recalls the other.

Fang Yuan... I'll let You die with a painful death!"


"... Dead? I tried (here) to speak, but I could not say a word, because the only thing that followed was darkness. The only thing here was his only soul, and anger, Fang Yuan.

But then he heard a buzz from far away. "What ? The hum approached as the creature that stopped the sound.

"Open your eyes, mortal!"I called the voice that spoke, and returned the testimony of this creature, when he did not know-even if it had eyes, because it was all dark. Somehow he was able to open his eyes and see a black insect is caught, emitting a menacing red light.

- Who are you?"Not to say that there is fear in his head.

"I have to get back at Oj . I slept for a long time, waiting for it to appear someone like you."He said to pay .

"Salary Oj? !(Guam) I couldn't remember what I heard about the virus (here), no.

"I planned for a long time. is not nothing strange. maybe you've never heard of me. I was waiting for someone like you that has pain, and hatred. I've never met him, which would be more appropriate, for a long time."

- You have a second chance to develop it? Can I live again?!If they can live again, feel suddenly too high.

How lucky I am?! In fact, the sky, Post Post Post Post Post Post Post Oh, my God, are not equipped! Not to laugh on the inside.

"You'll have a second chance, but remember: 6 if you are not the exception, Mr. Guam, for 50 years, you will be forever in the circle of grief and of eternity, have you accepted my offer! Do you accept my offer?"

Yes, in another life. I'm ready for anything!"No, it offers a second life almost inhaled, regardless of the fact that the result is negative or not.

"Well, I'm now using my contract to bring you back to life, the body Oj! Listen, when you get to the master Oj.. Or more than 50."
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