Resident Evil: Vengeance Chapter 42: Exhaustion


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"It's gonna be at least a day before we each land," Jacob says as he looks at his phone, "You guys best head down into the hull and get some sleep,"

Ada, Derek, and Page all nod in response before they start heading for the stairs. Derek stops for a second and turns to Jacob.

"If you need to sleep, you can wake me up and I can switch places," Derek states before following Ada and Page. Jacob just nods before turning back to the bow of the boat, the lights on it being the only visible part of the ocean. The top of the ocean reflects the moonlight and stars in the sky above, making it seem like they're drifting through space. However, the peaceful sight fades away as they drive under a field of rainclouds, blocking the sky and submerging the boat in darkness.

Luckily everyone is safe from the rain, Jacob being in the cockpit room and the others sitting below deck.

The hull has adjustable lights, Ada bringing them to a low dim, giving the large room a cozy feeling. The floor is covered in a smooth caramel brown carpet, along with all the couches and chairs in the room. A round table sits in the middle of the room, some curved benches around it. The second they sit down on the couches, they feel just how exhausted they are, the couches feeling almost like luxury beds. The sounds of the boat's engine, the ocean waves and the rain tapping against the windows and the walls, provide a comforting melody that helps them fall asleep.

The sound of someone moving down stairs.

Ada and Page open their eyes to see someone grabbing something from a cabinet. Before the person steps out of the room onto the deck they barely recognize them as Jacob. They glance at each other, then to Derek whose still asleep, noticing that there's no more rain and the boat's engine has gone quiet. They get up, quietly making their way to the door leading out to the deck.

Opening it, they see it's still night time, making it impossible to tell how long they've been asleep for. Jacob stands at the edge of the boat by a ladder leading down into the water. He places a towel down on the ground nearby before he starts taking off his shirt.

"Jacob?" Page asks as she steps out onto the deck, Ada following, "What are you doing?" He turns around to face them.

"Just gonna go for a quick dip," He replies before turning back around and proceeding to take his pants off.

"Is now really the time for that?" Ada asks a bit irritably, both her and Page unable to not notice his ass thanks to his bright red boxer briefs.

"Would you mind turning around?" He asks, glancing at them.

"No, we don't have time for you to-" Ada starts to object but she stops to cover her eyes and look away as Jacob starts taking off his underwear. Ada and Page uncover their eyes when they hear a splash in the water, seeing an empty dock with only Jacob's clothes and a towel on the ground. They hurry over to starboard deck, seeing Jacob emerge from the water a couple feet away.

"Just go back to sleep, I'll be back on the boat in a couple minutes," He states before he starts swimming towards the bow of the boat.

"Did he do this a lot when you worked with him?" Ada asks as they watch him swim farther away.

"He's always been rather, energetic, is the best way to describe it," Page responds, "Whenever we were stuck at headquarters doing computer work, he'd always take 'breaks' to do an exercise or anything he can think of to tire himself out,"

Ada stands there, Jacob now swimming to the bow of the ship and out of sight. She pulls up her phone and opens up some files.

"What are you doing?" Page asks.

"Seeing what Luther wanted from him so badly," She replies as she continues to dig through the files.

"Wait, you have the files that were deleted?"

"Of course, I wasn't just going to make copies for Luther,"

"Wait a second, so you were working for Luther, but now you're trying to kill him?"

"He has something of mine and I'm tired of being some pawn for others. If I'm going to get him I need to know everything about...him," Ada stops scrolling through her phone.

"What?" Page asks as she sees a glint of interest in her eyes. Page walks over to Ada's side, and sees what she's looking at. It's a medical record from a mental hospital, the patient being Jacob. The two of them stand there quietly as they read the report on him. After they read it, Ada finds another file, this one being an email from Luther to the hospital, talking about his interest in Jacob.

"We've been working with not only an ex-terrorist who killed a president, but also with an insane veteran this whole time," Ada states as she closes the file, "If I didn't need him, I'd probably find something to kill him with," She says as she puts her phone in her pocket. She glances at Page to see the look of annoyance on her face.

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Page looks down at the water as they hear Jacob come back around. He reaches them and continues, starting a second lap around the boat.

"Jacob!" Page calls out. Jacob stops swimming and turns around, seeing Page's angry and worried expression. He swims back over to the ladder, but stays in the water.

"What?" He asks with a raised eyebrow.

"How can you still be keeping all these secrets from me?"

"What are you talking about?"

"I know why you really joined Terrasave. I want to know why you never told me, especially after everything that's happened today,"

Jacob climbs up the ladder, grabbing the towel and wrapping it around his waist before coming onboard the deck.

"If I had told you that, do you really think you would have survived?" He asks, looking at Ada and Page with a cold gaze, one that doesn't seem to express anything, "You wouldn't have trusted me, or anything I said, we both know that. Since we're some place safe, I can tell you all about if it will make you feel better,"

The three of them all stand there, the ocean calm and quiet as it listens in as Jacob tells them of his mission, how he killed his comrades, then he goes on to his time in the mental hospital.

Jacob was walking down the hall to his room, the sunlight shining in through the windows. He hears a woman's scream come from a room a couple doors down, but it's quickly muffled. He runs to the where the sound came from, opening the door to see three other patients, all men, grabbing onto a female nurse. One of them is opening up her blouse. When Jacob enters the room, they all stop what they're doing and turn to him, the one undoing the burse's blouse smiling.

"Jacob. Come on in, join us!" They say excitedly, with almost a child-like smile, showing how twisted of a view they have on the world, how damaged their mentality is. Jacob sees they have a shard of glass in their hand. Jacob walks up to them, the other two smiling before he punches the closest one in the face, causing them to stumble back into the wall. The other one tries to attack him, but he breaks their arm, causing them to cry in agony and run out of the room.

The one with the glass shard let's go of the nurse and slashes at Jacob. Jacob raises an arm to protect his face, and can feel the shard dig into his muscle and blood start to come out as the man flails the shard around, making several more cuts on him. The guy suddenly pulls his hand up then slams the shard down, plunging it into Jacob's chest. The pain makes jacob flinch for a second before the burning in his chest forces him to move. He grabs the man, pinning him onto the bed at the nurse's feet whose too scared too move. Jacob glares at the man, who simply laughs.

Looking at him, causes something inside Jacob to well up. He starts noticing the man's pulse more through his hand that's holding onto his throat, and finds himself staring at it. The nurse lets out a scream as Jacob suddenly let's go of the man's throat and sinks his teeth into, feeling the warm blood pouring in his mouth, the savory flavor filling his head. The screaming of the nurse brings him back to reality and he releases the man's throat from his jaws, staring at the man's crazed expression as he starts suffocating from the blood filling his windpipe. He then looks to the nurse, her terrified expression reminding him of his mother and sister's when they had visited him a few days ago. He goes to speak but blood muffles him, so he spits into his sleeve which turns red in seconds.

"Are you, alright?" He asks with winded breath. The nurse sits there, shaking and terrified for a few seconds before, nodding a bit.

"P-Please, don't, h-hurt me," She struggles to say as tears form in her eyes. As he stares at her, he can feel the bloodlust coming up again already. He knows she'll be next if he doesn't do something.

"Help!" Jacob shouts into the hall as he runs into it. He sees some guards talking to the person he had broken the arm of, "Help!" The guards see him, his mouth covered in blood which drips down onto his shirt. The guards quickly come, restraining him and taking him away. As they walk past the room, he glances one last time at the nurse.

"She was never the same after that," Jacob says as he sits on a little bench by the edge of the starboard, "I was honestly surprised she didn't quit after that. Most of the staff stayed far away from me, and I kept my distance unless the other patients starting trying to do anything funny. I came to be known as the monster who protected its prey, the prey being the staff of the hospital. Some people thought I was actually a vampire," He scuffs, "That'd sure make things a lot simpler. It was a couple months after that Luther found me and offered me a job at Terrasave, then I was sent off to Africa where I met you. And you know everything that happened after that. Now you know my whole life story, happy?"

Ada and Page stand their, unable to think of a response. Jacob lets out a sigh of exhaustion and stands up.

"As much as I'd love to have you two stare at my ass while I get dressed," He states sarcastically, "I'd rather not," He walks past them and heads into the hull. He goes up into the cockpit and gets dressed before starting the boat back up, the sun just starting to rise over the horizon, making the sea turn into gold. Ada and Page head back inside the hull and sit down, Derek still asleep. Luckily there's plenty of food and water on the boat that lasts them the rest of the drive. They don't reach land until shortly after the sun sets, coming to a shore by a town. Luther's tracer has stopped in a norther part of Alaska.

Ada contacts a US Agent named Hunnigan, whose able to get them onto a plane heading to the US. The plane lands in Alaska in less than twenty hours where they'll take a train to reach wherever Luther is.

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