Resident Evil: Vengeance Chapter 41: Detachmen


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"Island's still blowing up, now come on, we have no time to spare," Jacob states to Derek, who was once drowsy but is now fully awake. As Derek gets up Jacob lends him a hand and he quickly jumps to his feet. The four of them all hurry to the elevator and get inside, thankfully it's rather large and there's just enough space to not be cramped together. The elevator soon reaches the lower floor and they run out, seeing the Licker a few feet in front of them. Everyone jumps to the side as it shoots out its tongue at them.

Jacob grabs his knife, jumping onto the Licker's back before turning around and plunging the knife into the Licker's head. As it tries to shake Jacob off, he continuously stabs it several times, and the Licker soon goes limp.

"Come on!" Jacob states as he gets up. They all run down the length of the room, reaching the door at the other end leading to sub-lab 4. They run inside, past all the tables and equipment to the door on the left, and enter the lower east wing. The group stops when they see the six zombies waiting for them. The closest one tries to lunge at them, but Jacob stops it, placing a hand on its forehead and plunging his knife into its skull. Ada glances at the door leading to the break room, and sees the metal shutter is up, leaving nothing but a heavily damaged door in the doorway.

As Jacob proceeds to kill the other zombies, something swings at the door, ripping it to shreds. Everyone turns and looks to see a large human-like creature standing almost seven feet tall. It has two heads on it, a human looking one on its left shoulder that looks to be in the process of being absorbed by the rest of the body, which is made up of visible muscle, veins and bones. The one remaining eye on the human head looks to be in utter agony. The main head of the body has two glowing yellow circles for eyes. It's mouth is more oval-shaped, rows of sharp teeth sitting in exposed gums. It's right arm is much larger than its left, a massive clawed-hand at the base and a giant eyeball on its shoulder staring at them. Bones that make almost a rib-cage of sorts has grown over the eye to provide some protection.

"What is that?!" Derek exclaims.

"That's G, now run!" Ada exclaims to the others before they all take off toward the door to the left. Jacob throws his knife at G, hitting it in the head and causing it to stumble back a bit, giving them all just enough time to head into the sewers entrance. The creature let's out a roar that's an unholy mix of a human and some monstrous abomination. Running through the door, they enter a room with walls all made of cement, no paint or coverings of any sort. Some stairs with yellow railings sit ont he other side of the room going down out of sight.

They run to the stairs and hurry down them, hearing the creature break through the door up above as they descend into a much dimmer area. Reaching the bottom of the stairs they step onto a large metal grate platform, a subway train sitting at the other end, the doors to enter wide open. They all run inside the empty train, it's normal lights bringing some relief from the haunting red ones. Running to the right they rush to the front of the train. Ada and Page make it first, entering a small train car that has various buttons and gauges. A screen in the center of the console displays a message saying, "Ready for Departure". The lights on the front illuminate rails leading down a long tunnel that stretches into the darkness for who knows how far.

Ada hurries over to a lever sitting nearby the screen and slowly pushes it forward, the train starting up and the platform to their right slowly disappearing out of sight as they head down the small tunnel.

The monitor screen changes, now saying, "Time Until Arrival: 7:00" and soon starts counting down. They all let out a sigh of relief upon reading the message, until the countdown goes away and the screen turns red.


They all stand there staring at the red screen, the air still with nothing but the sounds of the wheels moving along the rails.

"Do any of you have ammo?" Jacob asks.

"I have 3 bullets," Ada replies as she grabs her handgun. Jacob looks to Page, who shakes her head.

"I used all I had left on the bull," Page answers.

Jacob looks around the room, seeing a glass case on the wall, a magnum with a unique design sitting in it.

"I recognize that," Derek says as he walks up to the case, "Luther had one, back in the lab I first woke up in. It killed a creature around the same size in just one shot,"

Jacob walks up to the case, Derek stepping aside as he hits the glass with the handgun and breaks the glass. He picks up the magnum, then hands it to Derek.

"You better make the most out of it," Jacob states as Derek takes it. Derek nods in response and the two head for the cable cars.

"We'll be back in a bit,"

"Jacob, Derek," Ada states, stopping them right before they leave the car, "G is designed to adapt and evolve, be careful, I've seen what it can do, and what it can become," Jacob and Derek nod in response before leaving the pilot car, leaving Ada and Page all alone. Ada sits down in a chair in front of the console.

"Here I thought I saw the last of Raccoon city…" Ada mutters to herself as she stares at the tunnel ahead.

"Are we just gonna sit here and let them go by themselves?" Page asks.

"What can we do?" Ada asks as she turns the chair to face her, "We have no weapons, no ammo, nothing. If you've really worked with Jacob for as long as Luther says you have, then I'm sure you know just how capable he is,"

"...But what about Derek?"

"That man was the reason I ended up in Raccoon City back in 1998, and the same man who tried to kill me back in Lanshiang, and the reason I was wrongly accused of trying to spread a virus over the entire globe,"

"But he's different now,"

"That's easy for you to say when you've only spent a night with him and have never been personally affected by him. You best hope he's genuinely infatuated by you and not slowly becoming obsessed like he did with me, or you'll start seeing your face, all over the world too. Now take a seat, before you run out there and get yourself getting impaled,"

Jacob and Derek enter the first car, which is empty. As they make their way down the car, they stumble to the side a bit as the train reaches a turn. Regaining their balance, they continue to the door to the next car. Jacob stops and looks around the edge of the doorway, and then looks through the small window in the door into a tiny room acting as a bridge between the cars. Looking through the window in the door on the other car, he can see G is in the back of the car, not having taken any notice of them.

Jacob opens the door and rather than heading through the door looks around the small room.

"Warning, missile detected. Ten minutes until impact, all personal evacuate immediately,"

"What are you waiting for?" Derek asks as he tightens his grip on the magnum, glancing at the glass to see if G has taken notice of them yet.

"I'm seeing if I can detach the car," Jacob replies as he looks around. As Jacob looks around, G takes notice of them, and starts heading for them.

"Jacob, hurry, it's coming!" Derek exclaims.

"Just shoot it!" Jacob replies, before he opens the door and ducks. Derek brings up the gun and shoots it in the head, causing it to come to a stop. It falls to the floor with a thud. Jacob finds a lever on the right side that detaches the cars, and grabs it. It takes all his strength just to get the thing unstuck from its starting position. As he slowly pulls the lever down, G starts to get back, already in the midst of transforming into something new. It starts rising to its feet, a thick skull already grown around its head. Its left arm has grown much bigger in size, now the same size as its right arm, both tipped with large claws.

Derek shoots at it again, but its unfazed as its skull is too thick for the gun to break through. He shoots at the eye on its shoulder, causing it to fall to its knees. As Jacob pulls the lever past the halfway point, the eye regenerates and it starts rising back to its feet. Derek shoots at it again, the creature once more being brought to its knees, several eyes start emerging on the center of its body, several bones emerging from its torso and acting as a shield for some of the eyes.

Derek shoots at the eyes on its center two times, but they regenerate too fast.

"Jacob, hurry, I only have one left!" Derek exclaims as the creature stands up.

"I'm, trying!" Jacob replies as he brings the lever down to the last inch. With a final push, he presses the lever into the wall, hearing a loud clank beneath their feet as the cars separate. The creature starts running at them again, as the distance between the cars quickly starts to grow. It jumps off the the end of the car towards them, its claws slashing towards them. Derek and Jacob shoot at its chest before jumping back. G's claws tear off part of the bridge before it falls onto the ground below, rolling along the ground and quickly disappears as the darkness swallows it.

Derek and Jacob stand there, staring at the moving rails in relief as they catch their breath.

Inside the driver's cabin, Ada and Page notice the warning screen on the monitor go away, bringing back the time until arrival, which is down to a little less than four and a half minutes. They turn around when Jacob and Derek enter the cabin,

"We shouldn't see it anymore," Jacob replies as they walk up to Ada and Page, "Let's just hope the missile kills it for good,"

Ada and Page are relieved at those words, turning back to the tunnel and looking at the timer. As they time gets down to ten seconds the train starts slowing down, arriving at another platform, this one made entirely of concrete and having a large cave opening leading out to the ocean.

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"Warning, missile detected. Five minutes until impact, all personal evacuate immediately,"

The monotone voice says from speakers in the train. They all run out, seeing a large boat docked at the other end of the platform. They get on the boat and take off, leaving the island behind. As they go farther into the ocean, they look up into the night sky and see a small flickering light heading towards the island.

"So, where do we go now?" Page asks as they all sit by Jacob whose driving the boat.

"Get far away from here, then find Luther," Jacob replies.

"How will we find him?"

"Trust me, I made sure he couldn't get away without a trace," Ada replies, holding up her phone, "I placed a tracker on him,"

As the missile lands, there's a tiny flash before a massive explosion soon engulfs the island, an shock wave passing through them and shaking the boat a bit. They're soon driving through an empty ocean that seems to go on forever.

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