Resident Evil: Vengeance Chapter 40: Chemistry


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Ada runs into the chemical mixing room, holding up her phone and pulling up the instructions to make Phoenix. She looks around the room for any of the ingredients but none of them are there.

Derek came from the lower main lab, so the storage room up here doesn't have anything.

Hurrying into the upper west wing, she runs to the elevator, pressing the button and waiting for it to come. There's a small ding as the elevator doors open up. She's about to run in but sees the large hole in the floor, blood all around the broken edges.

Not having the leisure of waiting, Ada hurries into the elevator and presses the button to go down. As the doors close and the elevator makes its decent, she tightens her grip on the gun, keeping an eye on the large hole in the floor. The elevator reaches the second floor and as the doors open she sees both doors in the lower west wing have been severely damaged, like something with large claws had torn through them. A trail of blood leads out to the lower main lab, where she spots something large moving about.

Cautiously, she makes her way to the chemical storage lab, stepping as lightly as possible. Her footsteps still make some sounds which echo through the room. She stops when she sees something move toward the entrance to the main lab. A Licker, with it's upper torso leading to some centipede like body. The creature moves its head around the room as it listens for anything nearby. Ada glances down at her belt, seeing she has one flash grenade left. She reaches for it, grabbing it lightly.

Ada places two fingers on the pin, the Licker lifting its head up towards her, looking in her direction. She pauses for a second, getting ready to pull it and throw, but there's a bang from upstairs, catching the Licker's attention. It turns around and runs into the main lab, Ada breathing in relief as it leaves. She puts grenade back on her belt as she continues to make her way to the chemical storage room. Entering she sees the door inside the room leading to the main lab is also broken apart.

Great, no doors and an abomination of a Licker. At least that thing in the break room isn't here.

She pulls up the instructions once more, looking at the list of ingredients needed. She quietly and swiftly checks the cabinets for them, managing to find everything she needs. She places them on a counter by the dumbwaiter, pressing the button to call it down. She can hear the cables inside the wall start to move. She hears the Licker moving inside the main lab.

Ada turns around to see the Licker heading towards the room. There's another thud up above, but the Licker is focused on the noise coming from the dumbwaiter. The Licker is only a few inches from the door before it enters the room she's in. She grabs her flash grenade, pulls the pin, and chucks it towards the Licker. She covers her eyes as it goes off, the high-pitched noise of the flashbang making its ears ring. Ada quickly looks around the room for anything she can use.

Finding a bottle sulfuric acid in a vial nearby, Ada grabs it and chucks it at the Licker. The Licker roars in pain as the acid eats away at its body. She aims her handgun and shoots it three times in the head, causing it to stumble back. The dumbwaiter arrives, and she moves all the ingredients into it, pressing the button and running out of the room, the Licker recovering from the pain.

As Ada reaches the elevator and rapidly presses the button to go up, she sees the Licker enter the west wing. Before it can lunge at her, the elevator doors close and it starts going up, Ada watching the hole, expecting it to come jumping out from it. The elevator reaches the upper floor, the doors opening up. She hurries into the mixing room where all the ingredients are waiting for her. She closes the door behind her, locking it and hurrying over to the dumbwaiter.

Ada sees the body sitting by it, and not taking any chances, she kicks it in the side of the head. The body falls over on its side, not moving at all. She grabs the ingredients from the dumbwaiter and starts mixing up the chemicals, hearing Derek and Jacob in the other room fighting each other.

It doesn't sound like he's transformed into anything, lucky Jacob, he'd probably be torn to shreds by now if he turned into that t-rex thing.

As she finishes it up the liquid is a vibrant almost neon red. The final step requires it to be cooled by injecting a Serum-D4 that's been cry-freezed.

Why didn't it say I needed that before? Fucking Luther, when I get my hands on's not the time for that. Let's just get the serum, put it in the mixture and see if this stuff really works.

Ada puts a lid on the glass container with the mixture and puts it in a small bag on the side of her belt. She opens the door to the main lab, quickly scanning the room only to find Jacob running towards her.

"Move!" He shouts.

Ada quickly ducks back into the room, Jacob kneeling down just as a broken metal pipe comes flying past him. Jacob turns around, running out of sight. Ada takes the chance to run into the main lab, seeing Jacob grab Derek in the corner of her eye. She runs through the room and reaches the cryo-lab. She runs past computers and desks and enters a large freezer, the frigid air clinging to her the second she steps inside. She starts looking through all the containers for the serum, and finds a couple vials. She opens the cabinet, even colder air lunging out at her.

Hurriedly, Ada grabs a vial and leaves the freezer, rubbing her arms to warm them back up. She grabs some syringes ina supply cabinet by some desks and opens the instructions. She takes out the required amount, and puts it into the glass vial, the serum turning a dull blue. The next step is to inject it into the subject. She puts the Phoenix serum into her belt bag and opens the door to the main lab. Derek has Jacob pinned to the floor, a hand around Jacob's throat and a fist raised in the air.

Ada brings up her gun and shoots Derek in the side of the head, causing him to flinch a bit. Jacob takes the chance to punch Derek in the stomach, winding him, then grabs Derek's waist and rolls him to the side, causing him to fall down onto his side. As Ada makes her way to sub lab 2 Jacob pulls Derek up, sitting behind him and wrapping his arms around Derek's preventing him from moving.

Ada runs into sub lab 2, goes into the upper east wing, enters the lodging area and runs into the room Page is in. She grabs the syringe and serum from her belt bag, fills the syringe up with the required amount, and injects it into Page's forearm. Ada can see the serum start to make its way through Page's veins, quickly spreading throughout her body. Page suddenly sits up, gasping for air before looking around the eye wide-eyed and in shock.

She catches her breath as she sees Ada and realizes she's in some place she doesn't recognize at all.

"W-Where am I? How long have I been out?"

"You've been dead for over half an hour, now come on," Ada says, helping her get up.


"I'll explain later, now come on, we have a dog fight to stop,"

Page follows Ada through the lodging, into the east room, into the sub lab, and then into the main lab where Derek struggles to break free of Jacob's grasp. As Ada and Page hurry over to them, Derek tries to transform, but Jacob tightens his grip, squeezing Derek and forcing him to stay human. Jacob doesn't loosen his grip though, instead he keeps tightening it as he glares at Derek, who starts to have trouble breathing as he feels Jacob's arms start to press into his ribs.

"Stop!" Ada and Page shout, catching Jacob's attention, causing him to ease up. Derek sees Page, his aggressive expression relaxing for a second, but then he goes back to trying to break free.

"Let me go!" Derek shouts angrily.

"Shut up before I crush your ribs," Jacob threatens.

"What happened?" Page asks.

"The virus has taken him over," Ada replies, "So what do we do now?"

"Cure him," Jacob replies irritably, "Did you not think to check for one while you were making the serum?"

"Well I didn't exactly have time to look around now did I? I'll go check the cryo-lab first, Page, come on,"

"O-Okay," She responds, confused about everything happening.

The two enter the cryo-lab and go into the freezer. Looking around they read all the labels on the vials.

"Vaccine-C," Page states as she grabs a small bottle, "Is this it?" Ada walks over and Page hands her the vial, she examines the contents carefully.

"Seems so. Why couldn't getting Phoenix have been this easy?" Ada mutters as the two leave the freezer, grabbing a syringe and heading into the main lab. Ada fills the syringe with the vaccine and injects it into Derek's arm. As the vaccine starts to go through his veins, his body starts to heat up as he suddenly screams in agony.

"What's happening?" Ada and Page asks, caught off guard by Derek's violent reaction.

"S-Shit!" Jacob exclaims as he struggles to keep Derek still, "I forgot he had a special strand! Carla, she had used the antibodies to mutate the strand. Ada, get some of my blood!"


"Just do it, and hurry!"

Ada sticks the syringe into Jacob's arm, drawing some blood. As Ada takes the syringe out from his arm, Jacob tightens his grip on Derek, causing him to start to lose his breath. Derek struggles to breath as he's deprived of air and unable to scream.

"Inject half a mili-meter, anymore could be lethal," Jacob commands. Ada nods, putting the syringe in the first place she had put in in Derek's arm, and lightly presses on the syringe, a tiny bit of Jacob's blood going into Derek's veins. She takes the syringe out, Jacob releasing his grip and letting Derek breath. Derek's expression is one of agony, but he's no longer screaming or shaking in any way. Soon his expression relaxes and he passes out.

"How did that work?" Ada asks as she looks at the syringe, still partly filled with Jacob's blood.

"It's a long story," Jacob says as he lets go of Derek, letting him slump over onto the ground.

"Can anyone explain to me what happened while I was dead?" Page asks.

As Derek lays on the floor, they tell her off everything that happened after she had been killed by the bull. Page looks down at Derek, whose still unconscious, having a hard time imagining him crying as he holds her body.

"Seems like he likes you," Ada comments with a teasing smile, pulling Page out of her thoughts, "Though you two can deal with that later once we're off this damn island. Do we have any way off? The boats at the docks are destroyed, and Luther and Norton took off in the only helicopter I saw at the prison,"

"The sewers," Jacob replies as he looks at the map of the lab on a computer, "That's where the evacuation routes on the map lead to, there must be a boat there,"

Ada pulls up the map on her phone, and looks at where the entrance to the sewers is. The only way to it is through the lower east wing, which is only accessible by either going through the break room which has the gate shut to it, or by using one of the elevators or the ladder in the garden to get to sub-lab 4.

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"There's a Licker somewhere downstairs," Ada states as she stares at the map.

"Well then let's wake up Derek," Before Derek can be woken up, an alarm suddenly goes off, causing the normal lights to turn off and the red ones to come back on.

"Warning, missile detected. Fifteen minutes until impact, all personal evacuate immediately,"

"That fucker always has a back up plan…" Jacob mutters to himself as he looks up at the ceiling. The alarm startles Derek awake who looks around to see Ada Jacob and Page, who all look down at him.

"What's happening?" Derek asks.

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