Reincarnator Chapter 98: Orange Zone (4)


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'What does he have for him to act like this?'
Ken, who had seen Sofía's expression, flinched a little bit but then quickly loosened up.
'There's no reason to get scared.'
And he wasn't alone.
"Do you think that this is the Red Zone? Don't interfere with our work."
Ken, who had sent a carrier pigeon saying that he had found one of the Departed Souls somewhere, shrugged his shoulders as he spoke.
Ken had seen a lot of things in the past year while roaming around the Orange Zone.
He had seen a countless amounts of scenes but ironically the scene that left the strongest impression on him was the first thing he had seen when he came up.
It wasn't the giant Margoth.
The important thing was what happened afterwards.
Which was the reason for their wait here.
"Don't get in the way and just watch."
Ken, who had muttered while looking at Sofía, looked at his comrades running towards the newcomers for their plan.


"Hoo… that was terrifying."
The captain of the track
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