Reincarnation Of Third-rate Swordsman Chapter 41: Guardian of the Pond


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[ Congratulations! You've passed the Third Wave ]

[ The Fourth Wave will be announced at later time ]

[ Kill Rankings ]

1.Kristine Avila                      [ 1999 ]

2.Allyson Harris Lee [ 1655 ]

3.Mawi [ 1335 ]

4. Kim Shin [ 1111 ]


The sun was about to rise when the 3rd wave ended and their 4th Day inside the Dark Hyena Forest.

Kim Shin heaved a sighed of exhaustion as he brushed off the sweats on his forehead with his left arm.

Tak! Tak!

A sound of quick footsteps could be heard seems like running, turning his head to look at his back. Kim Shin saw the speeding Kiarra.

"Big Brother! You were really strong earlier, and everyone was looking at you in awe..."

Kiarra elatedly narrated everything she heard to Kim Shin and behind Kiarra was the always pretty despite the sweats all over her body, Kristine.

"Mmh... mhh. How about you? Did you slay a lot?"

Kim Shin softly questioned the talkative Kiarra, he didn't know the reason why this little girl wanted to be so close to him.

"Uh-hu... Not much. Since I could only attack those who're on the verge of dying..."

Kiarra downheartedly answered.

"It's fine, don't worry there still have 2 more waves. So, give your best and you can increase your kills."

Kim Shin comforted Kiarra as he pinched her bubbly cheeks.

On the other side, Kristine watched the two acts like a real sibling and couldn't help but to think how does it feel to have a real sibling, since she's the only daughter of their family, she didn't know how does it feel.

Although, Kim Shin was playing with Kiarra, he could see the change on Kristine's eyes as she watched them.

"Let's go, Kiarra. Let's eat and have a good rest..."

While playing, Kim Shin suddenly felt a grumbling of his stomach, and he realized that he didn't eat anything since yesterday.

"Mmh. Okay, Big Brother Shin!"

Kiarra jovially replied at Kim Shins wanted.

Walking side by side with Kiarra, Kim Shin discovered that Kiarra height was really small, it's only before his chest.

"Kiarra, how old are you now?!"

Kim Shin asked curiously. Although, he knew that after the tutorial, it would be hard for them to meet again, he still wanted to get closer with this kind and bright young girl.

Despite the darkness that roaming everywhere and how corrupted this world, Kiarra could still stay at her old self was a big proof that this girl is not your ordinary girl. So, having a connection with Kiarra is not bad at all.

"Eh?! Didn't you know It's not good to ask for a girl age? It was like your asking about the color of her underwear! It's our privacy. Hmm, I think it's fine since it was you who's asking. I just turned 13 last Sunday..."

Kiarra keeps spouting a weird fact about girls. However, she still answered Kim Shin's question.

"Oh. You just turned 13 before the transmigration happened..."

Kim Shin words started to become weak as he heard the casual talk of a man and woman.

"Aiya! I really wanted to take a bathe. I haven't taken bath for almost four days now..."

The woman said in annoyance.

"Yea, me too sadly we couldn't take a bath in this pond because of the poisonous guardian under it..."

The man replied as he heaved a sighed of defeat.

After Kim Shin heard their topic, memories rose up from his old memories. It's about the Guardian of the four ponds.

At the 4th day of Tutorial, the four guardians of the pond will eat a bunch of human flesh in exchange for human's shelter at every wave.

'It's about time...'

When they reached Kristine's party tent that was only few yards away from the pond. Kim Shin suddenly turned silent as he looked seriously in the calm green pond.

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Seeing that Kim Shin suddenly got quiet, Kiarra couldn't help to ask as she tugged Kim Shin's right sleeves.

"Big Brother, what's wrong—"


However, before she could finish her words. Kiarra was interrupted by the loud explosion from the pond as the pond water rain down on them.

"Run! Faster! Don't let yourself touch by the pond's water!"

Kim Shin quickly yelled as he hides Kiarra behind him.



However, even with his immediate announced. A lot of them still got hurt by those corrosive water ponds.


A drop of the corrosive water pond fell on Kim Shin shoulder that caused a small hole on his black robe.


[Durability of your Blue-Eyed Black Dragon's Robe was quickly falling down!]

The system alerted Kim Shin about his black robe.


He cursed as he unequipped his black robe and put back into his inventory.

"Big Brother, are you okay?"

Kiarra asked concernedly, when Kim Shin took off his black robe.

"I'm fine. It's just a small hole it won't affect me."

Kim Shin instantly broke into sweet smile as he replied. However, deep inside he already cursed the nine generations of the Pond's Guardian for making a hole on his robe.

"Where's Kristine?"

Kim Shin questioned when he couldn't find Kristine around.

"Sis is inside the tent..."

Kiarra simply answered as she pointed her fingers to the tent.

"Ah. Okay."

After nodding his head. Kim Shin finally focused his attention at the source of the explosion.

On the middle of the pond was an enormous jade spiky clam with a violet snake like tongue inside its huge shell while screeching loudly.


[ Jade Clam Venomous Snake Lv ?? ]

Approximately 12 meters huge. It was truly gigantic for its size.


"W-What kind of Monster is that?"

Stuttering asked by Kiarra as, she was dumbfounded at the creature size and looks.

"You could treat that as a Field Boss Type."

Kim Shin answered softly while focusing his attention at the Huge Clam.

Rustle! Rustle!

"What is that?!"

Kristine loudly asked who just got out of the tent and discovered the giant clam.

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