Reincarnated with a Grand Fate Chapter 6: The Two Old Friends?


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Cai Ning wrapped herself one of Mei Xing's arms, smiling happily while pulling her away from the other two Descendents.

"Mei Xing, did your parents finally let you run free?" Cai Ning asked, smiling playfully while raising an elegant eyebrow at Mei Xing.

"If not for you being my friend, I'd beat you up." Mei Xing rolled her eyes at her and scowled.

Cai Ning covered her mouth with a delicate looking hand and laughed gently.

"Xing'er, were old friends, stop being so mean."

Hearing that, Shi Mei Xing had the urge to puke blood.

"Y-yo-you sly fox, you got me grounded for a full year!" Mei Xing nearly screamed at her, before crossing her arms and looking away.

"I only said we should get married, and we did, now we have an alliance between our Clans, no?" Cai Ning smiled like a fox, with a gloating expression in her eyes.

Gentle Snow only sighed and shook her head, pitying the Young Miss.


Celestial Realms : Location Unknown One Year Ago


Two young maidens sat back to back, breathing deeply as a colossal corpse laid in front of them, with blood splattered everywhere. Trees towering to the heavens surrounded them on all sides, with broken stars in the sky. The world looked as if it had ended long ago.

"We did it Ning'er, but the others may find this place soon." Mei Xing said, standing, grabbing a giant crimson sword twice the size of her body.

Cai Ning stood, grasping a thin sword in her delicate loooking arm, exhaling softly.

Roars of various beasts shook the world as they focused on their surroundings, eyes narrowed.

"There!" Cai Ning cried out, as a beast tore out from the forest, sending the towering trees toppling like match sticks.

The beats didn't have a clear form, and instead looked like a mixture of different creature stuck together. It roared, causing the sky to darken as a murderous intent pressured towards the two.

Cai Ning smiled, kicking of with her sword in hand, charging the beast.

Swinging the sword, the beast met with a claw, causing the surroundings to rupture, sending rocks, trees, and both beast and girl flying. Catching herself on a tree, she stood, holding the sword in front of her with a mocking smile on her face.

The beast roared at the provocation, an enormous amount of Spirit energy gathering in it's mouth.

A black light appeared, flying towards Cai Ning with an aura of destruction, that left one gasping for breath.

Facing the beam, Cai Ning flipped from the tree, landing on the ground steadily.

"Celestial Demon Arts, Heaven Devouring!" A hole filled with darkness appeared, sucking in everything, spirit energy, air, even light.

She slashed downwards with the sword, a massive boom split the already broken land in half, causing the world to shake even several hundred thousand miles away.

She fell to the ground, but before she hit, Mei Xing appeared besides her, with a small hand holding her.

"If you used the advanced Celestial Demon Arts, would this world still be able to survive?" Mei Xing popped a pill into Cai Ning's mouth, before letting her sit.

"Thanks, if you hadn't been here, I might have already died." Cai Ning said weakly as her smile was a bit forced.

"Eh, blame our stupid Clans if we die, it's their fault for sending us here." Mei Xing puffed out her cheeks and patted Cai Ning's head.

As she was about to say more, the ground shook, and an enormous humanoid form ran towards them from hundreds of miles away.

Mei Xing sighed and stood, the sword several times her size in hand as she kicked of the ground, rapidly closing in on the giant. Distance seemed to shrink under her feet as five steps carried her out a hundred thousand miles.

She stood in the sky, a noble and haughty aura erupting from the depths of her soul. She smiled disdainfully. Her sword glowed red with heat, and an eternal aura appeared on the blade, along with shining white flames.

"Shi Heaven Burning Arts, Burning Realm!" When Cai Ning heard the move, shock and alarm flashed in her eyes. She hopped up and ran away, hundreds of miles without looking back.

Behind her the world went white, and for a moment, it felt as if she had fell into the deepest depths oh Hell.

The feeling faded after a moment as she wasn't being targeted, and she looked back.

Chunks of rock, from the size of continents to the size of pebbles floated in the air, glowing red hot, almost turning to magma.

A crater, looking as if a planet had smashed into this world was in the middle, with a terrifying flame raging deep in it's midst, burning the core of this world.

Mei Xing appeared besides her, looking lively and smiled happily.

"My Clan Arts are strong-" A hand hit her head, causing her to wince.

"What did I do?" She asked, teary eyed and looking wronged.

Cai Ning looked speechless as cracks appeared under their feet. Looking into the crack, you could faintly see red and white flames clashing, causing the world to shudder.

"This world is done for, did you have to annihilate all life?" Cai Ning looked at her, looking a bit panicked.

"I just used a celestial art, how would I know the world would collapse?" Mei Xing said, looking completely unconcerned.

"But I don't want to die without getting married, I know, I'll marry you." Cai Ning smiled like a clever fox, while Mei Xing tilted her head looking confused.

"Marry me?" Mei Xing thought she had heard the word before, but didn't remember where she had heard it.

"Yes, it means we'll be together forever, do you want to?" Cai Ning said, looking a bit embarrassed.

Mei Xing pondered for a split second then nodded.

Cai Ning smiled happily while the rings on their fingers lit up with a red light. It swirled out, connecting the two Clan rings in a mysterious way.

"What happened to my Clan ring?"

As Mei Xing was about to ask more, their figures glowed, but before they disappeared, Cai Ning ran over and hugged her tightly before they both disappeared into streams of light.

A courtyard appeared in front of Mei Xing with guards wearing priceless armor, and handsome faces bowed as her parents walked over to her.

"How was the trial Xing'er?" Shi Lian smiled and cupped Mei Xing's face, smiling lovingly.

Mei Xing smiled and told her what happened, leaving the part with marrying out as she didn't fully understand it herself. Only, she was destined to be spanked.

Her mother took her hands and held them, looking for injuries, then froze, her eyes resting on the Clan ring Mei Xing wore.

"Lian'er what happened?" Shi Huan walked over, and he to froze, staring at the ring.

Both their gazes turned strange as they looked at Mei Xing.

"Mei Xing, you are six years old this year, why is your ring saying you're married, is it broken?"

Shi Lian asked gently, while patting her daughter's head.

"Oh mom, Cai Ning said let's get married and be together forever, and since she's my friend, I agreed."

Mei Xing smiled happily while both her parents, and the guards kneeling were shocked speechless.

"She asked you to marry her, and you did?" Shi Huan asked gently, with a smile that wasn't quite a smile.

"Yep, we'll be together forever." Mei Xing clapped happily, unaware that Shi Lian had sat down.

Looking over at her, she ran over crouching by her side.

"Mom are you tired, you should go rest." Mei Xing said, trying to sound like those doctors who treated her when she fell sick.

Shi Lian looked up, grabbed Mei Xing and put her over her knee, and spanked her causing her to screech and writhe in her grasp.

Afterwards Shi Huan told Shi Lian to stop, and as she was praising everything for her giving her such a nice dad, he too grabbed her and put her over his knee and spanked her, and the cycle began.


Mei Xing shivered, rubbing her backside unconsciously, remembering the spanking. She was later told what marrying meant, and blamed Cai Ning with every fiber of her being, and yet she couldn't seek revenge because she was grounded.

The Shi Clan and the Cai Clan resolved the issue, with the result being they both marry the same person, and as such, Cai Ning spent the most time with the isolated Mei Xing, and Mei Xing grew a bit dependant on her.

As such, a perfectly good friendship was formed, but Mei Xing never dared agree to anything Can Ning asked if she didn't know what it meant again.

The two Young Masters watched the two Misses interact as they stood to the side, secretly pressuring each other with their auras.

At this time, the old Sect master walked in, and felt pressure from the depths of his soul and saw three people that gave him the same amount of pressure as Mei Xing, and as for Mei Xing herself, she and another heavenly beauty chatted and laughed like to fairies, while two men with handsome looks that far surpassed anything he had scene appeared, emitting strong battle intent.

He sighed, turned around, and made up his mind to come back when it was less crazy.

Gentle Snow saw his entrance, along with several servants of the other Young Masters and Misses.

As he left, they all looked at him with a pitying gaze as he escaped from the room.

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