Reincarnated To Another World with My Ex Chapter 8: I Still Love You


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I, the prince of Stizriven had just been bad-mouthed by my fiance who is engaged with me for political reasons. I have just been called directly at my face as a wimp, a pushover, and a pervert, by the woman who ate all the sweets prepared by my gorgeous maids.

Wow, the tray looks shiny as hell, to think that there are really women just like Yuri, who only looks like a beautiful lady who eats nothing but salads and other non-fat products, but in reality eats more than a construction worker.

Ahh, she's annoying, she reminds me of Yuri.

"Wimpy? Pushover? Hah! At least I'm not so hungry to make the sweets tray sparkling and clean!"

I crossed my arms and looked away in annoyance, I am the current Walter Wiedenfeld and I'll show you that I'm not a pushover and wimpy, well about being pervert I'm quite guilty about it, so she may have a point, but I think all men are perverts though, I just prefer to be myself and show it whenever and wherever I want, as a result, my ex have beaten me up many times in public because of that.

"Hah! What are you saying! Look at that! It hasn't even been touched yet!"

It hasn't been touched?! What the hell is the deal with this girl? Is she really that fragile-looking, beautiful and cute girl that had such dignified and elegant manners! She's even making pathetic excuses! Okay time to tell her off!

"Nonsense! It's because the maid just replaced it with a new set! Have some shame! Glutton!"

"G-G-Glutton?! How dare you say that to a frail maiden like me? Ahh the new maid huh? You've ogled at her well, how are her measurements huh? Pervert!"

"P-P-Pervert?! Which part of you is frail?! Don't change the topic! That's because I don't go for little girls like you! My maid's three sizes are way better than yours!"

The lady who ate like a construction worker just called herself frail! She's even boldly pointing out my pervertedness in a loud voice, earlier was alright but now she's shouting it loudly, ahhhh I can see my maids whispering to each other, I even mentioned their three sizes, oh my god, what the hell is wrong with you Tiffania! … Wait, not good, I'm getting worked up for some reason,

"To compare women like that, hah! what a sicko! You really are trash! KAZUTRASH!"

"Stop talking, stuff your mouth with those sweets you have there! YURIGORILLA!"

What… what did we just call each other? At the moment she called by my nickname, everything finally made sense, there's only one person in the entire universe who calls me by that name with such tenacity, and could stir me up to this degree.

"... Kazu"

"... Yuri?!"

Even though our faces are now different, it seems that we still recognized each other, so this is what that god meant, "Don't let her go this time, and don't make her cry again" huh? So in that incident we died together and reincarnated in bodies of nobles that are engaged with each other… god is really in a good mood today.

I felt a small flame burning in my heart, no… it's beating faster as I looked into her eyes, even though it's not the same color, it's the same eyes I stared at over and over again, it's really her, the woman that I loved for many years, even until now, so even after reincarnation we still met huh?

Seeing that she's unable to move, with beads appearing in my eyes I moved closer to her, and held her face that was about to also cry, her grey eyes were the same as her eyes in the old world, it sparkled like gems, it looked so beautiful and mesmerizing.

The last time I remember her she was crying at KFC, and ran when I was about to go near her, but this time I won't let you go Yuri. I slowly caressed the back of her head and slid her onto my chest as I wrapped her in my arms.

"Kazu… is that really you?"

She asked me as she slowly tapped my back, why? Ah, so I must be crying… I didn't notice, I was just filled with such happiness, being reincarnated into this world where no one recognizes me, I was unconsciously filled with fear, by no means, the concept itself is supposed to be enjoyable, after all, it's a world filled with magic, in movies, it was supposed to become an adventure, but in reality, it's the opposite, the first feeling that I noticed is sorrow, to not be able to see the ones I love anymore, my friends and the people I care for in my old world.

Seeing you here took away those fears, worries and anxiousness. The one who knows and understands me the most is right in front of me, wrapped in my arms.

"No… in this world I'm Walter, Yuri,no-... in this world you are Tiffania huh?"

As if my feelings have reached her she responded by hugging me back completely, as she rested her head on my shoulders.

"Yeah, Walter, I'm sorry... for running out like that, if not for that then you might be alive and-"

"No, don't say that, Yu-... Tiffania, let's just be grateful, that even in this unfamiliar world, our souls still found each other, I'm really grateful, to have a chance to apologize, and tell you the things I haven't told you yet"

"Heh, what is that, so corny… is your cold-guy attitude finally wearing off after getting reincarnated?"

This woman who doesn't know how to shut her mouth off finally ruined the emotional moment, but it's okay, it's just how she is.

"You really know how to easily get on my nerves."

We separated as we smiled at each other as Walter and Tiffania, with beads of tears in our eyes, the last time I saw her she was crying in pain, and now the tears she has are tears of happiness, I'm so happy to see her smile once again, and glad that she didn't run away this time and was also happy somehow that we met, even after death, we beat those couples saying "till death do us part", oh wait, that's incorrect since we broke up already.


Tiffania stayed for dinner, we decided to dine outside my mansion, at the garden used for tea parties, where it was lit by four lamps using light magic, it seems Gavin can cast it, what a handy old man.

Okay, I'll reward him with some hard cookies later.

Cutlery and plates were prepared, we are still happily chatting with each other as we wait for dinner to be served.

The first topic we talked about is about the people we reincarnated in, Walter and Tiffania, we explained each other circumstances,.

"It's unfair… "

"What? Why?"

"You have been reincarnated as a prince, and I was reincarnated as the daughter of the duke"

She pouts her face again, it's so cute I want to take a picture of her right now if I had a cell phone.

"Nothing we can really do about that, it's better than being born as a commoner here right?"

Commoners in this kingdom, according to our memories mostly are abused by the corrupt nobles, by raising tax, wringing them dry, making them as slaves, and then selling them off to other countries which gives the corrupt nobles more income. It's distasteful, no matter how beautiful this world is supposed to be, just like my old world, it still casts its own shadow, and in this feudal society that hasn't developed that much technology and policies yet, the deeper the shadow it casts.

"Hey Tiffania, is your father one of those corrupt Dukes we hate so much in the movies in our old world?"

"No, father is decent, although he is forcing me to get married to you its pure concern to me, and the stability of the family, he is running the domain decently"

"I'm glad, at least if we get married I'll get his support!"

"Do you think I'll get married to you? After everything you did to me in our past life, hmmmppf!"

As I was about to get worked up again, I sighed and tried to understand more of her words, even how long I knew her, one thing that got us into quarrels is that I can't understand her heart sometimes, she isn't honest to her feelings and is stubborn and awkward, even though how outgoing she is.

This time I'll choose an answer that will not get us into another fight, and try to understand her more, no matter how unpredictable her personality is.

"Haha, as the saying goes, 'let bygones be bygones', you always tell me that right? This time I'll be using your popular phrase. We are engaged, after all, let's just go with the flow, or they will notice you know"

"Well… you have a point, but I don't want to become a puppet of the family."

"Let's just take things slow, step by step right?"

"How are you dealing with your personality change by the way?"

"Ah for me, I just act the way I do around the people close to me, like Gavin, if I were to try to act like the old Walter, it will be so stiff, I don't know how to act"

"Unfair, you even changed outfits… maybe I should do the same?"

"Do you have loyal servants at home?"

"N-No, all maids are under my mother…"

"Then what about that cute maid who came with you?"

"Cute? I'm gonna smack you!"

"Then… if you have no one, why not just live in my mansion with me?"

The two of us talked and talked as we dined with the steak prepared for us, as the moon and the stars shone above us, it was our first date a year after breaking up, and to be honest, the night felt so good, as if my thirst for something has been finally quenched. I haven't felt this feeling even when I was with Yui, I guess its really different with Yuri.

We both enjoyed talking about each other's troubles, how Tiffanias mother was scary, how I startled Gavin who came to me the first time I woke up, the differences between cultures of our old world knowledge in middle ages and in this world, how I was treated as a wimpy prince. It also seemed that Tiffania recalls her reincarnation as her memories of her past life surging into her mind, unlike me where I heard god's voice, but I didn't tell her that, it's a bit embarrassing that I asked god for another chance because I love her so much. I also kept the poisoning a secret, for now, it's too dangerous for her to be involved.

Before I knew it, dinner was over and her carriage finally arrived to pick her up. We decided to keep our relationship as it is as it works to our advantage, but there's one thing I haven't told her yet.

As she finally stood up to leave, I held her hand.

"Tiffania, there may be things uncertain, I really don't know why I have been reincarnated in such a world, and luckily, you are here too, but I just want to say one thing before you leave, one thing I regretted not telling you, I regretted it so much that even after reincarnation I kept thinking about it… and now that you are here, I want to say it before anything happens again!

I, as Kazu and Walter Wiedenfeld, still love you, in our past life, in our current life, and will keep loving you no matter how many times we will get reincarnated!"

For the first time in my life, I made such an embarrassing confession, but I think it's the best time to say it, I who have met an untimely death knows how important it is to say the things you need to say to the ones you love, you never know when you get the chance to do so.

As I said the words, she responded to me by turning to me, and making a curtsy elegantly, and smiled with the same smile she gave me in the years of dating.

"I, Tiffania Mueller… will have to think about it."

Wait, WAIT WAIT WAIT! Did she just reject my once in two lifetimes embarrassing confession? It was very hard for me to say that, I did confess my love to her but that was as equals and mutual love, it wasn't as romantic as this one!

Ah bury me right here at where I am standing Gavin!

"Well… after seeing you ogle at those maids, and knowing that in your position as a prince, of course, I would have such reservations. Ohoho"

Oh, she's acting like a proper lady right now, well, it's better than nothing. I made a wry smile.

"Ohoho, shall I use my authority?"

"Ohoho, I'll run away and make myself an adventurer, I'll beat you up to a pulp, there's magic after all"

"Ohoho, you'll be charged with crimes for treating me badly ohoho"

"Ohoho, using your authority right now huh? AFTER THAT EMBARRASSING CONFESSION! HAHA"

"Ohoho... "

We bickered for a while again with our noble selves, before Tiffania was finally able to go. But as she left a letter came in, and its contents were, was a warm congratulations my recovery from the poison, and a death threat to me, telling me to give up my claim to the throne, or they will take away the people that I love, away from me.

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