Reincarnated To Another World with My Ex Chapter 4: Walter Wiedenfeld


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I Kazu, reincarnated as Walter Wiedenfeld when I woke up I was greeted by this old man named Gavin, what was his last name again? "Feuerwerker" or something? Don't they bite their tongues when they make their last names?

How idiotic. It isn't SMART at all.

Apparently, according to the voice, my fate couldn't be reversed when I died at my old world, and because god was in the mood, he reincarnated me into another world set in different kinds of laws, amazingly there's magic, and unfortunately, I was reincarnated into an eighteen-year-old beta and wimp prince.

When his memories merged into mine, a chill ran down to my spine, Walter is the type of guy I hated the most; beta, pushover, a crybaby, to think these types of men really exist in this reality in this world? Ohhh I forgot that I'm in another world.

His redeeming trait was that he was born as a prince, even if he doesn't ascend to the throne he is destined to live a comfortable life, he even has this loyal retainer scurrying around the place looking for the poison, just how convenient was that? He already drank it and died already old man.

Well, my dad in the other world is a great innovator who made reusable rockets and stuff, yet my life was full of comedy and tragedy due to his minimal support, but thanks to him, I knew the value of money, I didn't become spoiled like Walter and his brothers, and I was able to experience normal student life without pressure, unlike Yuri who was able to experience it yet, her parents were pressuring her to inherit the company.

I suddenly remembered the memories before my last moments, and I felt hurt in my heart, but for some reason, I felt relieved for some reason, I shook my head and chose not to think about it for now.

The result of Walters's bad parenting is his death, being too naive, trusting random maids, drinking poisoned water... but, it's thanks to him I was able to live again. Thank you real Walter, I'll live this life in another way that you lived it, although your close folks might be up to some surprises, don't worry. I'll just tell them that it was a growth spurt.

"Who the hell wants to live like a wimp anyway?"

My thoughts leaked through my mouth and Gavin still looked at me while keeping his distance. I noticed that he's been like that since earlier, is Walters's face that endearing that a single touch would make an old man insane?

An image of my new face as Walter and Gavin in a BL comics cover appeared on my mind, I immediately hit my head to clear the gruesome image I just thought of, I'm imaginative as usual, that it could go haywire if unchecked. Thinking back, Yuri would make fun of me pasting my ID picture to a BL comics manga character and then paste Andrei's picture to the other character. But because I was in love with her, I just laughed it off, just how head-over-heels was I for that gorilla woman?

"Oh, I'm thirsty, Gavin, can you get me another pitcher of water? I just drank that and it was poisoned, I think the poison sped up my growth spurt, that from now on I'm gonna stop being shitty as a wimp," I nonchalantly pointed at the metal pitcher he was smelling, are you a K9 or something?

I came up with the SMART idea on the fly since Gavin is an idiot, I think he will believe it. Maybe my dad will praise me for being such an innovative lier. I let out a snicker, which made Gavin seem more uncomfortable as he looked at me, my dad was praised around the world for his inventions of reusable rockets, solar farms, and electric vehicles, he is the greatest innovator in my old world in my time, of course, its in the genes.

"Y-Y-Yes Prince Walter, I'll get it surely! Are you sure you don't need a doctor? Just in case?"

Why is he looking at my face too much? I felt my face and there was nothing different, hey old man are you gay? I'm gonna call the guards on you... just kidding Gavin is one of my loyal servants, with death threats upon me I can't afford to lose my allies, but still, aside from Gavin the old Walter doesn't have other allies. I made a sigh realizing that the prince I just reincarnated to was nerfed too much.

"Yeah Yeah, forget it" I waved at him to get him out of my room, I needed some private time to set my mind calm and think about what to do from now on. The world with magic is exciting in itself, but I feel that it wasn't what I came here for, I didn't expect that God was such a fickle person to reincarnate me just because he was in a mood, now what to do?

Gavin who was relying on his cane to even walk properly tried to get the metalwares that were on my side, the pitcher and the glass, but as he did it he was shaking and sweating, struggling to do it with one hand, as I scanned from Walter's memories, the old man cared for him like his own son, he even hardly went home to see his family, but the old Walter didn't feel any attachment to him, he was passive just as if he was using the old man, to survive every day for him to just laze at his own room.

"Ahh, it's annoying," seeing such flashbacks on my head irritated me, the old Walter wasn't just a wimp, he was also annoyingly passive. I stood up from my bed and took the metalwares with my own hands.

"Lead the way," I told him blankly, Gavin was astonished to see me carry it by myself, but shortly he came to his senses.

"P-Prince, I should be the one doing this"


"Prince... "

"I said to lead the way," hurry up old man, it's hard to see an old man at your age with that expression, just how much was Walter using you for him to just laze around?

"Okay, Prince, but your outfit"

"It's fine" Now he's even nitpicking about my outfit. It's my mansion anyway so I can wear anything I want to.

Gavin finally gave up and he led me to the kitchen, while I was walking I saw some beautiful looking maids and butlers, who were shocked to see me in such clothes following Gavin, but they weren't able to say anything they just bowed when I passed by them.

I have a flirty nature, and by now if I was in my old world I would have winked at one of the maids seeing how beautiful they are, but in order to let my daily life continue, I decide to not do anything rash yet, surprising Gavin is one thing, but not the maids, as one of them have poisoned and killed the former owner of this body.

We arrived at the kitchen with me still in my sleeping gown, I put the plates and instinctively my hands went to dip it in the water, in my condominium I would wash dishes by myself, but when Gavin saw me dip the cup on the water this time he held my hand and shook his head.

"You might be feeling ill, but a noble and a prince at that shouldn't do this, Prince Walter"

I don't like stressing elders so I left it and wiped my hand with my gown as I looked at him but it gave Gavin another shock, I can see it written on his face, his mouth was opened wide, and he was sweating in his forehead.

"It's okay, it's okay calm down," I told him, but his face was still stiff on the same position, then suddenly I realized something, as I was only seeing Walter in his memories I haven't seen it personally yet, how does my face look like?

I scanned the kitchen to find a shiny object that will reflect my image and found a mirror hanging on the wall.

And there I could see, the face made of the mix of the wimpy and passive Walter and Kazu's attitude and personality.

In the mirror, I could see the handsome young prince Walter with blond hair and blue eyes, the same with what I had expected, but the face became so different due to my constant sleep deprivation and nearsightedness, that my eyes appear to glare, does this mean my sleep deprivation and nearsightedness goes along with my soul?

That fickle god! If you're gonna reincarnate me at least you could have left it!

As I cursed the god that reincarnated me for his negligence, Gavin came to his senses again. I think I'm going to give this old man a heart attack sooner or later.

"Are you really okay prince Walter? You should have rest today"

"But don't I always rest?"

"Y-Y-Yes but you have several important appointments today?"

"Really? Even when I was just almost poisoned? By the way how did you find out I was poisoned?"

"Yes, about that, one of the maids disappeared and left a letter of apology for killing you with poison, she says that she had to do it because the perpetrator is holding her family hostage, I have our troops finding her as we speak," he explained as he was shaking again maybe due to the problems on his leg.

I leaned back at the bar of the kitchen where the sink was as I processed information on my head, but I realized that I lack common knowledge even with Walters memories, Walter didn't go outside much aside from the parties he attended.

I thought deeply as I played with my front hair, as my habit when processing thoughts, Kazu's hair was smoother than Walter's, maybe due to the existing haircare technology, but it didn't bother me one bit, as I only wanted to think.

But another thing bothered me was that Gavin was shaking on his feet.

"Why don't you take a seat? Don't force yourself, sit over there!" I pointed to a wooden stool beside me.

"Aren't you going to take a seat here Prince Walter?"

"It's okay just use it, I can't think if you are wobbling over there"

Gavin sat on the stool and made a sigh of relief, I guess following Walter this time must have taken a strain on you huh old man, now behave there for a bit so I can think.

"Live the rest of your life there and don't make another mistake... don't let her go this time, and don't make her cry again," I murmured as I tried to find the meaning behind the words of the voice of god, the others were just rhetorics but there was just one phrase that got me thinking.

"don't let her go this time... " I said slowly word by word, "don't make her cry again... " strange, I think I saved Yuri on time before I died, maybe god is referring to the new lovers I will encounter here?

My eyes wandered towards the beautiful maids doing housework, they were all individually beautiful yet pious with their work, some of them looked towards me but was creeped out and normally averted my gaze.

Ahhh, I can't think straight, let's just think about that later! For now, I just have to find out a way to live my daily life while avoiding those threats.

First thing, I have to rehabilitate this wimpy prince's reputation, build better relationships and increase the number of my allies! The meaning finding will come after everything is peaceful.

"Gavin, my schedule and appointments?"

I instinctively held my hand to him, in my old world in dramas it's normal for bossy people to have a list of activities to them, but as I scanned Walter's memories Gavin would only tell it to him orally, Gavin was surprised that I asked for the parchment he usually reads to the old Walter.

Gavin was tearing up as if he is looking at his son graduating - don't look me like that old man, if you're not a cute girl like Yui.

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