Reincarnated To Another World with My Ex Chapter 3: One Chance


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Kazu who saw her crying, left him in a daze, as the emotions that he had been suppressing for a long time came surging to his heart, his deep feelings for her that he subconsciously couldn't forget. He realized that the girl he just bad-mouthed and made her cry was someone he truly loved at one point in his life.

His heart started to tighten again once more as if the time had stopped for both of them started running again, swept by the surge of emotions, he wanted to go near her, apologize and wrap her with his arms, forgetting that his current girlfriend was just behind him.

But, as he was about to go near her, Yuri noticed him coming towards her, seeing the same expression of concern on his face when both of them were in love with each other, she realized that she was the one in the wrong, it was her who left him in the first place, it was her who made a deal to break-up after graduation, all he did was comply to her wishes because it was her who wanted it to happen the most, she took advantage of the fact that he doted on her so much and ridiculed the deepness of her love to him.

"This is, my punishment," she told herself, as she felt the scars of the past and the wounds that haven't yet been healed in her heart, has opened up again.

It was her who believed in something childish such as a "spark" in a relationship and that her relationship with Kazu should end at graduation, but a day later she realized how much she truly loved and cared for him, and decided to take back the promise and reunite with him again.

She made checks on him through Andrei, but one time, in a horrible timing, she saw him happily speaking with the convenience store cashier girl whom he waved to on the day they broke up, it angered her to see him happy while they just recently broke up. To get her revenge, he hired someone to pretend as her boyfriend and showed off in front of him days after they broke up, in order to spite him.

But today, they finally had an encounter, she was angered to see that the couple flirting behind her while she was eating was Kazu who was still in her heart up to this day and the cashier girl whom she loathed for taking away Kazu from her and with the hurtful words he said to her, she couldn't face him anymore, all she can do was cover her face as she sobbed, as the bitter feelings, that she kept in her heart, broke like a dam, tears flowed endlessly from her eyes, that it made her hands wet from covering them.

She couldn't accept him telling the words she wanted him to tell her the most very easily to the girl he just dated for a year.

Seeing him get closer to her, while she cried her heart out, she threw her bag to his face and ran outside. With her eyes blurred in tears, Ann and Andrei who was surprised react quickly.

When she looked at the traffic lights it was still red, but when she looked back she saw Andrei, Ann, and Kazu going after her, she wanted to run away from them, her heart was broken, he didn't want them to see her face, especially Kazu.

"Don't come near me!" She shouted at them.

Seeing that there were no cars at the moment she ran towards the road, in order to get away from him as fast as she could, but as she crossed it, a truck was already speeding towards her.

Kazu who saw this, felt his body moving in the same direction before he could think anything, he didn't care about anything other than saving the woman that moved his heart greatly, the woman he gave all his love for years, the woman he wanted to talk properly with and ask for her forgiveness.

A strong desire overwhelmed him, that it made adrenaline pour in his body and with a jump, he was able to push Yuri, just in time, who was about to be hit by the truck.

The scene of him touching her back and the way she looked at him behind her shoulders as beads of tears fell from her eyes was the last scene he saw as he was consumed by darkness.

He tried opening his eyes and he saw a blurry image of him being carried by the medical staff in a stretcher, and his current girlfriend Yui who had blood all over her cute highschool uniform. She was crying and calling out to him, but he couldn't hear her.

"Sorry Yui, I'm really sorry," he tried telling her, but he didn't know whether what he told her reached her, as he couldn't feel his mouth moving.

When Kazu was heartbroken, her soothing smile and all-around personality was the thing that saved him and kept him going, that even for a short time of talking to each other, she enjoyed her company and it made him very happy, that he wanted her to become his girlfriend, he wanted to be at her side and treasure her.

"Sorry Yui, if I didn't have these lingering feelings for Yuri, I wouldn't have left you this way, sorry Yui, to leave you like this… don't look so sad, please," he felt his consciousness becoming pulled into the darkness, as the image of his cute girlfriend slowly blurred out from his vision.

"Yuri, I should have talked more with you, I should have apologized, we should have made a proper closure… I didn't know that even after how much time had passed I still cared about you so much, sorry… I hope you are safe, I hope you and Yui can find a man worthy of your love"

In his mind, memories of Yui and Yuri appeared in his mind, they were the happiest memories he had of his relationship with the two girls.

It showed the moments that Yuri and he had in high school, helping him with his studies in the library, as she made a pure smile at him reassuring him that she would always be with him no matter what happens.

It showed his fragile moments when Yui came into his life wearing a convenience store uniform, as she let him cry on her arms, patting him on the back, telling him in a soothing voice that everything will be alright.

The memories were so pure and happy that it eased the burden on his mind, as he was slowly consumed by intense sleepiness, he didn't feel any pain, yet strangely his body was slowly losing the minuscule strength that it still had.

Kazu was finally ready to give in, and fall into the deep slumber that felt too comforting until he heard Andrei's voice.

"Don't give up! Kazu! You still haven't apologized to Yuri!"

Then he remembered the unfinished business he had with Yuri, he remembered her falling into her knees as she cried at KFC. The expression that had a mix of anger and regret, it was an expression he didn't want to see on her beautiful face, it wasn't the emotions he wanted to give back to her, for all the love and support he gave him when he didn't have anything.

"And I also forgot to tell you… that I still love you, so much that I can feel my heart being crushed into pieces seeing you cry"

With all his force he tried to open his eyes, but it wouldn't; everything around him was already filled with unending darkness.

"Open!!! My eyes!!! You can't afford dying here!" But still, the darkness remained, that fear started to fill him.

"I can't just fall down like this! Not like this!

If you're real!


Give me another chance!

I haven't done anything yet!

I can't even ask forgiveness for the woman I still love and have ignored for a long time!

I have made her cry!

Both of them!

So please! Give me a chance! If you're real!"

And as if someone was responding to his call, a tiny speck of light appeared in front of him, and from it came a magnanimous and deep voice, it felt warm.

Kazu didn't feel scared, finally, someone answered him in the middle of the cold darkness.

"You've already died, and I can't reverse that,"

Kazu was shocked, as he discovered that the tiny speck of light that appeared wasn't a symbol of hope at all.

"... but since I am in the mood, I will grant you another chance! But not in your world anymore!

Live the rest of your life there and don't make another mistake!

Don't let her go this time, and don't make her cry again,

Now awaken! Into another world!"

The magnanimous voice disappeared in the dark space, and the tiny speck of light, became bigger and bigger and with a flash, he was finally able to open his eyes, and found himself lying in the bed of an unfamiliar but majestic room.

His bed was a queen-sized bed that had a bed curtain, around him were all kinds of furniture that looked antique to him, to his side there was a metal pitcher with a cup with a bit of liquid in it.

"Where the hell am I? He scanned the room just with his eyes as he experimented with his senses, but no one was there, "could it be that I was kidnapped?"

He traced his body with his hands from top to bottom, "I'm alive? But what the hell are these clothes?" He was wearing a white nightshirt that looked like a gown.

"Are these? Hospital clothes? What the hell is going on?" But as he was finding out what had happened, a voice called out from the door. It was the voice of an old man that still had strength in it.

"Prince Walter! Are you there? Please don't drink that water, it's poisoned!" With a bang, the large door in front of him opened on both sides, and there appeared a thin old man in his 60's or 70's with white hair that reached to his shoulder, he wore a long green long coat with and breeches, the old man was also struggling to walk as he was holding a cane trying his best to walk closer to him faster.

"Walter? Who's Walter?" He asked in a daze, and at that moment the memories of the man named Walter Wiedenfeld surged into his mind in a form of an intense headache, he is the son of the King of Stizriven Kingdom a country that belongs to the Kastea Federation, a collection of Island Nations that joined together in order to strengthen their forces and protect their nations from stronger invaders.

Prince Walter is the third prince and youngest son of the King of the island nation, he was a wimp and was toyed around with his brothers, not seeing him a threat as heir to the throne, he also had a fiance named, Tiffania, who was seeing him for his considerably large inheritance for being born as a prince.

Contrary to Kazu, Walter had a flashy physical feature, he had blonde golden hair and dark blue eyes, but the flashy characteristics were useless, as he was known by the whole kingdom as the wimp prince, often discriminated against by nobles, underestimating his claim to the throne.

The old man's name was Gavin, Walter's most loyal attendant since Walter was a child Gavin was always there for Walter, as such Gavin doted on Walter as if he was his own child. The last memory of Walter that remained on his mind was drinking the water given by a maid and falling asleep after.

Remembering the voice that he heard in the darkness, Kazu could guess what had occurred due to the rush of the old man in front of him who was now smelling the water Walter drank from before his sleep, talking to him in a different language, which strangely he could understand.

"I see, so this is what the voice meant by 'not in this world'... reincarnation huh? Isn't it too cliche? I'm not an anime main character or something" Unfortunately he couldn't remember the rest of what the voice said to him.

"A poor boy, at the age of 18, dying due to intentional poisoning, humans are indeed wicked creatures, wait, does this mean I have to deflect these attempts now that I am Walter? Just when I was just reincarnated?" he made a sigh and looked at Gavin who was panicking beside him asking him questions.

"Do you feel anything different in your body?" Gavin asked anxiously.

"I'm okay Gavin, calm down, you're being noisy" using the memories of Walter, Kazu acted accordingly, in order not to worry the old man further, or so he thought.

Even how much he tried to act like him, Walter had a soft and smiling appearance, but the way he asked Gavin was using his Kazu-usual resting evil face, a threatening but calm look.

Gavin, who saw this, was left in agape.

"Prince Walter? Is that you?"

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