Reincarnated To Another World with My Ex Chapter 28: Tiffania's Resolve


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"That Walter! He even has to push me away physically!"

A bit teary eyed and feeling down, as I remembered walking away from Walter as he pushed me by my shoulder.

"Well… I think I deserve it though,"

I am well aware of my terrible qualities, I am selfish, sometimes I am immature, and unfair.

But I believe that these bad qualities define who I really am as a person, when my heart is moved I plan and take action, however in this case I skipped the planning part because of the overflowing emotions I have been holding on that spilled out of my heart.

However, this isn't the time to be moping, I have to be strong.

I have already made my own decision as Tiffania, a decision that even my guilt for Walter/Kazu couldn't stop me.

I balled my hands into a fist and wiped my tears with it then looked forward with all my might.

I walked at the streets of the port as I hid in the shadows of the not so well lit parts.

"And what the hell is this smell… liquor?"

I pinch my nose to avoid the foul stench attacking my nose since I walked by the houses near the ships that have King Heinrich's insignia.

I Tiffania, a frail and beautiful lady right now is sneaking at the shadows like a ninja in the movies of my original world would, except that I'm wearing a dress that restricts my movement.

I'm hiding because Tiffania Mueller's face or my face can be easily recognized, as the only daughter of the Duke Mueller, in the old Tiffania's days she would frequently attend tea parties and socialize with other nobles.

If Heinrich's men were to see me, I really don't know what will happen.

"Should I just tear off the skirt a bit?"

I lifted the tip of my skirt with plans in my mind to cut it to improve my mobility.

"This was supposed to be my favorite dress… but I can't do it wearing this girly dress."

I was reluctant at first, but remembering the children-slaves that were tied one after another, those innocent and pure lives that have been changed due to the corruption of those nobles are worth more than this fancy dress.

"Those children don't deserve that life at all!"

As I reconfirmed my resolve, with all my force I tore the part of the skirt up to my knees so I could move freely.

After hearing the sound of fabric zip as I tore it apart, I ran closer to the old wooden buildings in front of Heinrich's ship that were composed of houses, storages and inns.

I used them as cover while I covered my nose to stop smelling the foul order of liquor, men and sweat, combined.

The worst thing to happen is to be discovered by Heinrich's men before I can rescue the children.

As I went from building to building, I can hear the laughs of sailors and different kinds of common men.

"I guess it was the right choice to sneak in right now when they are all drinking"

With small footsteps my aim was to enter the storage in front of the ship where the children might be kept.

The same house where I saw those children being dragged into, though unsure if the children are still there, I took the bet and moved forward.

I know this is risky, and this is very irrational, and I might be sticking my nose where it doesn't belong to, but… my heart was already been moved, and when that happens I tend to take action immediately.

Even if I returned to Walter and he would agree this time, if we planned a rescue mission, who knows what will happen to those children tomorrow.

I believe that sometimes feelings should come first before thinking about it logically, or else nothing will happen, nothing will start.

Imagining those young faces that seemed to be new children slaves, separated from their parents and family, not knowing where they are headed, and the misfortune that they will end up in.

"I just… I just can't bear it!"

Before I knew it, as I went from house to house, I was finally near the storage room at the front of Heinrich's ship.

The storage seemed to have a dim light and I could hear some drunk men laughing, I could hear their conversations from here.

Since slave trade is normal here, they don't have anything to hide from the society, its just like they are guarding their livestock.

What a worst timing… and I thought the storage room would be empty like the ones that I passed by.

However, something is strange to these voices, the voices sounded refined; they weren't loud, not a trace of commoner dialects can be heard, the way they speak, their tone sounded indicated that they were not commoners, nor just sailors.

They sounded just like the captain or the knights, or someone of a higher birth.

"Do you really think these little shrimps would sell?"

"Of Course they would, the slave trader would be buying it from us this early morning."

"Strange… to think that just by selling these children we can sustain the King's warchest, to fuel this war the King should continue raising taxes."

Hearing the conversation, I was filled with rage from deep within.

I didn't notice that I was already shaking in rage, my eyes looking at the dimly lit storage room sharply.

I wasn't afraid.

I was angry… very angry.

I could feel blood running towards my head.

"Heinrich… that muscle head! Just as I suspected! To think that he would go this low!"

I crossed my arms and walked in casually towards the door of that storage room.

And with all my rage and frustration I kicked the wooden door open, which was the barrier between me and the men inside who were talking.

I don't care about anything anymore.

I was right, if I haven't done it tonight they would be taken right away.

With a bang, I saw two pathetic-looking faces.

Stupefied, they reached for the swords on their hips.

They were not guards nor port patrol men, their equipment was grandier than that with King Heinrich's insignia on their robes.

Behind them were the children slaves that I saw tied to apple, they formed a circle; they looked weak and tired.

"Who the hell are you!"

One of the knights exclaimed, as he pointed his sword towards me.

The other one, also followed his lead and took his sword from his scabbard.

"I am Tiffania Mueller, daughter of Duke Mueller, if you don't mind, but I want to ask. Why the hell? Are the most respected, high-ranking knights of Stizriven? Are now resorting into children slave trade?"

They pointed their swords at me, but I didn't feel any fear, it's a strange feeling… even though I know that just by one slash from that sword this very life could end in an instant.

However, they weren't able to answer me immediately, they only looked at each other in shock.

Hearing no answer, I moved closer that one of the swords reached and cut some of my hair.

"Tell me! Why the hell are you knights not following the law of not taking children slaves?! Aren't they supposed to be in the orphanage right? Under the name of the previous King?! So why?!"

I was so angry that the pressure I created was enough for the knights to back away and hold their sword as I went closer to them.

"Free them now!"

With the pressure I created, I suddenly heard footsteps at my back, and there it appeared.

One of the higher nobles in Heinrich's party.

"I am afraid about that Lady Mueller, but we are working according to the CURRENT King Heinrich Wiedenfeld's orders, as such I can't grant such a request, even if its for the Queen of the neutral COUN-... no, TERRITORY"

His name was, Henry Preisner a noble who was known for his greed, and abuse of authority, he is also known as a maniac and a pervert, he is a corrupt noble who rides around his domain on a carriage randomly and when he sees a girl of his liking his men would kidnap that girl for him.

He has green hair and a fat figure wearing a purple tailcoat with the buttons screaming as if it would pop out soon due to his big stomach. He bowed to me in a full 90 degrees as he put his hand on his chest.

"I thank the Gods for having us meet in another country, Lady Tiffania, what a blessing this is!"

He then tilted upward as he raised his hands upward, like a fanatic.

Seeing him, as I looked at the children stirred more negative emotion inside me.

As most of the children were girls, and this pig… a failure of a human in front of me, is rumored to prey on juveniles.


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