Reincarnated To Another World with My Ex Chapter 25: Sailing Beyond The Storm


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"Walter… are you sure that this ship will hold on?"

I held the boat that rocked heavily amid the stormy seas,

The strange-looking sea birds are being tossed in the storm, beneath them the sea rose as great mountains, it was anger in the form of water, turbulent and unforgiving…

This is the single ship that the country of Luxenberg owns, with a silver cross embedded on its figurehead.

It was the ship we had repaired in order to reach the country of Luris, where we will be buying the armor we will sell.

Actually, it was okay to let the merchants buy it for us, but I want to experience the trade here, so I can get a clear idea of what they are doing -- since we are using the taxpayers money after all.

Plus, it might be better to build a relationship with the merchants here early and gain their support, as such I also tri-- ahemm… convinced Walter to come with me.

It was supposed to be a comfortable trip on the newly ship, but I now remember why the alternative route wasn't use by the Kingdom of Stizriven that much.

It was because of this horrible weather, which is basically the reason, why the ship was under repair at the state of Luxenberg, now the country of Luxenberg.

Seeing this storm and remembering the pre-repair stage of this ship I got more anxious as I held at the wooden handrail, at the room where I am staying.

"Walter… this is the rematch of this ship against this storm, do you think it will win this time?"

I asked Walter, to start a conversation so he won't blame me for choosing this path instead. This ship carries all of Walter's assets that will be used as capital, and also the merchants who will introduce us to the merchants association at Luris.

But when I looked at Walter, he isn't moving… it's good the he isn't moving and isn't blaming me, but isn't he supposed to cover up for me when my strategies go awry?

"Hey Walter! Wake up!"

And then I forgot the reason why Walter preferred trains over busses, and rode airplanes over cruise ships.

Walter has motion sickness!

"Seriously?! Even in reincarnation?! Hey Walter wake up!"

But Walter just sat and held the handrails as strongly as he could as he covered his mouth.

"Don't… speak to me… I'm gonna vomit"

"Seriously what the hell! Walter… if we're gonna die here it will be all for nothing! Ahhh! Walter I forgot I still have those motion sickness medicine! Here take it!"


I took the candies I brought with me, in my pocket I broke it off with one hand so Walter wouldn't notice it.

"Here, we don't have water so swallow it directly, it should instantly take effect, now… "

I opened his mouth in one hand and threw the candy towards his throat so he wouldn't taste its sweetness.

"Now… look directly at me, it works right?"

I call on you, placebo effect, please work.

"Ohh… Tiffania, it works! It works!"

YES! I cheered from the bottom of my heart, Walter's mind usually would be cautious if someone else it to him, but because it was me, and he was in a horrible situation, surprisingly, it worked.

"Okay Tiffania! Let's go to the captain! Bring the map with you!"

"Okay sir!"

Then we both climbed at to the deck where Walter tried to convince the captain to take on another route which would take us to Waenyth another country within the federation. We were drenched in the rain and the water that got into the ship.

"Yes your highness it would be a detour around the storm, but it's a sea where there are lots of pirates!"

"It's fine! Or else we would sink anyway if we just keep heading to it! Look at how strong the storm is!"

Walter shouted so the captain could hear him, at the deck the captains crew were busy following his orders and cleaning the deck out of water, making sure it wouldn't sink.

"Yes your highness! Turning eastward!"

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