Reincarnated To Another World with My Ex Chapter 22: A King with A Queen


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Just as I unsaddled from my white horse Kelpie, Tiffania have already told me the extremely risky plan that would get us to turn the tables against these goblins in order to stop them once and for all into getting to the first town that is full of people. With my idiot brothers' war going on, being attacked by monsters is a very bad situation to be put in.

But now we are already facing it, and there's no other solution than to defeat and kill these enemies whom humans can't reason out with.

Tiffania just slapped into my face that my knowledge in the old world is useless if I don't know much about this world.

I was indeed very lucky that her stalker senses kicked in, and were able to gather up the townsfolk.

It's definitely an odd situation to be put in, that I am still alive thanks to being stalked by her.

But nothing could make me happier than hearing that she was deeply concerned about me… or was she only just bored that she harbored contempt towards me for leaving her every time an adrenaline-pumping event happens in my life, and she wants to have her own share of it, resulting to her going out and trying to sneak behind me on those mountain routes I even don't know about.

So, to enact her plan, our back riders unsaddled, as they have been tasked to bolster the defensive line at the entrance of the forest.

Unfortunately, my plan to get the knight lady to hug me from behind incredibly failed, and if I try to do it again, she tells me that she will write a law about sexual offfenses and that I would be the one to get punished of it.

Isn't it unfair? also did she forgot that once she makes that law I'm still safe because I only did it before she wrote it?

Okay, in consideration to that, I'll do everything I want to do before she even makes that a reality.

Feeling that I have already rested and with the pressure of seeing the battle happening just some meters in front of me, I appreciated of the sight where the towns people are doing a great job of separating goblins and killing them in groups to

Whenever a goblin goes to the trees they would immediately be hacked down, and if they stay at the road, archers would get them.

Is it just me or is Tiffania better than me on this?

I'm starting to feel my pride as a man breaking for some reason.

It's amazing already about how Tifffania mustered out these forces, that there's even that stiff Duke Mueller personally giving orders.

But she's also giving orders like a true tactician. How did she even think about these positions?

I guess, that's just the difference of having an innovation-centric upbringing than a leader or enterpeneurial upbringing.

Seeing them kill the goblins that chased the archers in the forest, I then remembered the most critical thing I should have noticed in the whole thing.

Most of them are civilians, and Tiffania is mixing up a professional fighter among the three, in other words the two act as a shocking ingredient when a lone goblins sees them, but still we have to hurry or else their lives would be in danger.

As our back riders join the fight on foot, we on our horses are now highly mobile, and much more, the remaining horse-riders are the most capable volunteer soldiers in the pseudo-army I founded, but now instead of those farming tools they happened to pick up when they heard the announcement, when I told them, more capable weapons thanks to the blacksmiths who let us borrow it, the blacksmiths also replaced those that have been injured while evading the small arrows of the goblins.

Their arrows are also laced with someting that those that got cut by it are unable to move.

The hastily formed ad hoc unit was position just behind the forest as the goblins tried to rush inside it in order to kill those inside.

Bows rained from the forest to their position, and swordsmen killed any goblins who went near those archers. Each goblin was weak against a full-grown woman and man. Their strength was in their numbers.

Duke Mueller's orders were not to get surrounded.

What we are waiting for is the opportunity to crush the head of all of this.

The goblin didn't notice this, but they were going deeper and deeper the forest, while the men retreated one by one also deeper and deeper to the road made leading towards the city, just enough to stall them to get them into the forest.

The more they went deeper, the heavier resistance that they got as the fire was further concentrated.

They tried to his at the trees beside the road, but was instantly killed by swordsmen.

As we looked for the leader, it finally appeared.

A goblin that was different, and seem to give orders, it also had its own armor made from different animal skins, while the other goblins didn't wear any.

It was at the rear, as it looked frustrated with how slowly the fight progressed to get inside the forest.

Tiffania's prediction was on point, as the forest was deep and the goblins was lured further and further they didn't see that the goblins inside was already killed, and with how slow they were pulled in it became frustrating to them that they wanted to go pass it as fast as they can.

And our signal for the unit was when this goblin king passes by the gate, we are to go around a path made for us by the swordsmen to cut off the king's head.

As Tiffania handled the overall strategy to turn the tables, it was now Walter's turn to use his tactics that didn't work earlier due to their numbers.

And the goal of his flying column was to kill the head of the goblins, the goblin king who outsmarted him at first, chasing him with a force many time larger as his.

The flying column unit of Walter went to the east where there is a path where horses can run through without being noticed, and at the same time the goblin king was further lured into the forest where his forces are slowly being taken down one by one.

With the trees in the way the goblin weren't able to group up, and the individual strength of one goblin isn't much of a threat to a human two to three times it size.

As a result, the goblins that entered the forest were pulled deeper and killed by arrows or swords. Without the goblins following them noticing.

And now the main force of the goblins was finally inside it, together with the goblin king.

When the goblin king saw how many of its minions were already killed it gave a strong shriek as if it was angry. It ordered its two guards which are more muscular than the others to attack.

But before he was able to give the order it heard horses footsteps, but due to the shouting of the goblins who were pulled and killed it was unsure.

Until two flying columns appeared to him side by side.

One led by Walter, the other led by Tiffania.

While Walter charged ahead Tiffania shot an arrow at the minions, then unsheathed the rapier she got from the blacksmith.

"Okay! Time to show these ugly-looking creatures the training I undergo while Walter is busy flirting!"

"Call it political trips Tiffania!"

The two lead each of their cavalry, with fifty calvary men each. The two flying columns ran over any goblins slashing them with their blood spurting in Tiffania's dress and on Walter's suit.

"This is payback for killing my rearguard earlier!"

Walter screamed as he charged into the enemy, remembering his men that the goblins savagely killed.

Seeing the disorder the goblin king couldn't say a word, his forces were already in chaos, most of them are pulled deeper into the woods and divided and its guards are trying to fend off the cavalrymen clearly approaching him.

"You wanted to take down the commander earlier? Then I'll show you how it's done!"

Tiffania screamed as she gracefully slashed and hacked any goblins that came her way towards the goblin king.

She remembered when two goblins went straight for Walter's head, which was a smart move for the goblin king, however was foiled because Walter has his Queen by his side who protected him.

Tiffania wielded the rapier as it was something she was familiar with in the old world in fencing, also it was the sword she practiced in in his morning training to vent off his frustration with Walter. According to the reports made by Missa on Tiffania's activities, Tiffania would draw Walters image on a training dummy and use it for her training venting her anger on it.

Just like a dance of blue and red, the same color as their swords, the two — without hesitation the two went closer and closer to the goblin king together.

A dance of red and blue closing in towards the head of the snake to cut it off before its body can do harm to their people.

Seeing the disordered forces, and his life in danger, the goblin king, immediately ran for its life thinking that it could just take down the enemy next time. However, the two were riding horses, and their men protected them from the threats that went near them.

"Tiffania, so you got good at fighting, huh? Is it the fruits of using my face in the practice dummy? Then I should take half of the credit of the goblins you take down, also don't that bloodstains on your dress gross you out?"

"Unfortunately, I'm not interested on giving you any credit with that lousy swordsmanship of yours as you are forcing a frail maiden like me to fight for you instead, also I'm not a clean freak like you, I just think of it as an art added to my red dress"

The two jested as they fought, which also lightened up the spirits of their men and have also boosted their morale.

Fighting side-by-side with each other using their brains, powerful will and strong trust to each other, the two became confident as they finally able to pass through the goblin king's guards and started to chase him who ran away.

And just at the moment when the grey and white horses they rode were just beside the goblin king, without hesitation, they sandwiched the poor goblin king with their horses, stopping it and just as they have planned, with no regards to its life, they scooped down their swords and slashed cut off its head.

And thus this will leave a record in generations and generations in the country of Stizriven, that once they have the most formidable queen and king ever, who coming up with plans together on a whim, complementing for each other's weaknesses, then taking down an irregular enemy that threatened the peace of a neutral country with almost no army at all.

But now, they have just proved to themselves that they are the most formidable couple ever.

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